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If a person leaving residential rehab does not feel they have a stable place to return to, or if they feel they would benefit from strict rules and need continued medical and mental health care, a sober home can be a good option.

Muse Treatment Sacramento provides referrals to sober homes in or around Sacramento. There are different types of sober homes, so we can help you choose one that fits your comfort level and any needs you have. A high-accountability home will be strict, with plenty of structure and scheduled activities that are run by staff members. This may be a good fit for somebody with a history of relapse. Some homes have on-site medical care with psychiatric nurses and licensed social workers. A more traditional sober living home combines freedom and structure, so you can leave to attend work or school and hold a normal schedule, but still have expectations placed on you that will help you remain sober within a substance-free environment.

Whether you are coming out of a residential rehabilitation program, or just want a stable and structured place to live without the use of drugs and alcohol, a sober living home can be a beneficial place for you to stay.

Muse Treatment can offer referrals to partners who run sober living housing programs for residents of Sacramento, California. To keep you on-track and accountable, sober homes typically have rules like:

  • Attend regular house meetings
  • Submit to random drug testing
  • Adhere to curfews
  • Do chores around the house
  • No drugs or alcohol
  • Respect others in the home
  • Pay fees on time
  • Attend therapy or groups, or attend an outpatient program
  • Hold a steady job or go to school

Failure to adhere to these rules can result in expulsion, as these homes expect you to take responsibility for yourself. Sober living homes have high standards so that they can help prepare you for living on your own.

Benefits of Sober Living with Muse

Sober homes can help you prepare to live on your own, and with their structured rules and requirements, they will help you to remain drug- and alcohol-free. They offer support and structure. It is an important step to help you prepare for living on your own.

In sober living homes, you can share your experiences and open up about your addiction, learning about other people’s approaches to sobriety. Sober living also gives you the opportunity to establish a daily routine, while in constant contact with professionals to ensure you are following through on your recovery plan, keeping up with your job or school work, and continuing any mental health programs you may be involved in. In a sober living home you will develop healthy coping skills that you can use while transitioning back to everyday life. A sober living home will improve your chances of staying sober.


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Why Choose Muse For Sober Living Sacramento

Muse is an excellent partner to sober living. We offer outpatient and aftercare programs that are beneficial after inpatient rehab, and we can help set you up with a home that suits your needs. We can provide help for those who may be diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder like depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and other mental illnesses.

A lack of stable, alcohol- and drug-free environment can be a huge obstacle for sobriety after rehab, even for highly motivated people. Sober living homes are a good intermediary step between residential rehab and living on your own. They give you structure when you need it most, and with Muse’s aftercare programs, you will be supported and continue working on your recovery and reinforce lessons learned long after rehab.

The Muse alumni network fosters an open and welcoming sober community. You can join us for our outings, meetings and reunions to spend time with people who know what you are going through.

Women’s Sober Living Sacramento

When deciding on a sober home, some women will prefer to stay in a women’s home, as they may feel safer in a home with no men around due to a history of trauma and abuse. Relationships between women and men can be complicated, and needs like childcare need to be addressed, as women generally end up being the default caregiver in many family situations.

Women face specific gender-based issues, and their problems can sometimes be brushed off as “women’s problems” by men. A women’s only home will provide an environment that fosters female empowerment, and avoids stereotyping, sexual harassment, and ensures women’s needs aren’t silenced or ignored. It may be easier to have a deep level of communication and understanding when it is all women in the house due to shared experiences. Women may also feel freer to express emotions and relate to one another better without men around.

Although everybody is unique in their recovery, women can have different underlying issues than men when it comes to addiction. There are gender-specific stigmas that have to be addressed. To build confidence and the skills to live independently throughout recovery, a women’s only sober home may be the best choice.


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Men’s Sober Living Sacramento

Men have their own specific issues when they are in recovery. Men are more prone to violent outbursts and feeling competitive in the early days of recovery, with a higher likelihood of compulsive behavior, so it may be safer for women and other populations to be separated.

In a men’s only home, you can learn to deal with relationships, and get peer support from a male perspective. Some men feel safer to discuss issues like violence, crime, sexuality, and trauma without women present. A strong personal network with like-minded people can allow sober friendships to form.

In a male-only house, men can focus on staying sober and working on their recovery without distractions. They can work on combating the perception of “unmanliness” that comes with losing control of their lives, fighting stigma alongside peers.

No matter what you are looking for in a sober home, Muse Addiction Treatment Center can help you find one to suit your needs. We will make sure you are supported long after rehab is over, and our community of alumni, our highly trained staff, and a network of sober peers can be there to support you in your recovery. 

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