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Not everyone can take time away from their responsibilities even when it comes to receiving addiction treatment. When the need for professional treatment is clear but you’re unsure how you’ll fit in addiction treatment to your life, then an outpatient drug rehab program can be an ideal solution. It gives you the power to change your life through a range of evidence-based therapies and treatments without having to put everything in your life on hold.

For others, outpatient drug rehab can become an excellent way to continue with rehab while being able to readjust to mainstream life. Whatever the reason may be, our top-rated drug rehab in Southern California is one of the best ways to overcome drug addiction. Muse can provide you or someone you care about with an extensive and comprehensive range of addiction treatment services to bring about profound positive change.

If you are struggling with a drug abuse problem, then let Muse Treatment and Recovery Center help guide and support you through the recovery process. Our compassionate support coupled with our dedication to quality addiction treatment makes our outpatient drug rehab the best place to find professional help for substance use disorder.

Drug Rehab That Allows You to Still Go to Work & School

An attractive aspect of outpatient drug rehab is that it doesn’t require you to drop everything in your life just to get professional help. You can continue to go to classes or your job as you normally would while having access to our quality addiction treatment. This fact is why many people use outpatient rehab over inpatient rehab.

You’ll essentially fit your treatment in at times that best suit you such as after work or school, on weekends, before your classes or work, or at any time in the day that works for you. This level of autonomy can be helpful to fit treatment into your schedule.

Our outpatient rehab program for residents of Southern California can be an excellent primary or secondary treatment program. You can use it as the main way to overcome drug abuse or as a way to transition from inpatient treatment to your mainstream life while being able to receive our guidance and support.


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Benefits of Outpatient Drug Rehab

There are several benefits apart from the autonomy that outpatient drug rehab offers. For starters, outpatient rehab is more affordable than inpatient rehab because as it doesn’t require you to pay for housing and the high frequency of treatment that takes place in inpatient rehab. Muse strives to provide affordable addiction treatment so that it is accessible to everyone and our outpatient rehab can achieve that without losing the quality of the treatment.

Health insurance, especially ACA plans on the marketplace, usually has better coverage for outpatient rehab programs than inpatient programs. This will further help to reduce the cost of your outpatient rehab program as opposed to inpatient rehab. 

Being in our outpatient drug rehab for residents of Southern California allows you to put into practice what you learn and discover in treatment. You may realize triggers or situations that you didn’t consider in your everyday life that you can discuss in therapy, allowing for a more hands-on approach to recovery.

You will also have access to our welcoming sober living community that will provide you with support during your recovery. Support is an important part of addiction recovery and will be a crucial aspect of your long-term recovery after your rehab program is complete. Another aspect of the support that you can receive in our outpatient rehab is the support that you can receive from your family and friends since they will still be in your life as you work through your recovery. If you have a good support network at home, then outpatient rehab can be ideal.

What to Expect During Outpatient Rehab?

Our outpatient drug rehab program provides the same types of treatments as our inpatient program, the only real difference is the treatment setting and autonomy. You can expect to receive the best possible care for drug addiction as you progress through your personalized treatment plan. You’ll have goals to work toward as a part of your tailormade treatment plan and

Our outpatient rehab in Southern California can help you to manage the symptoms of withdrawal through our detox programs. If the symptoms are expected to be severe, then we offer partial hospitalization to help monitor your condition during detox.

At Muse, we treat the causes of addiction through holistic treatments and evidence-based behavioral therapy. These therapies and treatments play a crucial role in helping to bring about lasting changes and improving your overall quality of life through better coping skills, motivation, and addressing issues that may be preventing you from reaching long-term sobriety.

How Long Does Outpatient Rehab Southern California Last With Muse?

The length of your outpatient rehab is based on your recovery needs and your situation, matching what you need with the correct treatment length. We offer 30-, 60-, and 90-day outpatient drug rehab programs, and these short- and long-term solutions will help to give you enough time to overcome your substance addiction. Three months in rehab and aftercare programs tend to be the minimum suggested time.

Why Choose Muse?

Our outpatient rehab program is accredited by The Joint Commission thanks to the high level of care that we offer for drug and alcohol addiction. The medications that are used in our treatment programs are further monitored by LegitScript so that their use is always safe and properly managed. At Muse, we understand what it’s like to be trapped by addiction and that support will help you to go through the changes required to beat addiction.

Muse Treatment is committed to helping you surmount the obstacles of long-term recovery. Our outpatient rehab in Southern California is your ideal solution to addiction treatment with a level of autonomy to allow you to deal with your responsibilities.


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