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MAT Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

For some people, receiving treatment at a drug rehab center is not enough to prevent relapse. Certain drugs such as heroin or opioid pain relievers can be particularly difficult to stop abusing once addiction takes hold. A person may receive treatment at rehab that is effective, but still relapse in the months to come. In such cases, medically-assisted treatment (MAT) programs can help to maintain sobriety when standard treatment models are ineffective.

At Muse Treatment and Recovery Center, we are certified to provide MAT addiction treatment to help those who are struggling to manage their addiction in the long term. Long-term drug and alcohol abuse can result in lasting changes in the way that your brain operates making standard treatment models unable to rectify the imbalance in brain chemistry. MAT can help to normalize brain function, block the effects that substances have on the brain, and ultimately prevent relapse.

There is a misconception that MAT is simply replacing one drug for another; however, the medications used are not abusable and the treatment is only used in cases where other avenues have not resulted in long-term sobriety. Simply put, without the effectiveness of MAT for long-term recovery from addiction, many people may not be able to retain their sobriety. Our MAT addiction treatment in Los Angeles is one of the most effective ways to overcome addiction for those who are resistant to standard treatment.

What is MAT?

MAT is the use of medications that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help normalize brain function and prevent the effects of drugs and alcohol on the system to achieve sustained recovery. It is used together with therapy and counseling to bring about positive, lasting change in a person suffering from substance use disorder (addiction).

Our medically-assisted treatment program in Los Angeles is tailor-made for each client. It is a comprehensive program that helps you to safely and comfortably overcome withdrawal symptoms and cravings and provides you with a combination of behavioral therapy and holistic treatments that together treat you as a whole.

One of the concerns with drugs such as opioids is a relapse that leads to an overdose. The concern is that stopping the use of the drug for a few days or weeks lowers the person’s tolerance to the drug. If they then relapse, there is a real risk that they may end up taking too much because they aren’t used to a lowered tolerance level. This can quickly lead to an overdose. MAT treatment can help to prevent this situation from happening – essentially, MAT treatment can save lives.

Some of the medications used can block the effects of substances such as opioids, so even in the event of relapse, the person won’t get any of the usual effects they expect. MAT medications for alcohol addiction, for example, can cause the person to feel sick when they try to drink alcohol, skipping the usual effects they are after and feeling an instant hangover.

One of the things that make our MAT treatment in Los Angeles so effective is that it helps the person to be more receptive to behavioral therapy which is a key component to long-term recovery. Therapy and MAT go hand-in-hand and by law, if you are in a medically-assisted treatment program, you also need to partake in therapy. Along with therapy, a whole-patient approach to recovery is taken by Muse Treatment. This means that we will help you to explore areas of your life that could improve such as your vocational, mental wellbeing, and education among other areas.

What to Expect During MAT?

So, what can you expect during our medically-assisted treatment in Los Angeles? You can expect to participate in a standard treatment program such as the behavioral therapies and whole-patient treatments that help to build a new, sustainable life. The major difference is that you’ll also be using medications that will help to reduce your withdrawal symptoms and cravings so that you can focus on your recovery.

If you’re addicted to opioids such as heroin or opioid-based pain relievers, then your MAT treatment medications might include naltrexone, methadone, buprenorphine, or a combination of these medications. For substances such as alcohol, you may be given disulfiram, naltrexone, or acamprosate.

Since these medications that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are not a cure for addiction, you will also be involved with behavioral therapies to assist you in building sustainable habits, change your thought patterns and behaviors, and help you heal from mental health disorders such as trauma. Some of the behavioral therapies that you may be involved with include dialectical behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, trauma-focused therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

At Muse, we also treat co-occurring mental disorders (dual diagnosis). This is when you a person is suffering from an untreated mental disorder such as an anxiety disorder that can have a significant impact on their addiction. Oftentimes, a person’s reason for substance abuse may start from their need to self-medicate their mental health disorder symptoms. Muse can treat these conditions, helping to achieve long-term sobriety.

Why Choose Muse for Medically Assisted Treatment for Addiction?

Muse is one of the best rehabs in Los Angeles. We treat each person who seeks help for addiction through us as a part of our family. We are here to help you with every step that you’ll need to take to achieve lasting sobriety. Our rehab services are fully accredited by The Joint Commission; a testament to the quality rehab programs that we offer in Los Angeles.

Let today be the day that you start your recovery journey. Call Muse today at (800) 426-1818 so that we can assist you with our medically-assisted treatment programs at our rehab in Los Angeles.


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