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Finding the right place to receive treatment for alcohol abuse or addiction can be one of the hardest steps in the overall process of recovery.  Not only is it often hard to ask for help, but you also want to make sure you are putting your efforts in the right place and making a commitment to something that’s going to work. 

That’s where the team at Muse Treatment comes in for you.  We have outstanding professionals from every field involved in drug and alcohol rehab including amazing medical clinicians, therapists, and support staff personnel.  When you work with our team at Muse you know you are being treated at a top-rated alcohol rehab for Residents of Malibu.  Our professionalism shines through in everything we do. 

Muse Therapy is also all about offering a caring, thoughtful, supportive path to an alcohol-free lifestyle.  Our counselors will walk you step by step through our process and our staff will be with you from day one until well into your recovery.  At Muse, we know that alcohol rehab is not a quick fix and we are ready to be there for our clients whenever they need us in order for them to lead a happy, healthy life free alcohol.  So do not hesitate to call us with your questions and find out more about the programs that can help you or your loved one make a positive change in your life.

What Is Alcohol Rehab Like?

The overall process of alcohol rehab can often include several phases, all of which are focused on maintaining and supporting a person’s sobriety.  First, many people take advantage of our inpatient alcohol detox program at our Los Angeles rehab center.  It’s important for someone to have the substance or substances they have been abusing 100% removed from their body before beginning rehab therapy. 

Getting help from our alcohol detox professionals can make this step a lot easier than going it alone.  Once an individual has completed detox, inpatient alcohol rehab is a great next step.  A residential treatment program allows a patient to fully concentrate on their recovery while learning valuable skills they will need to be successful going forward.

Whether it’s after an inpatient program or as a first step, outpatient alcohol rehab is the perfect place to start or add to the foundation of your recovery.  Even within our outpatient program, there are many options that our patients can choose from when they are deciding on what types of therapy will work for them.  As part of our outpatient programs, we also help our patients get involved in aftercare groups.  Organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) among many others can play a vital support role in a recovering person’s life.

What to Expect During Rehab?

Alcohol rehab is designed to assist our clients in working through issues that led them to drink and to help them develop the skills needed to deal with situations that could lead to them relapsing.  Many people who enter outpatient alcohol rehab have been drinking at least socially for a long time and the normalcy of having a drink with friends or family or just at the end of the day can be hard to change. 

That’s why working with an organization like Muse Treatment is important as we offer comprehensive programs that are tailored specifically for each of our clients.  We know that no matter how many people we treat, each person’s journey has had a uniqueness to it that we have to help them address in order for them to move forward.  

During both inpatient and outpatient treatment, our clients have the option of taking part in group or one on one therapy, or both.  There are also many other choices and alternative therapies to choose from, including family sessions, art therapy, recreational therapy, and others.  Muse also offers educational lectures and seminars focusing on anger management, dealing with cravings, and effective communication.  We encourage all of our patients to explore as many options as they want to both before and during any alcohol rehab program.   

How Long Is Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol is a substance that takes longer than most for people to become addicted to and thus alcohol rehab can often take many months or even years when you take into account detox, residential rehab, outpatient rehab, and aftercare.  Inpatient alcohol rehab typically lasts from 28 days to a few months.  Outpatient care can range from months to years.  Additionally, many people in recovery choose to stay involved in aftercare groups like AA over a long period of time. 

This may all seem daunting when you first start, but the important thing to remember is that alcohol rehab is not something to get through, it is a transformational period in your life that you are choosing in order to find a happier, healthier place in the world.  Everyone’s recovery will be different.  Some people quickly adapt to their new normal and some individuals may take a little longer.  Some will even go on to mentor others, become leaders in a support community or join the ranks of rehab professionals. 

Why Choose Muse for Alcohol Rehab?

At Muse Treatment, you will have the opportunity to work with top-notch professionals who are all aimed at one goal: helping you enter recovery and start a new phase of your life.  Whether you take advantage of our inpatient or outpatient services, you will have amazing treatment options available to you. 

We know that alcohol abuse and addiction can affect a lot of areas of a person’s life and that’s why we at Muse believe in total self-healing and focusing on mind, body, and spirit.  Our rehab professionals offer education and guidance during treatment in areas that include meditation, self-esteem, self-awareness, interpersonal relationships, and family dynamics.  No matter what part of your life needs attention, we will be there for you.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol abuse or addiction, call us today.  One of our highly-trained counselors will answer any questions you may have about alcohol rehab or any of our other programs. 

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