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Today’s rehabs have more treatment options to offer than ever before. This is ideal because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment regimen. While many people require the robust support of an inpatient rehab plan, others find that outpatient drug rehab suits their lives and recovery needs better. Often clients will transition from inpatient to the outpatient model in time. 

In the U.S., more than 22 million individuals are living with drug addiction–but not living fully. Moreover, their health and lives are at continued risk. Overdose has claimed the lives of millions and will remain a threat until a person stops abusing drugs. Once someone becomes addicted to drugs, they will find it difficult to stop abusing them. Addiction forms powerful physical, mental, and behavioral dependencies that can make it nearly impossible for someone to overcome them without formal addiction treatment. 

Muse offers many types of addiction treatment programs for residents of Huntington Beach, CA. We have a team of caring doctors, therapists, and support staff who are experienced in addiction medicine and treatments. The outpatient treatment model is ideal for many people who feel stable enough to reside outside of rehab but can still benefit from ongoing formal treatment as they transform their lifestyle and health. Putting off treatment is never the right answer. If you live in or near Huntington Beach, you can rely on Muse for individualized support and treatments designed to help you regain your freedom from addiction. 

Muse has an outstanding reputation for our rehab treatment programs, facilities, and medical staff. High-quality addiction treatment provides clients with the help they need to manage their addictions successfully. At Muse, we target each aspect of the person’s addiction. Ignoring aspects of the addiction leaves clients vulnerable to relapse later on. Our therapists work closely to help clients develop the coping strategies they will need in the real world to keep relapse at bay. Muse is proud to have helped thousands of people end their dependency on dangerous addictive drugs. With outpatient rehab treatment, you can win back your freedom and regain control over your life and health. 


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Drug Rehab That Allows You to Still Go to Work & School

One of the defining features of conventional outpatient addiction rehab models is that they offer flexible programming. This is important to clients who want to attend work or school or continue providing care for their families. Muse features outpatient treatment plans that include therapy for just part of the day. A client might meet with their therapist in the morning and then have the rest of their day to meet their obligations. 

Benefits of Outpatient Drug Rehab

Outpatient drug rehab may not offer the same level of support as a residential plan, but for many clients, it’s the exact level of support and treatment that clients need. Many people who enroll in outpatient therapy have already been through a medical detox and, possibly, even a stint in inpatient rehab. Usually, they have supportive home environments or they feel stable enough to maintain their recovery outside of the rehab environment.

The benefit of having time to themselves is important for clients who want to go to work or school. However, the ongoing therapy helps them manage their triggers and provides them with guidance when challenges pop up. Another benefit of outpatient therapy at Muse is that we individualize therapy to ensure that each clients’ needs are addressed. 

What to Expect During Outpatient Rehab?

Clients can expect to meet with support and experienced therapists during their rehab program. Outpatient therapy includes individual counseling, peer group meetings, 12-step therapy, relapse prevention, neural recovery, and more. Clients only visit our treatment rehab for part of the day, so they’re left with plenty of time to attend to their other obligations. At Muse, clients can expect to feel welcomed, respected, and supported during their time with us. We provide empathetic support and care deeply about helping each person achieve their recovery goals. 

How Long Does Outpatient Treatment Huntington Beach Last with Muse?

Outpatient drug rehab time frames vary in accordance with each person’s needs. Both inpatient and outpatient programs can run for 30, 60, or 90 days. One thing to keep in mind is that research has demonstrated that the longer a person spends in formal treatment, the less likely they will be to suffer a relapse. Because outpatient therapy tends to work so well with clients’ scheduling needs, they often find that it benefits them to continue for a longer duration. Some people, of course, may be ready to transition back to their lives after a month of treatment. However, others, especially those who have been addicted for a long time, may find that a longer treatment course is helpful.

Why Choose Muse?

Muse is a renowned addiction treatment rehab that offers a wide range of programs, including outpatient addiction treatment. Clients choose to enroll in our programs because we make it a priority to individual treatment and support. In fact, we are able to help clients no matter where they happen to be in their recovery process. Using sound, scientifically proven treatments, Muse relies on therapies that work. Our programs target each aspect of a person’s addiction so that they can effectively manage their condition once they transition to their everyday lives.

Remember that your addiction will not improve without help. Addiction is a chronic condition, and its negative health effects are typically progressive. To stop addiction in its tracks, you need formal treatment that targets your body, mind, and spirit. At Muse, you can rely on our individualized support and evidence-based therapies. When you visit us for an evaluation, we can help you determine if outpatient rehab therapy is ideal for you at this time or if a more supportive plan like residential therapy is a better option for your condition. Contact us to learn more about our treatment options and enrollment process. 

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