Top-Rated Alcohol Rehab for Residents of Simi Valley

Alcohol is a substance that is enjoyed by many people without serious negative effects on their lives, but some people are more prone to addiction due to their addiction risk factors. These addiction causes can lead a person to become reliant on alcohol just to make it through each day and face many difficulties when trying to stop and remain sober.

Our top-rated alcohol rehab for residents of Simi Valley can help. The extensive range of addiction treatment programs that we have that are specialized for alcohol use disorder can ensure that no matter what the causes of your addiction are and the problems that you face, we can help you to heal from and overcome them.

In our Simi Valley rehab, you will become a part of our recovery community and family. We are deeply understanding of the issues that people with alcohol use disorder face and we have made our rehab a place of acceptance, healing, and change.


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What is Alcohol Rehab Like?

Our alcohol rehab is a warm place in the sense that all of our healthcare workers and staff members are deeply passionate about helping people with addiction to find new meaning and excitement from life again after they’ve overcome the things that drove them to abuse alcohol. Our healing environment is the perfect place to find a new path in your life that helps you to achieve a sustainable and fulfilling way of being.

If you are part of our inpatient rehab program, then you will be living at our facility with other people in recovery. You’ll have a comfortable private or shared room and will focus your time each day on your healing and recovery. In our outpatient alcohol rehab for residents of Simi Valley, you will have more freedom to continue to work or go to your classes while fitting in treatment at suitable times, offering minimal disruption while also receiving the best possible care.

What to Expect During Rehab

Every one of our alcohol rehab programs for residents of Simi Valley is tailormade. According to the findings by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, personalizing addiction treatment is an important element of effective treatment. Our personalized alcohol addiction treatment plans will take into account everything that makes your situation unique, matching your program with your addiction recovery needs.

In our alcohol rehab for Simi Valley residents, you will receive help with your withdrawal symptoms in our alcohol detox program and once you’ve overcome your symptoms and you feel more like yourself again, then all of the focus can be placed on helping you through the causes of your addiction so that healing can follow.

We offer a combination of evidence-based behavioral therapies such as dialectic behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy with our holistic treatment programs. Holistic treatments include programs such as vocational training, life skills training, and experiential therapy. Whole-patient programs such as these are important to help a person as a whole, improving their quality of life and as a result, their recovery.

How Long is Alcohol Rehab?

Our alcohol rehab for Simi Valley residents lasts either one, two, or three months. These 30-, 60-, and 90-day alcohol rehab programs can be completed in either a residential or outpatient setting and are often best done as a combination of inpatient and outpatient programs. For example, a person may start their recovery from alcohol addiction in our 60-day inpatient alcohol rehab and then continue with their treatment in a 30-day outpatient program to have better support as they adjust to their life again.

30-Day Rehab

For our short-term alcohol rehab, we have a 30-day program. This short-term alcohol rehab program for residents of Simi Valley gives you an ideal way to receive effective treatment for addiction in the shortest period of time. You can still use aftercare programs after your rehab program is complete to help further support you in your recovery.

60-Day Rehab

A step above our short-term rehab program is our 60-day rehab for alcohol addiction. Our 60-day alcohol rehab for Simi Valley residents. It offers you more time in intensive treatment, either in an inpatient or outpatient setting, so that you can overcome your addiction causes, heal, and become motivated in your new, alcohol-free life.

90-Day Rehab

Our longest single alcohol rehab program is our 90-day rehab. This long-term alcohol rehab program for Simi Valley residents is an excellent way to overcome even the most severe alcohol addiction and build a new foundation for lasting sobriety. Whether in our inpatient or outpatient 90-day alcohol rehab program, you’ll have access to the best addiction treatment for alcohol use disorder.

Why Choose Muse for Alcohol Rehab?

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is a comprehensive addiction treatment center. What this means is that you can receive help for any element of addiction including treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders, long-term medically-assisted treatment (MAT), and cutting-edge treatments such as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).

Our alcohol addiction treatment center is Joint Commission accredited and we also take it a step further by being monitored by LegitScript – an organization that checks all prescription drug use in facilities such as rehabs.

Muse is not just a rehab center for alcohol addiction but also a place where you’ll find an abundance of support through caring staff members and through our recovery community. We emphasize this support because no one should have to go through addiction alone. We are here to help you overcome alcohol use disorder together.

Call Muse Treatment today so that we can give you more information on our alcohol rehab programs or if you would like to start your recovery journey with us now.

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