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Addiction or substance use disorder (SUD) is a mental health disorder that affects millions of people in the United States. The result of the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicated that as many as 8.3 million people had a drug use disorder and a further 18.1 million people had an alcohol use disorder in the past year. The daily struggle that addiction can place on the person using alcohol or drugs doesn’t end with them; their family, friends, and community can also suffer as a result of drug or alcohol abuse.

According to the National Institutes of Health, 75 percent of the people who have reported substance use disorder in their lives never received professional treatment. Addiction treatment is a proven way to overcome the issues plaguing drug and alcohol abuse, but the effectiveness and affordability of drug addiction treatment are not being taken advantage of by many people for various reasons. One of the major reasons is that substance use disorder isn’t thought of as a mental health disorder but rather just caused by poor decision-making. 


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However, SUD is a mental health disorder and like other serious mental health disorders that can have a significant negative impact on your life, professional treatment remains the best possible option to overcome the problems it causes. Muse offers the best detox and rehab center for addiction for residents of Bakersfield. We approach addiction treatment with multidisciplinary expertise, through evidence-based treatments, and holistically – creating a well-rounded approach to treatment that encompasses all aspects of recovery under one roof. 

If you have tried to slow down your alcohol or drug use or tried to stop entirely but have been unable to, then our detox and rehab center for addiction for Bakersfield residents can provide you with the means to overcome the mental and physical hold that addiction appears to have on you. Our goal is to not only help you to break your addiction safely but to provide you with the tools needed to achieve lasting positive change in your life and to sustain your recovery.

Let Muse Treatment and Recovery Center be your guide and support network as you learn how to manage your addiction and create a sustainable life. We offer affordable addiction treatment programs for residents of Bakersfield through a multi-pronged approach that deals with every aspect of a healthy recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Why Choose Muse?

If you are looking for the best affordable addiction treatment for alcohol, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, or prescription drug addiction for residents of Bakersfield, then Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is your answer. We provide a complete range of addiction treatment solutions for all of the most commonly abused substances that help you to overcome the physical reliance on drugs and alcohol as well as develop skills to stop using drugs or alcohol for good. 

Our addiction treatment center is accredited – The Joint Commission accredited our treatment facility because of the high standards of treatment that we provide for SUD treatment. At Muse, you will find a range of treatments including the highly effective long-term solution known as medically-assisted treatment (MAT). MAT and our medical detox programs make use of various medications that treat the withdrawal and persistent symptoms of addiction. 

To ensure that our use of medication is safe and effective, we are LegitScript monitored. Our safe use of medication in our highly effective treatments together with our accreditation can help to ensure that we provide the best possible care for SUD. 

At our addiction rehab for Bakersfield residents, we have worked hard to create an ideal stress-free environment where you can heal from the underlying causes of addiction and create a way of being that is resistant to drug and alcohol cravings and triggers. The ample support that you’ll receive from our staff members and sober community will help you through the profound changes required to beat addiction.

Alcohol Detox Program

Before trying to stop drinking alcohol if you are a heavy drinker, it’s very important that you understand the dangers. Stopping drinking alone is dangerous because of the drastic impact that alcohol has on the body after drinking heavily for a time. If you are met with the most severe form of alcohol withdrawal known as delirium tremens (DTs), then it may be life-threatening. It is therefore of vital importance that professional help be found before stopping drinking if there is a chance that you have form alcohol dependence. 

Just a few hours after stopping drinking, the first of your symptoms will begin to set in. While the first symptoms may be mild, they quickly intensify until they reach their highest intensity by around day three of your detox. The most common symptoms that range from mild to severe include mood swings, depression, nightmares, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, vomiting, nausea, tremors, loss of appetite, and more. If DTs were to occur, then the symptoms would include seizures, hallucinations, fever, confusion, and agitation. DTs must be treated immediately to avoid serious health consequences. 

In our alcohol detox program for Bakersfield residents, we offer a safe and comfortable way to overcome alcohol withdrawal. The usual dangers associated with detoxing from alcohol alone can be eliminated in our medical detox program available to Bakersfield residents. We achieve this by providing you with medication through the process of your detox. 

Instead of the usual symptoms that are expected during withdrawal, we will reduce and control them through the use of medications such as benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and anticonvulsant medications. These work by negating the effect that alcohol withdrawal has on your GABA and glutamate system, reducing anxiety and other commonly experienced symptoms.

The result is that you are more comfortable through the process of detox and with the medical monitoring that we can do, we can ensure that no medical issues become a problem. A professional detox from alcohol is vitally important and before deciding to detox alone, contact Muse so that we can help you to make the right decision. 

Once you’ve completed your alcohol detox, then your focus can turn toward other important issues such as the underlying causes of your addiction and indirectly related issues that may contribute to your need for alcohol. Just going through alcohol detox isn’t enough to prevent relapse or to treat the underlying causes of addiction.

Drug Detox Program

Drug withdrawal symptoms can be intense. They can cause you to forego your goals of sobriety just to find relief from your symptoms as they become more intense through the detoxification process. Withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings may be an inhibiting factor in your recovery, but our drug detox program for residents of Bakersfield can help you break the physical dependence that you have. 

Whether you are abusing heroin, RX drugs, methamphetamine, cocaine, or another physically addictive drug, you will have a range of withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop using the drug if you’ve formed a reliance on it. Drug dependence and tolerance often go hand-in-hand because when you use a physically addictive drug, eventually your body adjusts to the drug and goes through fundamental changes. Drug tolerance can also be an indicator that your body has become used to a drug to an extent that you need to have higher quantities of the drug to feel the same.

Each drug has its own set of withdrawal symptoms. For example, opioids such as prescription painkillers or heroin can cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, insomnia, tremors, and anxiety among other things. In our drug detox program for residents of Bakersfield, we can treat the specific symptoms that each drug causes when you go through detox. 

The goal of our drug detox program for Bakersfield residents is to minimize your symptoms and help to make you comfortable through the process of detoxification. Our medical support staff also helps to ensure that there are no medical surprises by assessing potential problems before they happen and being able to readily address any issues as they come up. 

As with an alcohol detox program, your drug detox program will be the first treatment along your recovery process because it doesn’t address the causes of addiction but rather just the physical dependence on the drug that’s formed. Our comprehensive therapies and holistic treatment programs are designed to tackle the core of the addiction so that long-term sobriety can be achieved. 

Alcohol Rehab for Residents of Bakersfield

The finding in the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicated that as many as 14.8 million Americans suffered from alcohol use disorder in that year. Alcohol abuse and addiction further account for roughly 88,000 preventable deaths each year. It’s clear that alcohol addiction is a serious problem and since alcohol is addictive and the causes of addiction can be deep-rooted, a professional treatment program is the best way to overcome the mental health disorder.

At our alcohol rehab for residents of Bakersfield, we will be able to provide you with a comprehensive treatment program that can help you through every step of your recovery from alcohol addiction. It starts with our healthcare workers getting a better understanding of your personal needs. We help you to set short- and long-term goals as we create a tailor-made treatment plan.

Your personalized treatment program will have the steps and treatments that you’ll need to be able to achieve long-term sobriety. It generally starts with an alcohol detox program because the symptoms of withdrawal that are common in detox can be serious and should be managed by our healthcare experts. Through round-the-clock monitoring and FDA-approved medications, we can help to negate your symptoms and ensure that you make it through alcohol detox safely and comfortably. 

Following a successful alcohol detox, your mind will be clearer and you’ll be ready to start working on and healing from the causes of your alcohol use disorder. We employ some of the most effective evidence-based behavioral therapies to help you to change behavior in a positive way, improve your coping skills, learn relapse prevention strategies, and improve your motivation to achieve long-term sobriety. 

In our alcohol rehab for Bakersfield residents, we are able to treat you holistically. A holistic approach to treatment can lead to positive results in recovery because there are often seemingly indirect factors associated with your addiction and healing from them is an important part of sustaining your recovery. For example, we offer dual diagnosis treatment which treats potential co-occurring mental health disorders that may be a significant factor in your need to use alcohol. 

By the end of your program, you’ll be ready to enter mainstream life again with confidence that you can avoid substance abuse. We offer various aftercare programs to help you during this time by providing you with an avenue of support and guidance. 

Drug Rehab for Residents of Bakersfield

Overcoming drug addiction is a long-term process. You’re essentially dealing with a mental health disorder and not just poor decision-making. Since drug use disorder or addiction is a mental health disorder, the best way to overcome it is through a drug rehab program because it will allow you to heal from and manage the causes of your addiction so that it doesn’t lead to relapse in your future. 

The goal of our drug rehab for residents of Bakersfield is to treat every aspect of your addiction including the withdrawal symptoms, behavioral issues, coping skills, motivation, and other causes that may be unique to your situation. Once these areas have been treated, then the possibility for your long-term recovery can be accomplished. 

Our drug rehab for residents of Bakersfield will start with our intake process. The process involves talking to you in private about the experiences you’ve had with substance abuse, your health, and other things that may require attention to help you to achieve long-term sobriety. Once this personalized treatment plan has been made, then you can start with your treatment.

Drugs such as meth, cocaine, heroin, or prescription drugs are addictive and there will therefore likely be withdrawal symptoms to deal with. Thankfully, our drug detox programs can help you to manage your symptoms so that you are not only comfortable but any potential health issue can be effectively handled by our healthcare works. Any fears you may have about the detox process will quickly subside as we help you through drug detox. 

Whether in our outpatient or inpatient drug rehab program, you’ll then focus on behavioral therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy – a highly effective method of treating addiction – and other holistic treatment programs that we offer such as our neuro-rehabilitation therapy. Through these treatments and therapies, the profound changes that are needed as well as the motivation to sustain the positive changes will be accomplished. 

Because recovering from addiction is a long-term process, you can expect to take part in our aftercare programs which include alumni events, sober living homes, and support groups to help you to stay sober after your rehab program. With our support and guidance, you can quit drugs for good and step into a life that will make you happy and one that is sustainable.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center has several affordable addiction treatment programs for Bakersfield residents. We are able to match your recovery needs with your budget so that you can receive the best possible care while staying within your budgetary needs. 

The cost of our rehab programs can be affected by factors such as the treatment setting, the duration of the program, and the types of treatments that are required. Treatment setting refers to whether the program is an inpatient or outpatient program with outpatient treatment services generally being more affordable. 

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center accepts most health insurance plans. Your health insurance, depending on what coverage you have, can greatly reduce the cost of your rehab program. Call us if you need help to verify your insurance coverage or complete our simple online form.

How Long is Detox?

Drug and alcohol detoxification is one of the very first treatment programs that you’ll go through in our rehab center for Bakersfield residents. It is a relatively short experience that tends to not take longer than a week. On average, most drug and alcohol detoxifications last for about 5 to 7 days. In some cases, symptoms may persist for up to 10 days.

Symptoms will start within 6 to 12 hours usually and they will intensify until they peak which normally happens around the second or third day. After the peak of your symptoms, you’ll quickly start to feel better with each day that passes until you feel well enough to complete your detox program. 

In some cases, post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) may occur which causes symptoms to last for weeks or even months. The symptoms are usually psychological such as depression or anxiety and can be treated through our medically-assisted treatment (MAT) program which is a long-term treatment solution for severe addiction cases that incorporates FDA-approved medications.

How Long is Rehab?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has, through extensive research, suggested that three months is the minimum amount of time required to experience the lasting effects of addiction treatment. Addiction treatment program length should reflect the long-term nature of substance addiction recovery and Muse Treatment, therefore, offers 30-, 60-, and 90-day drug and alcohol rehab programs. 

The length of your treatment program at Muse will be based on what you need from treatment. If you have a severe drug or alcohol addiction, especially if you’ve relapsed before, then a long-term rehab program will best serve you. You can expect to potentially receive treatment through a combination of programs such as a combination of outpatient and inpatient programs so that you can achieve lasting sobriety because you’ve spent enough time in recovery to allow for our evidence-based treatments to take effect.

30-Day Rehab

At our drug and alcohol rehab center for Bakersfield residents, our 30-day rehab program is our short-term solution. The program is available in both treatment settings; inpatient and outpatient. It can be a part of a larger treatment plan or as a standalone treatment that can be combined with aftercare programs. For example, you can take part in a 30-day inpatient rehab program and then continue with your treatment in a 60-day outpatient rehab program and then continue with aftercare programs to help you through the first few months after rehab. 

Our short-term rehab program for residents of Bakersfield provides you with a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. We offer a wide range of treatments that can be completed in our 30-day rehab program that will help you to achieve long-term sobriety.

Bakersfield Long-Term Rehab Near Me

The long-term rehab programs that we offer at Muse for residents of Bakersfield include two options. The first is our 60-day rehab program and the second is our 90-day long-term rehab program. Both of these programs are available as either inpatient or outpatient programs and can be combined with our short-term rehab programs and aftercare services. 


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Our long-term rehab programs are the ideal way to receive treatment for a severe drug or alcohol addiction. If you have received drug or alcohol addiction treatment before but have since relapsed, then our long-term rehab programs in a residential setting may be the best solution because not only is it an intensive form of treatment, but it also lasts long enough to comprehensively treat the causes of your addiction and supports you through the recovery process.

Couples Rehab

Some situations can add to the complexity of treatment. For example, if you are in a relationship and both you and your partner abuse drugs or alcohol and then one of you decides to get treatment while the other person continues to use drugs or alcohol, then the long-term recovery process can be difficult. After finishing your rehab program, your partner’s abuse of drugs or alcohol can make staying with your recovery goals difficult.

However, the same situation can have a much better result if both people in the substance-abusing relationship seek help together. Our couples rehab for Bakersfield residents is a treatment program that can transform this negative situation into a positive one. Instead of being a determinant to each other’s recovery, going to our couples rehab together can help to improve both the treatment’s success and the long-term abstinence from alcohol or drugs. 

In our couples rehab program for residents of Bakersfield, the support and love that you have for your partner will serve as a valuable asset in your recovery. The problems that may be present can be worked through in joint therapy so that you can better support your loved one through recovery, thus enhancing your own recovery, too. 

Whether you are in a codependent relationship, need help to improve your communication, or simply want to quit drugs as a couple, our couples rehab program can help to repair and strengthen your relationship so that long-term sustainable recovery can be achieved. Research suggests that when couples go to rehab together, then the chances of completing a full program are higher and therefore treatment becomes more effective.

Pet-Friendly Rehab

Overcoming an addiction is a complex issue. One of the things that can improve your recovery significantly is the support of those around you including your family, friends, and our healthcare workers. Pets are well-known emotional support outlets. They can provide you with unconditional love and support as you go through difficult times and because of the positive effects that your pet can have on your life and wellbeing, we have made our rehab for residents of Bakersfield pet friendly.

Our pet-friendly rehab allows you to bring your pet with you when you receive treatment in one of our inpatient rehab programs. Your beloved pet can help you through your recovery by being there for you as you go through the process of recovery. Our pet-friendly rehab for residents of Bakersfield is another one of the ways that Muse Treatment and Recovery Center goes above and beyond to help you in every way possible as you recover from drug or alcohol addiction.

Does My Insurance Have Coverage for Rehab?

It is common for health insurance plans to provide coverage for rehab, but that coverage may vary based on the particulars of your plan. The ACA plans that can be found at your local insurance marketplace are required to, under law, provide coverage for addiction treatment. The types of treatment programs that they provide cover for may vary. For example, ACA plans tend to provide health insurance coverage for outpatient treatment services offered at rehab as well as medical detox programs and sometimes aftercare services. 

Private health insurance may vary more with the coverage that they provide for addiction treatment because they aren’t required to provide it by law. You may be covered for inpatient and outpatient rehab services but it will depend on what your insurance plan states. 

The best way to find out what your health insurance coverage for rehab is will be to fill out our easy online insurance verification form. Alternatively, you can give Muse Treatment a call so that we can help you to verify your insurance or get in touch with your health insurance provider or broker to better understand your coverage. 

Sober-Friendly Attractions near Bakersfield

Once you’ve finished your drug or alcohol addiction treatment program and returned to your mainstream life, you might find yourself looking for new things to do because you will no longer be doing the things that were involved with your substance abuse. This is an important step in your recovery because finding new hobbies and ways to entertain yourself will help you to build positive habits and a foundation for lasting recovery.

You may find that you enjoy things that you didn’t think you’d enjoy and exploring attractions near Bakersfield can help you to find new hobbies and ways to enjoy yourself that don’t require drugs or alcohol. To help you think of some ideas, we have included some of the sober-friendly attractions near Bakersfield for you to enjoy after you finish your rehab program. 

California Living Museum

10500 Alfred Harrell Hwy, Bakersfield, CA 93306, United States

The California Living Museum, also known as CALM, is home to a stunning range of native plants and animals. It is smaller than an average zoo but the range of animals and plants that are on show is amazing, allowing for a fun experience that doesn’t require you to walk for miles to see everything. The zoo has received many awards as the “Best Family Attraction” in Bakersfield.

Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace

2800 Buck Owens Blvd, Bakersfield, CA 93308, United States

Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace is a magical place that combines a theater, museum, and steakhouse under one roof. They host regular events where live bands perform in front of the live audience as they enjoy each other’s company and the fine food offered. The museum plays tribute to the amazing 40-year career of Buck Owens – a famous musician who passed away in 2006. 

The Park at River Walk

11298 Stockdale Hwy, Bakersfield, CA 93311, United States

Along the beautiful and lively Kern River is The Park at River Walk. The park is an excellent outdoor attraction where you’ll find ample green grass and picnic tables. You can take a peaceful walk along the many pathways that are scattered throughout the park or if you’re looking for more exercise, take a run through the park and take in the fresh air. 

Bakersfield Neighborhoods We Serve Include:

  • Downtown Bakersfield
  • Olde Stockdale
  • Seven Oaks at Grand Island
  • Laurelglen
  • Tevis Ranch
  • Quailwood
  • Amberton
  • CSU Bakersfield
  • City in the Hills
  • Park Stockdale
  • Southern Oaks
  • Riverlakes
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  • San Trope
  • Nottingham Estates
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