Couples Rehab for Residents of Santa Clarita, CA

Being in a relationship is about being a part of each other’s lives and sharing the ups and downs. When drugs or alcohol become involved, however, it can lead to significant problems in both of your lives. Your relationships may become strained as the effects of withdrawal and the changes that occur in your brain function as a result of substance abuse. When one person in the relationship decides to quit, it can be exceedingly difficult when the other person is still using drugs or alcohol around them.

So, how do you prevent relapse and achieve lasting recovery when both people in a relationship are abusing alcohol or drugs? Muse Treatment offers a solution through coupes rehab for residents of Santa Clarita, CA. When both people in the relationship are seeking help together, it can do more than just give them access to our accredited treatment programs for addiction but it can work to improve and strengthen their relationship.

Our couples rehab for Santa Clarita residents can offer you and your partner a comprehensive treatment program that while personalized, will incorporate joint therapy to help mend your relationship, improve communication, and ultimately provide better support for each other during the early recovery process in our 30-, 60-, or 90-day rehab programs. In the months and years to come, you’ll be able to help each other prevent relapse through the skills you learned at our rehab for Santa Clarita residents.


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Benefits of Couples Rehab

Recovering together with your partner in our couples rehab for alcohol and drug addiction has several benefits. Perhaps one of the most important benefits is the support that you can provide each other during the tough times when trigger situations spring up. This applies to your time together in our couples rehab where the foundation for lasting recovery is still being established and in the months and years after rehab. When one of you has a particularly difficult day, the other person can be there supporting them to help them solidify their resolve to remain sober.

Drug and alcohol addiction affects behavior in many ways. It’s common for substance abuse to cause a person to be more agitated and even aggressive at times which may lead to situations where fights occur that would otherwise not occur. At our couples rehab for Santa Clarita residents, couples therapy can help you to resolve issues that have developed in the relationship and address potential behaviors that may be detrimental to the recovery process such as co-dependence.

At Muse, we want both of you to be able to recover from addiction and build a stronger relationship. The main goal of professional treatment for addiction is to break the cycle of addiction and it is the focus of our couples rehab program. It is the most important benefit of rehab; recovering from addiction in a way that builds a healthy foundation for future recovery. Long-term sobriety can be achieved through our couples rehab and the support and love that you can give each other during recovery will be a bright beacon in your recovery journey.

Why Choose Muse for Spousal or Partner Rehab?

Muse Treatment for couples seeking addiction treatment provides not only couples therapy and programs to help both people achieve long-term sobriety together, but it offers a range of programs that suit any budget or personal needs. At Muse, our comprehensive treatment services can provide the bridge to long-term recovery.

Our interdisciplinary approach to treatment is one that understands that there may be underlying causes of addiction that may not seem directly related at first. For example, our dual diagnosis treatment is a program that will treat any co-occurring mental disorder that is happening along with addiction. Our healthcare workers are qualified to treat mental health disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, and other mental health disorders that may be affecting your or your partner’s wellbeing.

At Muse Treatment, our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs are comprehensive. At the start of your couples rehab program, you may both need to undergo detox which is usually accompanied by overwhelming withdrawal symptoms; however, through our certified medical detox program, the prescription medication that we can provide such as methadone can make the experience far less uncomfortable so that you can break the physical hold that substance use has on you.

A core element of our addiction treatment services for Santa Clarita residents is our behavioral therapies. Evidence-based treatments that we provide include methods such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, trauma-focused therapy, interpersonal therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy among others. You and your partner will be involved with behavioral therapy that is ideally suited to your personal situation and recovery needs.

Along with the evidence-based methods of treating addiction that is required to overcome substance use disorder, Muse also offers a range of holistic treatments such as our neuro-rehabilitation treatment that help you to heal and aims to improve your and your partner’s overall quality of life by alternative behaviors and repairing the damage caused by addiction.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is accredited by the Joint Commission. They are the non-profit organization that accredited rehabs and healthcare facilities across the country, awarding their Gold Seal of Approval to institutions that can uphold their high standard of care. The accreditation together with LegitScript monitoring to ensure that addiction treatment medication is used correctly and safely ensures that your treatment services are of the highest quality and effectiveness.

If you and your partner have considered quitting alcohol or drugs together but are finding it difficult to do together, then let our couples rehab for alcohol and drug addiction for the residents of Santa Clarita be your lifeline. We can help you and your loved one to reach positive outcomes and prevent addiction from affecting your lives. Call us today to discuss starting your couples rehab program.

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