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When both you and your significant other are suffering from substance use disorder, Muse Treatment can help with rehab programs for couples. Overcoming alcohol or drug addiction is difficult enough for one person to deal with, but when both parties in a relationship are struggling, it’s important that each person attends a rehab program.

Residents of Beverly Hills can access excellent couples alcohol & drug rehab programs at nearby Muse Treatment in Los Angeles. After all, if only one half of a partnership gets rehab treatment while the other person continues to abuse substances, it becomes too easy to relapse when the program is completed and the relationship resumes.


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When both people in a relationship are abusing drugs or alcohol and only one person is in recovery, it’s hard to avoid getting back into old habits when your significant other is still using. Muse Treatment offers rehab programs for Beverly Hills couples that need help with their substance use disorder simultaneously. It’s much easier to live in recovery together and retain a life of sobriety when both partners in a relationship work towards rebuilding their lives at the same time. 

The support, therapy, and care for one another help sustain a long-lasting recovery when two people go through the process of rehab together. The professional behavioral and holistic therapy, addiction education, and the mutual support that each partner can provide to one another will go a long way towards helping a couple remain sober and avoid the risk of relapse together.

Benefits of Couples Rehab

Couples rehab at Muse holds many benefits, the most important of which is the mutual support partners can provide to one another during recovery. Avoiding relapse and learning to live a healthier lifestyle without turning to substance use is so much easier when you know that the most important person in your life truly understands and is there for you, offering love and support because each of you knows exactly what the other is going through.

At couples rehab in Muse Treatment Center, you’ll both take part in our therapeutic treatments that will help you learn about why you first began abusing drugs or alcohol and how you may have been enabling one another, unknowingly, to continue using substances. Through therapy and counseling, you’ll both learn how to solve arguments and conflicts in a healthy way. You’ll also find ways to be more honest with one another, which helps build trust and leads to a healthier, more nurturing relationship. Assertiveness is important for your own self-worth, but we’ll educate you as a couple as to how to speak up for yourself in your relationship without offending or being insensitive to your partner.

Muse’s rehab program for couples enables both partners in a relationship to gain a better appreciation and have deeper insights into one another and yourselves, leading to a happier life together when you both begin to live a sober lifestyle in recovery.

Don’t put off getting the help you need with drug and alcohol addiction. As a couple, you might suffer for years with substance abuse issues before actually seeking out the professional help that will turn your lives around for the better. Waiting for a substance use disorder to gain greater traction over your lives as a couple can create a huge divide in your relationship in addition to increasingly damaging your health.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center wants to help you heal, as a couple, in rehab together. We take a whole-person approach to drug and alcohol rehab, assessing all aspects of your life (mental, physical and emotional) to see how we can best help you as unique individuals who are suffering from the disease of addiction together.


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Why Choose Muse for Spousal or Partner Rehab

There are many reasons you should place Muse Treatment first on your list for spousal or partner rehab near Beverly Hills. 

The Joint Commission, a nonprofit entity dedicated to accrediting health care organizations and programs, has awarded Muse Treatment and Recovery Center their Gold Seal of Approval. This indicates that The Joint Commission understands that Muse is dedicated to making continuous improvements in client care, and the Center is always in full compliance with all federal laws and health care standards. Muse Treatment is also fully accredited and certified by the Joint Commission.

The professional team at Muse Treatment approaches addiction treatment by recognizing and addressing each client’s individual needs. In the case of couples alcohol & drug rehab, our licensed staff devises tailor-made treatment plans according to the unique needs of both the individuals in a relationship and through couples therapy for rehab. 

You and your significant other will be provided with all of the treatment, tools, and services you’ll need to overcome addiction. Your anxiety, should you have any, concerning withdrawal from drugs or alcohol will be greatly reduced due to our medically assisted detox program at Muse. We use FDA-approved medications to help you get past the 5-7 days of substance withdrawal in comfort and safety. Whether you’re going through detox for drugs or alcohol, your withdrawal symptoms will be closely monitored and reduced through our use of specific medications during your stay. 

During Muse Treatment’s couples rehab, you and your partner will participate in behavioral therapy programs that may include well-proven treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, behavior modification, and others. Our certified, licensed staff may also offer you the most modern addiction rehab treatment that includes neuro-rehabilitation therapy to help you with relapse prevention and assist you in achieving long-term sobriety.

Group therapy and individual counseling are also part of our outpatient and inpatient rehab programs at Muse Treatment for Beverly Hills residents. The 12-step program is an important part of rehab because it is a proven way to help you maintain sobriety for the long haul. Both you and your partner will be encouraged to continue going to meetings while you’re in recovery for the long term. 

Between our whole-patient approach to rehab treatment to the lasting positive changes, you’ll both enjoy through our therapies and other services, choosing Muse Treatment’s couples rehab program will provide you with a new outlook on life and love as you go into the future without having to depend on substance use.

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