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Addiction is a chronic brain disease that can be managed but not cured. Undergoing a period of detox to cleanse your system of substances, followed by a rehab program at an accredited addiction rehab center like Muse Treatment will help you find a successful recovery that will hopefully endure for the long term.

Successfully completing an addiction rehab program is vital to achieving long-term recovery, but there’s always a risk of relapse when you suffer from a substance use disorder. That’s why Muse Treatment often recommends their sober living housing programs for residents of Beverly Hills to our patients who need extra support as they transition from a rehab program to living back at home again. 

After you’ve completed an addiction rehab program, you may find that you’re still not completely prepared to live without the professional support and structure that a rehab facility can provide. Although you’ve embraced sobriety and have learned so much about your abusive relationship with drugs or alcohol and ways to resist relapsing, it can still take many months to truly feel as though you’re on solid ground during recovery. 

A sober living home can provide you with transitional housing and peer support in the wake of your rehab program. If you feel that you need an interim place to live that will give you the additional foundation you need in recovery, sober living homes are available at Muse Treatment in Los Angeles. Choose Muse to help you adjust to a sober lifestyle as you regroup in the months following rehab.

At Muse Treatment, our sober living homes are designed for long-term stays following your addiction rehab program. You’ll live in an environment that will continue to provide you with the structure you require, such as a curfew, house rules, peer support, and professional assistance still close by.

Benefits of Sober Living With Muse

Sober living with Muse provides you with many benefits. One of the most important reasons to choose Muse for sober living is to avoid the risk of relapse. You’re at your highest risk for returning to substance use within the first 12 months of your recovery, with 40-60% of people returning to drug or alcohol use during that first post-rehab year.  

Sober living housing will help you continue to meet your goals for sustained sobriety. Rehab programs are very effective and successful ways to gain and keep your sobriety, yet relapse can occur in the months afterward when you drop your guard and stop doing everything that works to keep you away from substance use. This can often include returning home too quickly and interacting with old acquaintances that are still using drugs and alcohol or not managing your recovery in the ways you were educated during rehab.

Muse Treatment’s sober living home is where you’ll find the support and guidance you’ll need to deal with real-life situations you’ll be sure to encounter when you return to your normal life again.

Staying in a sober living environment after rehab is also beneficial to your pocketbook. This type of program is less expensive than living in an inpatient facility, and you’ll still be able to continue going to work or school as you are in this early stage of recovery.

Another benefit of sober living with Muse is the friendships you’ll forge with your peers, who will be able to give you the support and strength you’ll need to deal with cravings and triggers. 

Residing in our sober living housing at Muse will also help you feel less anxious about a possible relapse as our professional staff will continue to provide you with counseling and assistance. 

Becoming more independent and developing healthier living habits is also a large benefit of our sober living program. You’ll be able to work on honing your life skills before you return home and transition back to your normal life.

Why Choose Muse For Sober Living Beverly Hills

The professionals at Muse Treatment know that maintaining sobriety isn’t an easy task for everyone. This is why we want to provide as many avenues as possible to help you reach sustained sobriety during your recovery.

Our sober living housing program for Beverly Hills residents is a transitional type of care that will help you become better adjusted to and happier living a life without the demands that substances once held over your head. Going from Point A to Point B isn’t always accomplished in a straight line; sometimes you’ll need to take a small detour to get to be where you ultimately want to be: in long-lasting recovery.

A dependable way of living, without distractions and negative influences, is important during your early recovery. You may need some extra time after rehab to find a new job. You’ll also have to be living a stable lifestyle to keep that job. With sober living at Muse, you’ll live in a structured environment that will keep you focused and out of harm’s way as you continue your journey towards a better, healthier way of living.

Sober living for Beverly Hills residents at Muse Treatment will earn important privileges as they attend 12-step meetings and abide by the house rules, such as doing chores or making your bed in the morning. Some of these privileges can award you with extra free time, family visits, and going on group outings.

Choosing Muse for your sober living housing helps you stay on track to avoid relapse. We ensure that you’re sticking with your recovery by administering regular drug and alcohol tests so we can quickly help you before you backtrack and things get out of hand.

Women's Sober Living Beverly Hills

The team at Muse Treatment wants you to feel as comfortable as possible while you’re living in our transitional sober living environment. This is why we have women-only sober living housing for females over the age of 18. 

Everyone on staff at Muse is sensitive to your needs, whether you suffer from a mental health issue, such as anxiety or depression, or have an eating disorder. Our goal is to treat you like family and accommodate your needs in a safe atmosphere.

Men's Sober Living Beverly Hills

Muse also offers men-only sober living homes for those over the age of 18 so you can live among your peers in comfort and with support. Our many amenities and family-like atmosphere will help you feel right at home.  

Men’s sober living for residents of  Beverly Hills also takes any mental health issues into consideration as you readjust to sober living. 

Let Muse Treatment help you transition slowly and comfortably to a normal life of recovery so you’ll avoid relapse and get back to a fulfilling way of living once again.

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