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Going into treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction can be frightening, but walking back out those doors can be even more distressing. Now that you have gotten clean and sober, you may wonder what comes next. Even more importantly, you may be concerned that going home will force you to confront your old triggers and that you will not have the coping skills you need to resist them.

At Muse Treatment Center, we understand those concerns, and we recognize the very real dangers recovering addicts and alcoholics face as they leave our facility and head back home to San Bernadino, California. We know that relapse is a real risk for those recovering from addiction, and that is why we have built a bridge our clients can use to connect them from recovery to a better and more successful life.

That bridge is known as sober living, and our sober living facility is second to none. We offer a combination of structure and freedom, one that is designed to reinforce the lessons you have learned throughout your detox and rehab journey, all while preparing you for life in the outside world. If you are ready to continue your journey to recovery, we encourage you to include sober living in your plans.

Benefits of Sober Living With Muse

Transitioning into a sober living facility has enormous benefits for residents of San Bernadino, California, and the surrounding area, including the chance to develop stronger and better-coping skills. The development of these coping skills could prove pivotal when going back home, especially since you are likely to be surrounded by your old triggers once you leave our facility.

Sober living also gives you time to connect with others who are recovering from addiction, forming a support structure you can really on long after you have left our facility behind. The presence of peer support can greatly enhance your recovery and reduce the risk of relapse, providing you with one more important benefit.

If you are ready to enhance your own recovery and avoid a dangerous relapse, we encourage you to give sober living a try. Muse Treatment Center operates one of the most effective and successful sober living facilities in the country, so you can rely on our compassion, our expertise, and our guidance to prepare you for a better life, one free of drugs, alcohol, and temptation.

Why Choose Muse For Sober Living for Residents of San Bernadino

At Muse Treatment Center, we know that we are not the only sober living facility in town, and we know you have many choices when it comes to taking that vital next step. But we also know that we have worked hard to make our own sober living facility the best around, with a wide variety of support structures designed to foster your recovery and give you the tools you need to stay drug and alcohol-free for a lifetime.

From the caring counselors we employ to the medical and nutritional support services we offer, everything we do is designed to further enhance your coping skills and reduce the risk of a relapse. If you are ready to leave rehab but not ready to return back home, we encourage you to stick around and experience the difference sober living can make in your life.

Women's Sober Living San Bernadino

Facing addiction and succeeding in recovery is a huge challenge for anyone, no matter their age, social status, income level, or position in life. But for women, facing addiction and overcoming their personal triggers can be an even more daunting task.

Women may face issues with parenthood and child care, with spousal abuse and divorce proceedings. They may be harboring a history of childhood abuse or dealing with things that happened years or even decades ago. As a result, women may have a harder time leaving their drug and alcohol use behind, and they may benefit even more from the sober living concept.

If you are ready to begin the rest of your life but not quite ready to head back home, we encourage you to explore the many benefits that sober living can offer you. As a woman, you know how many challenges you face every day, and you may worry that going home will trigger the same fears, resentments, and memories that caused you to abuse drugs and alcohol in the first place.

Sober living is designed to address those fears and issues, giving you the skills and attitudes you need to return back home with confidence. Through a dedicated and highly effective combination of in-house counseling sessions, community support, and access to local 12-step programs, we will give you the tools you need to continue your work in recovery, so you can enjoy a better and more successful life when you finally do move back home.

Men's Sober Living San Bernadino

Living in sobriety is not always an easy thing to do, and men can face some unique challenges as they transition back home after a stay in a detox and rehab facility. Now that you are getting ready to move back home, you are probably worried about things like finding a job, for instance, wondering how you will support your spouse and children when you head back home.

You may worry that your lack of job skills will hold you back, or that you lack the network you need to help you find gainful employment. You may be concerned about going back to school, or worried that you will not succeed in your studies.

At Muse Treatment Center, we understand the challenges men face when leaving rehab after overcoming their drug addiction and substance abuse issues, and that is why we have designed our sober living concept with them in mind. From providing men with access to job-related resources to helping them build up their coping skills and education, everything we do is designed to help you succeed. Now that you have put your drug or alcohol problem in the rearview mirror, we encourage you to stick around and use our sober living facility to transition successfully to life in the outside world.


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