Top-Rated Residential Drug Rehab Program for Residents of Thousand Oaks

Stopping the abuse of drugs is often harder when the situations you’re in and the people in your life cause drug abuse triggers. Peer pressure, stressful situations, and certain environments can make not taking drugs difficult. However, through an inpatient drug rehab, you can be in an environment that is free of drugs and negative influences, giving you a chance to change your behaviors, thinking, your coping skills to avoid relapse.

Our top-rated residential drug rehab program for residents of Thousand Oaks caters perfectly to the needs of recovering people. It is the most intensive form of treatment with the added benefit of being away from outside influences during the crucial early stages of recovery. Through our residential drug rehab for people living in Thousand Oaks, you can have the best chance to have lasting sobriety.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center, with our interdisciplinary approach, is a comprehensive program to treat drug addiction. From the early stages of detox to the core therapies and aftercare programs, Muse provides you with the best-known ways to overcome drug addiction.

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What Is Inpatient Rehab?

Two main forms of addiction treatment exist. The first is outpatient rehab where you’ll only visit the rehab at specific times when you have appointments with healthcare professionals to receive the various treatments involved in addiction recovery. An inpatient or residential rehab will allow you to instead stay at the rehab facility in a private or shared room so that every day can be focused on treatment and recovery.

Living at the rehab for the duration of your treatment program and having ample time each day to work on your healing and recovery makes inpatient rehab the most intensive form of treatment, thus offering the best chances at a lasting recovery from drug addiction.

One of the biggest benefits apart from the intensity of a residential rehab program is that you won’t have to constantly deal with triggers as you would in your normal life from friends, situations, or simply being near a place where you used to use or buy drugs. This advantage, especially during early recovery, is significant.

Our inpatient drug rehab for Thousand Oaks residents also gives you a chance to be supported by people who want to see you achieve sobriety. Our staff members and healthcare professionals are sympathetic and compassionate. They will support you through your recovery and together with your peers who are going through similar situations, you will feel supported and cared for during these important early stages of recovery.

What is Inpatient Drug Rehab Like?

Inpatient drug rehab at Muse Treatment is like being in a healing environment where everything is there to help with your recovery from drug addiction. You will feel comfortable in the family-like setting and any stress or anxiety that you might feel prior to getting professional help will quickly fade. Our drug rehab for residents of Thousand Oaks is a welcomed rest from the problems that you’ve likely been dealing with because of drug abuse.

Muse’s residential drug rehab is a structured environment. Structure in your day-to-day life may have been lacking during your drug abuse because so much of your time and energy was focused on getting drugs, using them, and then recovering from the aftereffects. Having structure back in your life can be comforting and can give you a sense of direction as you focus your energy on healing your mind, body, and spirit.

The evidence-based behavioral therapy that much of your time will be focused on will take place in a one-on-one setting with your healthcare professional and as part of a group led by one or more healthcare professionals. Both settings have their advantages that help you to recover such as being in a safe space to share personal details about your life in private therapy or being able to learn from your peers in group therapy.

What to Expect During Residential Rehab?

The residential drug rehab program that we offer to residents of Thousand Oaks incorporates evidence-based therapies, drug detox programs, and treatments that serve to treat you as a whole. A comprehensive strategy for drug addiction treatment yields the best results because several areas in your life may be working against long-term sobriety that can be improved during our rehab program.

The first part of your inpatient drug rehab program for residents of Thousand Oaks is our medical detox program. Medical detox is a program where your detox is monitored round-the-clock by healthcare professionals to make sure that you recover safely. The program also provides a way to deal with withdrawal symptoms which can be intense usually. Through medications to counteract your symptoms and help you to wean off a drug safely, the usual withdrawal symptoms can be effectively controlled and managed so that you are comfortable throughout detox.

Interpersonal therapy, trauma-focused therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy are among the treatments that you’ll be involved with. These evidence-based treatments create the core of your treatment program and will facilitate positive change. Holistic treatments such as neuro-rehabilitation further help you to heal mentally and spiritually so that the foundation for long-term sobriety can be established.

How Long Does Inpatient Rehab Thousand Oaks Last?

Our residential rehab for Thousand Oaks residents is available in 30-, 60-, and 90-day programs. An effective combination of programs is often combining a 30- to 90-day inpatient rehab program with a 30 to 90-day outpatient program and then using aftercare services for the months that follow your rehab programs.

Why Choose Muse for Residential Drug Rehab?

If you need help for drug addiction and want a rehab that has all of the evidence-based and whole-patient treatments that you need to be able to reach long-term sobriety, then Muse Treatment is your best option. Our drug addiction treatment services are of the highest quality, reinforced by the Gold Seal of Approval that we’ve been awarded by The Joint Commission.

At Muse, we care about your wellbeing and our only priority is to help you to get to a drug-free, sustainable life where you can feel fulfilled. Call us now to discuss receiving treatment for drug addiction. 

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