September 12, 2017

How to Make Sober Friends After Recovery

One of the biggest hurdles to recovery is surrounding yourself with the right people. Here’s how to make sober friends that support your new life.

Are you recovering from an addiction and wondering how to start rebuilding your life?

One of the best ways to heal and help yourself is to surround yourself with friends who support you. After all, friendship is the salt of life.

In order to do that you must clear out old friends who no longer support you and make new ones who do.

This article will give you 8 tips on making sober friends after recovery so you can start living your best, substance-free, life.

1) Turn to the Web

We live in a digital world and one of the best ways to make friends is on the world wide web. Try to find groups near you that share your interests.

Meetup has groups for any possible interest from cooking to yoga to backpacking to old films. If you have a hobby you love but don’t know a single person who also loves it, turn to Meetup and find a pre-made group of people who love doing what you love doing!

Meetup also has “sober” and “sobriety” groups for people who don’t drink alcohol/partake in drugs.

If you can’t find a Meetup group that fits your interest, make one! One of the best ways to make sober friends is by doing what you love to do. Once you start living out your own interests, friends will come naturally.

2) Rekindle With Old Friends

There is a chance that you fell out of touch with some of your friends while you were dealing with your addiction. If this is the case, reach out to them again. Invite them to spend time with you.

Take notice to how they react to you getting sober.

Are they happy for you?

Do they seem supportive of you and your recovery?

If so, those old friendships might be worth rekindling. However, if your old friends are constantly bringing up painful memories of you and pointing out times during your addiction when you made mistakes, it isn’t worth it to bring them back into your life.

3) Attend Recovery Meetings

Some of your best sober friends can be found in people who are also on the road to recovery.

Don’t resist attending recovery meetings because you think you can manage on your own. Recovery meetings give you a support group of people who know exactly what you’re going through.

Meetings are led by professionals who can give you the tools you need to recover properly.

4) Take Classes

Occupy your brain by filling it with new knowledge.

Sign up for a class in a subject you’ve always wanted to know more about. Not only will this give you personal fulfillment, but you’ll also make friends there.

You can find classes at your local community college or library.

Your new sober friends can double as study partners. Together you can learn a new subject and make your life better.

Besides, some of the best friendships are made over the bond of disliking a teacher.

5) Practice Your Religion

Organized religion is one of the best ways to meet friends who look at life the same way you do.

No matter what your religion is, there are likely weekly gatherings or prayer sessions you can attend.

Practicing your religion through prayer and meditation will connect you with your spiritual side. You will make friends who can help you with your faith, and together you can pray and fight your way through recovery.

6) Take Up A Side Gig

If you’re already working 9-5 that’s ok. There’s still time for some side work.

With the “sharing economy” in full swing, there is always work to be done.

Love dogs? Download apps such as “Wag” or “Rover” where people pay you to walk and take care of their furry friends.

Have a knack for tools? Apps like “TaskRabbit” allow you to work odd jobs fixing things in people’s houses.

This side work will keep you busy, clean, and constantly meeting people. Sure, the point of these apps isn’t to make friends, but who doesn’t love a guy/gal who treats their dog well?

Whenever you put yourself around other people often enough, friendships will bloom.

7) Check Your Social Media

It’s extremely likely you have hundreds of friends on Facebook and hundreds of followers on Instagram that you never even speak to.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

More often than not, the people we are afraid to reach out to are just as willing to make friends as we are. People like people who are interested in them – so reach out to your Facebook or Instagram friends that interest you.

Tell the girl with great eyebrows that she has great eyebrows and ask her where she gets them done. Maybe this will spark a lifelong friendship or maybe it won’t, but it will spark a connection and make you both feel good.

Utilize the friends you already have on social media and see if you can turn them into real life bonafide friendships. Some of them may just surprise you.

8) Be Patient

If you’re truly putting yourself out there and trying to make friendships happen, they will happen. It’s inevitable. Human beings are social creatures and relationships will form.

It’s important that you know that this may not happen overnight. It may take a series of shallow friendships before you find one solid friend.

Don’t get discouraged and know that your people are out there.

Get Out There and Make Some Sober Friends…

We hope this guide gave you some inspiration on how to make friends during recovery.

Remember, at this time in your life, quality is more important than quantity.

You want friends who are going to celebrate your achievements and understand that what you’re going through is difficult. Anyone who tries to derail your efforts or push you back towards your addiction is no friend of yours.

Socialize liberally! But be cautious with who you let into your inner circle.

If you have any questions about this article or want to contact us in any way, please do so here.

We here at Muse Treatment are rooting for you!

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