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It’s easy to feel hopeless and alone when you have an addiction to drugs such as cocaine, heroin, or meth. Attempts to stop may be unsuccessful, further adding to the difficulties that you face. However, addiction is now known to be a mental health disorder and as such, there are professional treatment programs that can help you to systematically treat your addiction.

Our top-rated drug rehab in Culver City is a facility where the best-known treatments and therapies for drug addiction can be found. We offer a wide range of treatment services so that we provide personalized treatment programs for each person that seeks our aid.

At Muse, we also provide a range of treatments that fall into the holistic category. These are treatments that will help to improve your life and wellbeing, further helping you to solidify your recovery. Our comprehensive drug addiction treatment programs in Culver City can help you to overcome even the most severe addictions with compassion and support.

Heroin Rehab

Heroin is a highly addictive opiate. It affects your opioid receptors in the brain, causing a flood of “feel-good” chemicals but at a cost; eventually your body and mind become reliant on the drug to make it through each day. Problems concerning your work, family, social life, health, and mental wellbeing begin to multiply as the cycle of heroin abuse continues.

Due to the addictive nature of heroin, stopping often requires more than just pure willpower. To treat heroin addiction effectively, a medical detox, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and a range of holistic treatment programs are often required. Our heroin rehab in Culver City can help you through the process of recovery from heroin addiction so that your road to a drug-free life becomes clear.

We offer medical detox programs so that the intense withdrawal symptoms that usually set in after quitting can be negated through FDA-approved medications such as methadone. Once you’ve broken your physical reliance on heroin, then your personalized treatment plan can shift toward the holistic treatments and behavioral therapies that will help to treat the causes of your addiction.

At Muse, our comprehensive and multidisciplinary treatment approach allows us to provide you with every needed treatment for heroin addiction such as dual diagnosis. Heroin abuse can spring from the act of self-medicating untreated mental health disorder symptoms such as bipolar. At Muse Treatment, we can treat these causes so that your long-term recovery becomes possible.

We also provide highly effective long-term treatment programs for heroin addiction when additional help is needed to prevent relapse. Our medically-assisted treatment program, or MAT, can provide you with medications that help to restore your normal brain function and prevent relapse from happening by blocking the effects of heroin and reducing cravings.

Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine abuse can have severe long-term effects. From permanent damage to major organs and blood vessels to psychological effects such as depression and psychosis, long-term cocaine abuse only becomes worse the longer it carries on. Through our cocaine rehab in Culver City, then we can help you to break your cocaine addiction and aid you in building a life where you can be free of the problems of cocaine abuse.

In our cocaine rehab program in Culver City, we can help you to easily deal with the many intense withdrawal symptoms of cocaine dependence. You will feel far more comfortable detoxing in our drug detox program and we can ensure that there are no physical or psychological problems that arise.

Once the dependence on cocaine has been successfully managed, then your inpatient or outpatient cocaine rehab program will focus on the underlying causes of your abuse of cocaine. We will explore the developmental, biological, and environmental factors of your addiction so that the foundation for a drug-free life can be manifest.

After your cocaine rehab program, you will also have access to aftercare programs that will aid in you preventing relapse which is especially important in the first year of your recovery when relapse rates are the highest.

Meth Rehab

Are you struggling to stop the use of meth? It’s common for a person who has become addicted to meth to see the problems that it’s causing in their life but still finds it difficult to stop or maintain their sobriety. Our meth rehab in Culver City can help you to escape from the hold that meth has.


Muse Treatment and Recovery Center can provide you with a specialized treatment plan for meth addiction. You will have a tailor-made plan created for you which accounts for all of your unique needs. Our meth rehab program in Culver City has every element that you’d expect from an accredited treatment center as well as holistic treatments that will explore and treat every relevant area of your life with the ultimate goal of improving your wellbeing.

Our meth rehab has a drug detox program where medications are used to treat your withdrawal symptoms, making it much easier to overcome physical meth addiction. You will also be treated in both an individual and group setting using the various cognitive-behavioral therapies that are proven to be effective at treating meth addiction.

To help you with the transitional support required to prevent relapse, Muse has various aftercare services such as sober living homes, alumni programs, and support groups. These will help you to be supported during the time after your rehab program and ultimately, they will help you to stay sober and prevent relapse.

Why Choose Muse for Drug Rehab?

Our drug rehab in Culver City is an accredited rehab center. The Joint Commission has bestowed on us their Gold Seal of Approval which ensures the level of quality that you can expect. Muse is a rehab center where you will be treated like family. We are here to support you through your healing and recovery as you leave your drug addiction in your past and move toward a bright, sustainable future.

Choose Muse by calling us today. We are ready to help you or a loved one break free from the hardships of drug addiction.

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