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Drug and alcohol addiction recovery is not a short-term issue but rather something that may require some time to properly overcome. This doesn’t mean that treatment isn’t effective but rather that there is no quick fix for addiction. The first year of recovery from addiction is also the time when most relapses occur. Long-term support and guidance during this time can be crucial to help sustain recovery.

Our sober living for residents of Southern California helps to bridge the gap between intensive addiction treatment at rehab and the return to mainstream life. Sober living homes are essentially housing programs designed to help recovering people get back on their feet and establish healthy patterns following rehab to prevent relapse and old patterns of behavior from returning.

It can be difficult to fully embrace a new way of life after rehab when faced with many of the same situations in your life. While rehab teaches you how to deal with these factors, the 40 to 60 percent relapse rates in the first year indicate that additional assistance during the transitional period after rehab can be extremely beneficial. Our sober living housing programs for residents of Southern California can help you to land on your feet and give you the chance to properly adjust to a drug- and alcohol-free way of life while being guided and supported.

Benefits of Sober Living with Muse

The main benefit of sober living homes is the assistance that you can get to sustain your recovery after rehab so that you can create a life free from substance abuse. It helps to keep you on track with your recovery by requiring that you follow your relapse prevention strategies and offers enough support and guidance so that you can work through your transition to mainstream life in a safe space.

One of the benefits of living in a sober home is that you will be able to regain a sense of independence because you’ll be more in control of your daily life such as preparing meals, shopping, and the things you do during the day such as going to work or looking for a new job. This can be empowering for someone who has been in an inpatient rehab program and can help to motivate lasting recovery.

It’s likely that many people that you interacted with as friends will no longer be a part of your life because they may not be supportive of your choice to quit drugs or alcohol and are themselves still abusing substances. Our sober living home for residents of Southern California can give you a chance to make new friends and meaningful relationships that help to support the new life that you are building. You share similar experiences and goals with the people in the sober living home so forming a connection can be much easier.

Our sober living for residents of Southern California requires you to actively focus on your recovery such as by going to 12-step support groups. This enforced addiction maintenance can be very helpful to not neglect the strategies and methods of effectively managing your addiction, helping to prevent relapse and achieve long-term sobriety.

If your home life is not ideal for your recovery, then sober living homes can give you a safe space to establish your new life. It can be nurturing as you are surrounded by supportive people that can help you to create the kind of life that you want and it is removed from the negative influences that may still be in your normal home life.

Why Choose Muse for Sober Living in Southern California

Muse is a top-rated addiction treatment center for residents of Southern California. Our accreditation and LegitScript monitoring help to assure our clients of the quality addiction treatment that we offer that is safe and effective. This high level of care extends to our sober living homes and the dedication that our team has for helping you to achieve lasting recovery from addiction.

You can expect to be guided along every step of your recovery and when you are struggling with something, you’ll have access to help that will get you back on track with your sobriety goals. Our sober living homes for residents of Southern California are structured environments to the extent that every person is expected to do chores, do constructive things through the day to advance their life such as work or school, and rules that help to ensure that you are actively taking part in your recovery such as going to support group meetings regularly.

Muse takes a compassionate approach to recovery from addiction and the sense of family and community extends to our sober living homes. Muse Treatment can help you to sustain your recovery in our sober living homes for residents of Southern California.

Women’s Sober Living in Southern California

In an effort to make each person in our sober living homes feel comfortable so that they can focus on their recovery, we offer women’s sober living for residents of Southern California. As a woman over 18, that’s completed a rehab program, you’ll be eligible to stay in our women’s sober living homes. Our staff members are accommodating of any of the common issues that women in recovery face such as working through trauma.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call Muse Treatment Center today. Our expert addiction specialists are standing by ready to speak confidentially with you. Call (800) 426-1818 today.

Men’s Sober Living in Southern California

Our men’s sober living for residents of Southern California provides the ideal space for men over the age of 18 to receive recovery support after rehab. You’ll have the chance to make meaningful friendships with people who share similar experiences and goals. Our team is equipped to accommodate the needs of men in recovery including any potential mental health disorder that they are healing from.

Get help through our sober living homes for residents of Southern California. Muse Treatment and Recovery Center will help to guide you to the life that you want for yourself, helping you to prevent relapse and sustain your addiction recovery.

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