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Muse utilizes an integrated approach to healing the brain. While most facilities focus on one general area, we emphasize a holistic, whole-brain approach in our drug rehab, alcohol treatment and dual diagnosis programs…

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Addiction is a very complex mental health disorder to treat. You may be able to stop using drugs or alcohol but when you return to your normal life, other people in your life may be triggers for substance abuse or it may be easy to fall back into old negative patterns of behavior that lead to relapse. This is especially true for couples who abuse drugs or alcohol because if only one person in the relationship were to get help then it can be difficult to sustain long-term recovery when your partner is still using drugs or alcohol.

However, there is a solution through our couples rehab for residents of San Juan Capistrano. It is a rehab program that we offer that specializes in treatment for couples who require addiction treatment. It can turn many of the negatives of the situation where only one person in the relationship gets professional help into positives as both of you are treated together.

Research suggests that when couples go to rehab together, it improves the overall effectiveness of treatment for both partners because couples tend to stay in treatment programs to their completion, thus improving the results of treatment. Many of the common issues that substance abuse in couples have such as codependence, trust issues, and miscommunication can be rectified in treatment. Your relationship can be improved while overcoming addiction in our couples rehab for San Juan Capistrano residents.

Benefits of Couples Rehab

When addiction occurs in a relationship, it can cause many rifts and many of these issues may not even exist if it weren’t for substance abuse; however, once these patterns of behavior have been established, it can be difficult to break them. In our couples rehab for residents of San Juan Capistrano, we can help you to work through any possible problem that you have in your relationship so that you can build trust, deal with feelings of isolation, rectify situations such as codependence or enabling, and help to improve communication.

You will learn how and when to provide support for your partner as you work through the issues that may be present in joint therapy. By the end of treatment, your relationship will be strengthened as you are both able to treat each other in the way that you deserve as well as know when your partner needs your help to sustain recovery.

After you and your partner leave rehab, you will be able to provide each other with the kind of support that you need, for both of you to recover in the long term. On days where one person feels particularly down, then the other person can be there for them with the ways that you learned to support each other in rehab.

During our couples rehab for residents of San Juan Capistrano, you and your partner will receive ample support from our dedicated team and sober community. This will be vital to help both of you to heal and overcome the causes of your addiction. As a couple in rehab together, the support and love that you can give each other will add to the support that each of you receive and it will help each of you to have improved recovery.


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Why Choose Muse for Spousal or Partner Rehab?

At Muse Treatment and Recovery Center, the addiction treatment programs that we offer for residents of San Juan Capistrano are comprehensive. You and your partner will each have a personalized treatment program to account for each of your needs in recovery. While you will take part in joint therapy with your partner or spouse, you will also be treated through individual and group therapy programs, giving you the benefits of each type of treatment model.

In our couples rehab for residents of San Juan Capistrano, we can help you and your partner to comfortably overcome withdrawal symptoms. Stopping the abuse of substances such as meth, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, or alcohol usually causes withdrawal symptoms which can be tough to get through without professional help. In our medical detox program, you’ll be able to take medication that will reduce your symptoms and make the entire process far more manageable.

Our behavioral therapies include models such as interpersonal therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and trauma-focused therapy. These form key components in your recovery as they help to treat some of the causes of addiction.

Other causes of addiction may not seem directly related, such as co-occurring mental health disorders, but through our holistic treatment programs, we can help you and your loved one to overcome these causes. We provide onsite treatment for mental health disorders such as anxiety disorders, depression, and bipolar among others. If you or your loved one suffers from a mental health disorder, it may be one of the main reasons why substance abuse took place as a way to self-medicate. Treating these mental health disorders can help you or your loved one to achieve lasting sobriety.

At Muse Treatment and Recovery Center, we also provide long-term medically-assisted treatment programs or MAT programs. This type of treatment, which uses medications to prevent relapse and improve brain function, can be of vital importance in some cases to help sustain recovery from addiction.

Whether you and your partner need inpatient or outpatient rehab for addiction, Muse Treatment can help. Our multidisciplinary expertise and the comprehensive, personalized treatment programs that we provide can help to finally overcome drug or alcohol addiction.

Give Muse Treatment and Recovery Center a call today so that we can help you and your partner or spouse through our couples rehab for residents of San Juan Capistrano.


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