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Life in recovery after the successful completion of a rehab treatment program doesn’t always mean that you’re completely ready to go back to living in your old community. Some people who graduate from various types of rehab programs need to take a transitional step forward before returning home, where temptations to relapse may become overwhelming at first.

Muse Treatment offers sober living housing programs to residents of Woodland who need a safe space to reside while they’re in the early stages of recovery.

Residents of Woodland can take advantage of Muse’s sober living programs, located in a number of convenient communities around the greater Los Angeles area. Our sober living residences are situated a short distance from many cultural sites, beautiful beaches and plenty of sober attractions that are fun, exciting or relaxing to visit.

Our sober living homes provide you with a group living experience, where you’ll share a room with others who have been through similar experiences as you have and also need additional support in recovery from a substance use disorder or a co-occurring mental health disorder. 

Sober living housing with Muse has amenities that include televisions, full kitchens and areas for doing laundry. Learning how to live independently again after residential treatment at Muse requires some re-training and responsibilities that will be important to life in recovery once you are finally out on your own and ready to live an independent life of sobriety. 

Most sober living homes have house rules that you must abide by if you wish to continue living there. Our sober living housing programs at Muse require your attendance at weekly house meetings and random weekly urinalysis tests, for instance.

Other typical rules for these types of home for sober living often consist of mandatory 12-Step meetings in addition to house meetings. No drugs or alcohol may be in your possession at any time. 

You’ll also have some basic responsibilities that must be completed, including those associated with the home’s common areas. A nightly curfew must also be respected. 

If you break the house rules, you may be asked to leave, so doing all that’s expected of you is important.

Benefits of Sober Living with Muse

Residing in a Muse sober living house comes with a variety of benefits that will help keep you healthy and substance-free. It’s highly advisable to transition to a sober living housing program for Woodland residents if you feel that returning straight home after rehab might put you on shaky ground. Our counselors can help you sort out these personal decisions.

You’ll be able to find a supportive, caring community in sober living housing. Support groups and counselors are there with you to provide daily guidance and advice when you feel unsure about the future or feel tempted to use again. You’ll connect with others and hopefully form some lifelong friendships that will serve you well in recovery for the long term. Most importantly, you’ll be able to maintain your recovery from addiction.

A struggle with sobriety may continue to exist, even while in a sober living environment. Sometimes a rehab stay isn’t long enough or intense enough to help you leave substances behind for the long haul. Because you’d be living among professionals and others who fully understand what you’re going through, it’s okay to ask for help whenever you need it. There’s no shame in saying you need some support, because we all know that the recovery process can be a tightrope walk at times.  

Mental health clinicians and addiction specialists from Muse Treatment provide daily guidance and support to our sober living residents. We help each client remain within the guidelines of their recovery plans while providing an appropriate level of care for those with co-existing disorders. If our staff determines that a sober living program is not the correct environment for any individual, we will consult with family members, spouses and loved ones, and mental health clinicians to find the level of care that’s best for remaining successfully in recovery.

Our addiction treatment center programs give you plenty of healthy activities to engage in, either at home or at nearby attractions in the area. Things like hiking, surfing, golfing, going to art exhibits and taking in a movie keep you focused, whether it’s a new skill you’re learning or because you’re having so much fun without the need for substances.

Sober living homes also give you a chance to help others through volunteering. You can convey so much of your experience to assist others at recovery groups, such as Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous. 

Also, if you are dealing with ongoing legal issues related to substances or other matters, our staff can provide the court, attorneys and other legal organizations any necessary progress reports required. 


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Why Choose Muse for Sober Living Woodland?

Muse offers sober living for residents in Woodland that’s personalized to suit your individual needs in a safe, homey environment. You’ll be able to discover and develop new social networks through sober living that will support you for the long term, even after you leave us.

At our sober living homes, you’ll get the support you need for your ongoing mental, physical and emotional health. With the appropriate level of care and treatment we can offer on-site, we can help you sustain your sobriety for the long term and avoid relapse once you’re back home.

Our team will see that you get on the right path to sober living, with responsibilities and rules that will serve you well for a lifetime of recovery.

Women's Sober Living | Woodland

Substance abuse disorders, especially when paired with co-occurring mental health issues, can make some women feel especially dispirited.  Even after completing an addiction rehab program, it may not yet feel right or safe to return home, where demands may be overwhelming and triggers to use again exist for a relapse to occur. 

The Muse Los Angeles Women’s Sober Living Homes provide a welcoming environment where understanding and compassion help you grow to go on and live successfully in recovery. 

These sober living homes are available to women who are 18 years old and older. Our clinical team is prepared to address some challenges that are often unique to females, such as sexual trauma, eating disorders and other dual diagnoses that co-occur with addiction.

Our women’s sober living homes are located close to colleges, entertainment venues and transportation hubs in the greater Los Angeles area.


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Men's Sober Living | Woodland

At Muse Los Angeles Sober Living Homes for Men, we know that change and recovery are powerful life forces for good. If you can commit to changing your lifestyle for good, regardless of your past history of substance abuse, we are here for you.

Our men’s sober living homes are open to men aged 18 and up who are suffering from substance use disorder and/or a dual diagnosis of a co-existing mental health issue, such as depression, PTSD or bipolar disorder. Homes have two or three beds to a room, with televisions, kitchens and laundry facilities on site.

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