March 6, 2019

Medication Assisted Treatment: Everything You Need to Know About MAT

Are you considering medication assisted treatment for your addiction? Read on to learn everything you need to know about groundbreaking MAT therapy treatment options. The most recent data reveals that in the U.S., almost 22 deaths per 100,000 people are from a drug overdose. That’s over 70,000 needless deaths per year! Alcohol and opioid addiction […]

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November 30, 2018

Don’t Go Cold Turkey: The Dangers of Xanax Withdrawal

It can be dangerous to stop taking Xanax without medical supervision. Find out about Xanax withdrawal and how our Los Angeles Xanax rehab program can help you quit safely. Xanax is one of the most widely prescribed medications for anxiety and panic disorders. Along with other similar drugs, this benzodiazepine claims millions of lives every […]

Addiction, Detox, Drug Addiction, Drug Detox, Drug Rehab, Los Angeles, Recovery, Rehab, Treatment, Withdrawal, Xanax Addiction, Xanax Rehab
September 20, 2018

10 Foods That Help with Opiate Withdrawal

Detoxing from opiates requires an integrative approach. That’s why diet plays such a vital role. Here are 10 important foods that help with opiate withdrawal. Let’s face it: detoxing from opiates is not an easy undertaking, and that’s no secret. If you’re ready to head into a detox and cut off your dependence on opiates, […]

Addiction, Detox, Drug Addiction, Drug Detox, Opiate Addiction, Opiate Rehab, Recovery, Rehab, Withdrawal
August 2, 2018

Meth Withdrawal Timeline and Tips

Coping with Methampthetamine (aka Crystal Meth) withdrawal symptoms can be difficult to tackle. Here you’ll find a rough methamphetamine withdrawal timeline along with tips to help manage the process. Meth withdrawal can be an extremely difficult process, regardless of how often you may have used. Of all regular meth users trying to come clean, a […]

Addiction, Detox, Drug Addiction, Drug Detox, Meth Addiction, Meth Rehab, Recovery, Withdrawal
July 2, 2018

Is Alcohol a Drug? Understanding Alcoholism

If you asked people to list the most common drugs, very few of them would mention alcohol. But is alcohol a drug? And it is any different to drugs when it comes to addiction? While we often hear about the dangers of drugs, we don’t always include alcohol in the conversation. After all, alcohol is […]

Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Withdrawal
April 6, 2018

How Do Xanax Bars Affect Your Body?

Xanax bars are a potent and commonly prescribed medication for anxiety and depressive disorders. But what do they do to your body? Are they dangerous? Here’s your guide. Are you concerned about the side effects of taking Xanax bars? If you are suffering from anxiety you will benefit from proper usage of Xanax. However, when […]

Benzodiazepine Addiction, Withdrawal, Xanax Addiction
March 2, 2018

The Facts About Dilaudid Addiction

Worried that you or someone you know could be dealing with Dilaudid addiction? Click here to learn more about the signs, symptoms, and treatment options. More than 115 Americans die from an opioid overdose every day. And Dilaudid addiction is a key contributor to this epidemic. The brand name of a drug called hydromorphone, Dilaudid is […]

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