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Drug addiction was present in roughly 3 percent of the U.S. population in 2018, which includes the use and misuse of prescription drugs, heroin, meth, and cocaine. Drug use can seem harmless at first but eventually, an addiction is bound to follow. If you think that you might have an addiction to drugs, then getting professional help is your best bet if trying to stop alone isn’t working.

The top-rated drug rehab for residents of Santa Ana that we offer can be life-changing. At Muse Treatment, you can expect to receive treatment for addiction through the most effective methods known to science. We incorporate a comprehensive treatment approach to each of our client’s personalized treatment plans to help them to quit drugs and build on a foundation that will lead to sustainable recovery.

Our drug rehab for Santa Ana residents is a place of healing and support. We want to help you to overcome addiction and a significant part of that is providing you with ample support from our staff members and healthcare workers and an environment where the focus is on healing. Through our top-rated drug rehab open to Santa Ana residents, you can beat the cycle of drug addiction and achieve a drug-free lifestyle that is sustainable and fulfilling.

Heroin Rehab

Long-term heroin use can become very dangerous. Not only does the drug cause you to have problems with social life, work, finances, family, and romantic relationships, but it can cause long-term damage to your brain’s white matter which affects decision making, stress response, and problematic behavior. The longer that the use of heroin carries on, the worse these problems tend to become.

Moreover, the use of heroin will lead to a tolerance to the drug forming. While it may seem harmless, the tolerance leads to needing increasing doses, and with the many drug dealers adding powerful opioids such as fentanyl to their heroin, the risk of overdose becomes far higher. Fentanyl is especially problematic because it’s far too potent to measure correctly with the naked eye which increases the chances of overdose dramatically.

Quitting heroin abuse is very important but the withdrawal symptoms, intense cravings, and the fundamental changes that can take place in the reward centers of your brain can make quitting difficult. At our heroin rehab for Santa Ana residents, we can make the withdrawal process much easier and because we monitor your health 24/7, you will make a safe recovery.

Our heroin rehab for Santa Ana residents can do more than just help you to overcome your physical addiction; we can provide you with the therapy and treatment required to work toward a sustained recovery. It is through the treatment of the underlying causes of your addiction that lasting change is achieved.


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Cocaine Rehab

The use of cocaine, which is often accompanied by heavy alcohol use because it causes the usually short-lived high from cocaine to last longer, is a risky situation because you will likely become addicted to the drug and then suffer the many consequences. The addictive properties of cocaine mean that eventually, an addiction is guaranteed and stopping isn’t just as easy as deciding to stop.

If you have been trying to slow down your use of cocaine or you’ve been trying to stop entirely but have been unable to, then professional treatment is your best bet. Our cocaine rehab for Santa Ana residents is the most effective way to quit cocaine addiction and address an alcohol addiction if needed.

The withdrawal process which includes common symptoms such as fatigue, discomfort, unpleasant dreams, depression, restlessness, and agitation is much easier to deal with in our drug detox program. The medications that we can give you during withdrawal coupled with medical support can ensure that you get through detox with ease.

Behavioral therapy accounts for a large portion of your cocaine rehab program for residents of Santa Ana. These include therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and trauma-focused therapy. Our holistic treatment programs such as our dual diagnosis program and neuro-rehabilitation can further help to improve your recovery outcomes and overall well being.

Meth Rehab

Our meth rehab program for Santa Ana residents is a top-rated program that can help you to quit meth abuse and work on the things that will help you to prevent relapse. To start your meth rehab, we will help you to overcome the withdrawal symptoms that often bar the path to recovery. The intense cravings for meth, anxiety, fatigue, psychosis and depression can be effectively managed so that your detox isn’t a harrowing experience thanks to our meth detox program that we offer for Santa Ana residents.

As you overcome the physical hold that meth has due to its physically addictive properties, you will be ready for the next steps in your recovery from meth addiction. This includes holistic treatments such as dual diagnosis. It’s common for someone with drug addiction to also have a secondary mental health disorder that may be one of the key causes of your use of meth. We offer treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders along with many other holistic programs such as art therapy and neuro-rehabilitation.

Holistic treatment programs together with our evidence-based behavioral therapies will be a key component in your recovery process because they help to treat the underlying causes of your meth addiction. With these causes treated and with the relapse prevention skills that you’ll learn, you can achieve long-term sobriety.


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Why Choose Muse for Drug Rehab?

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is one of the best places to find professional help for people living in Santa Ana. Our specialized drug treatment programs are accredited and The Joint Commission has also awarded our rehab with the Gold Seal of Approval. Due to our use of prescription medication that is used in both short- and long-term addiction treatment, we are monitored by LegitScript which means that the medications that we provide during your recovery are safe and effectively used.

Get in touch with Muse today so that we can help you to explore our affordable drug addiction treatment options. With our professional help, you or someone you care about can overcome meth, cocaine, and heroin addiction.

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