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An addiction to alcohol and drugs is considered to be a mental health disorder and is therefore categorized in the DSM-V manual for all mental health disorders. While addiction doesn’t have a cure, there are highly effective methods of managing the disease, much like diabetes and hypertension. A key component of maintaining long-term addiction recovery is aftercare services such as sober living homes.

Our sober living for residents of Thousand Oaks is a perfect way to continue your supported recovery after drug and alcohol rehab. A sober living home is a place where you can live for several weeks or months after rehab. The home will have its own set of rules such as chores to be done, curfews, and attendance of 12-step support group meetings.

A sober living home essentially provides you a platform for you to build on recovery. This transitional support can make going from rehab where all or most of your time was dedicated to recovery back to mainstream life much easier. You can still be guided and have support from your peers in the sober living home as well as our compassionate staff members.

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Benefits of Sober Living with Muse

One of the most important advantages of sober living with Muse for residents of Thousand Oaks is the assistance that you can gain to prevent relapse and maintain your recovery. It’s easy to become complacent or simply neglect the relapse prevention strategies established in rehab once you return to your normal life. With our sober living homes, you will be in an environment that is geared toward your recovery that ensures you are maintaining your sobriety.

Making new friends that support your new sober goals is often required during your recovery since your old social circle still abuses drugs or alcohol. A sober living home is an excellent place to be among similar-minded people with whom you can share experiences, and create a platform for friendship to flourish. You won’t feel lonely because there are people around you that have a shared common goal and likely many similarities to you. 

If you’ve been in an inpatient program at Muse and then transitioned to our sober living home, then you will feel a sense of independence again. You will be largely in control of planning your days. You can go to job interviews, go to work, and do things like shop for food and fun, sober activities. This new-found sense of independence can be an empowering feeling in early recovery.

Our sober living for Thousand Oaks residents is an aftercare service that we provide that helps to guide you through your early recovery after rehab. The level of support and guidance that you receive allows for room for your independence so that you can get all of the important things in your life such as work or school straightened out before returning to your normal home life. Sober living homes are a great asset for long-term recovery and maintaining sobriety in the very important first year of recovery after professional treatment at rehab.

Why Choose Muse for Sober Living for Thousand Oaks Residents?

Muse Treatment is a top-rated addiction treatment facility for Thousand Oaks residents. The effectiveness of our treatments is not just tied to our high-quality therapies and treatments during rehab, but it extends to our aftercare services. Muse Treatment provides you with recovery help during every step of your journey from the moment you start your recovery to the weeks and months that follow rehab.

We are fully accredited by The Joint Commission who has awarded Muse with their Gold Seal of Approval. Our medically-assisted treatment (MAT) is LegitScript monitored. MAT is a long-term treatment solution for substance addiction such as alcohol or opioids and requires that you continue to use therapy alongside the medications provided. This program can continue as you live in a sober living home.

Women's Sober Living for Thousand Oaks Residents

The clean and comfortable living space of our women’s sober living for Thousand Oaks residents for women over 18 is a perfect place to live while you adjust to your mainstream life again. The home’s rules and guidelines are aimed at helping to promote your sobriety by keeping you consistent with your addiction maintenance. This includes regular chores and attending support group meetings.

You are also rewarded for completing your chores and maintaining your recovery plan by getting time off chores and other advantages such as free time to visit your friends or family. The structure of the environment can help you to build healthy patterns again and move toward some of your goals such as finding and maintaining a new job. 

Our staff members are sensitive to the various needs that our clients have in our women’s sober living for residents of Thousand Oaks. If you have an eating disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, or any other mental health disorder that you’re receiving treatment for, then you can rest assured that you’ll feel comfortable and safe within the walls of the sober living home.

Men's Sober Living for Thousand Oaks Residents

Our men’s sober living for residents of Thousand Oaks can provide you with a place to call home during the weeks and months after rehab. You’ll be surrounded by your peers that have been through similar situations and with shared goals, and our staff members that offer support during this time. We are equipped to accommodate people in recovery who are recovering from mental health disorders alongside their addiction so that you can feel comfortable with who you are and what you’re going through.

Our sober living home for men is a perfect place to help you to establish healthy habits that will help you to maintain sobriety in the years to come. It provides you a platform where you can be surrounded by like-minded people that are working toward the same goal which is long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Reach out to Muse Treatment today to find out about our sober living homes from men and women. We are eager to help you with transitional support so that you can create a sustainable life where your future can flourish.

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