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The looming realization that when you eventually stop using cocaine, meth, heroin, or prescription drugs that you’ll have to deal with intense withdrawal symptoms can be a deterring factor in your hopes to stop taking drugs. Even with clear evidence that drug use has a far-reaching negative impact on your life such as at work, home, social life, and with your health, it can still be difficult to stop when cravings and intense withdrawal symptoms take over.

Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with withdrawal symptoms alone. Our top-rated drug detox program for residents of Santa Ana can make your drug detox much more comfortable and safer because our professional detox program allows you to take advantage of specialized medication together with our medical support. You don’t have to face your withdrawal symptoms alone; Muse Treatment and Recovery Center can help you to overcome your withdrawal symptoms.

Muse is a top-rated drug detox center for Santa Ana residents but we also offer a comprehensive range of addiction treatments that can help you to quit drug use for good. Detox helps you to overcome your initial withdrawal symptoms but it is through further holistic treatments and behavioral therapy that lasting positive change is achieved.

What is Detox Like?

Drug detox is a very intense experience if you attempt to detox from meth, cocaine, heroin, or prescription drugs alone. Due to the constant use of drugs, your body starts to rely on the drug as it creates a new chemical balance that accounts for the constant presence of drugs in your system. When you try to stop suddenly, your body goes into a state of withdrawal where it needs to return to normal function before you feel like yourself again.

When done alone, drug detox can take its toll. Detox from substances such as heroin is described as experiencing the worst flu-like symptoms imaginable. The intense cravings that you feel during detox can by themselves cause you to relapse and due to your lowered tolerance level, the risk of overdose is far higher.

In our drug detox program for Santa Ana residents, however, drug detox is much easier and you will feel far more comfortable during the process. If you are in our residential rehab program, then you will stay in a comfortable room where our healthcare workers will monitor you so that they can provide you with medications as you need them. These medications will counteract your symptoms so that your symptoms are greatly reduced and your cravings don’t make you feel like you have to have more of a drug.

Muse Treatment is a place of healing and support. We want you to feel comfortable and have no stress while you are in one of our rehab programs. You will feel welcomed as our healthcare workers and staff work day and night to help you to get through detox as painlessly as possible.


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How Long Does Detox Take?

So, how long will your drug detox take? There are many factors that one needs to consider to establish the length of detox. The type of drugs that you are reliant on, how severe your substance addiction is, and your current health can cause detox to last longer. On average, you can expect a drug detox to last between 5 and 7 days, with some people experiencing symptoms until day 10.

The start of your withdrawal symptoms usually kicks in after about 8 to 12 hours have passed. If you were addicted to a long-acting drug such as certain types of prescription medication, then your withdrawal symptoms will only start after about 2 days have passed.

Generally speaking, after about 3 days, you can expect your symptoms to reach the peak of their intensity. This will be the time that you feel your symptoms the most but our drug detox program for Santa Ana residents will help to greatly reduce these symptoms.

By around the fifth day, many people start to feel much better and they may be ready to conclude their detox. By the seventh day of detox, you’ll likely feel much better and ready for the next step in your recovery which is the treatments that address the underlying causes of your substance abuse. In some cases, a person may require 10 days of detox before they are ready for the next step in their recovery.

If psychological symptoms remain after 10 days of detox, then you may require a medically-assisted treatment (MAT) program. Through this long-term treatment plan, the medications provided can help to restore your brain function in cases where you still feel some of the symptoms long after detox and it can also help to prevent relapse by blocking the euphoric effects of drugs.

Our drug detox program for residents of Santa Ana can help you to easily deal with the many withdrawal symptoms that are common during drug detox. Whether you quickly get through detox or require MAT programs after detox, Muse can help you to break the cycle of drug abuse.

Why Choose Muse for Drug Detox?

Drug detox is a process where your body and mind will go through intense symptoms. You will want to have the best possible care to help you through the process of detox. At Muse Treatment, you can get the highest level of care for drug detox so that it’s safe and so that the withdrawal symptoms don’t overwhelm you. Our serene environment makes for the ideal place to recover. You will be supported during the entire detox process and you can get away from the things in your life that may impede your recovery in our residential treatment setting.

Muse offers not only one of the best drug detox programs but we are also an accredited rehab center that can help you with every aspect of your recovery from drug addiction. Detox is an excellent start to your recovery but only through the treatment programs that we offer after your detox can lasting change be achieved. Call Muse today so that we can help you to beat addiction and build a drug-free life.


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