What Is Humana Insurance and How Does It Work?

Humana Insurance is one of the largest American health insurance companies, with over 13 million clients, offering a wide array of specific insurance plans to choose from. Each policy has its own benefits, so it is important to consider carefully when choosing the right insurance plan for you and your family. When it comes to treating substance use disorders, most Humana plans will cover at least a portion of the cost. You can verify your addiction treatment coverage anytime by calling the Muse Treatment Center at 800-426-1818. Our addiction rehab center offers inpatient and outpatient options, many of which may be covered by your Humana Insurance plan.

What Are Humana’s Types of Plans?

Humana has many different types of plans available to choose from. The most common types are PPO (preferred provider organizations), a flexible form of coverage that does not require you to get a referral for services so you can use your coverage when needed. For addiction, that means you can determine when it is time to get help, and your insurance plan will kick in when you begin.

Another common type of insurance is the HMO (health maintenance organization). In an HMO, you must choose a primary care physician and rehab facilities that are in-network with Humana. Humana also has military insurance plans that are in partnership with the Department of Defense, and you can find additional plans that cover a variety of medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and vision needs. Each plan differs depending on the state you are in and your unique details.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facilities That May Accept Humana

Muse Treatment Center is a comprehensive rehab facility that may accept your Humana insurance. We offer integrated mental health services and substance use disorder treatments in a holistic program that is customized to your needs.

From detox through inpatient and outpatient rehab and beyond, you will have full support from your peers and professionals in the form of behavioral therapy, health care, medication, group therapy, educational programs, dual diagnosis, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), relapse prevention programming, case management services and much more. We integrate family and community into your treatment, helping you rebuild relationships for a strong support network.

When you choose Muse Treatment Center, you access a safe, accredited, and stable environment where you can heal the body, mind, and spirit. Please call us today at 800-426-1818 to learn more about how we can help you achieve long-lasting recovery.

Does Humana Insurance Cover Alcohol & Drug Rehab Treatment?

Insurance companies must legally categorize alcohol and drug rehab treatment as essential health care, likely covering some or all of your detox and rehab care. Your individual level of coverage will depend on the specific details of your insurance plan and what your healthcare professionals have deemed to be an appropriate course of treatment for your unique needs. Most plans will offer at least some coverage for inpatient medical detox, residential rehab, outpatient treatment, and certain aftercare programs. Humana also has the option to pay into additional alcohol and drug rehab coverage to increase the level of financial support you will receive.

How to Check Your Humana Insurance Coverage

If you have a policy with Humana Insurance but are unsure whether it will cover your time in rehab for drug and alcohol use disorder, it is easy to check your coverage. You can log into your online profile on the Humana website and browse through the full details of your insurance plan. If this is not an option for you, or if you have further questions regarding your coverage, you may call a Humana Insurance representative. They are available to help you understand what insurance will and will not cover and provide any copay or deductible information you may need.

Another option is to speak to somebody at Muse directly. Our team is well-versed in insurance as it pertains to addiction treatment. Through a confidential conversation, we can answer your questions and shed some light on your insurance plan so you can make an informed decision regarding treatment and payments.

What Does Humana Insurance Cover?

A wide variety of different insurance plans fall under the umbrella of Humana Insurance. Each policy varies depending on your specific details. Regarding drug and alcohol detox and rehab services, most insurance plans offer full or partial coverage for evaluations, diagnosis, prescription medications, and different types of therapy on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

Does Humana Insurance Cover Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment?

Humana Insurance recognizes that mental health and substance abuse are interconnected issues that must be treated concurrently. Co-occurring disorders are best treated simultaneously and placed within an integrated healing environment. Some patients will be prescribed psychiatric medications, while others may benefit from specific types of therapy. Depending on your insurance plan, your coverage may include diagnosis, assessment, and therapies to help you recover.

Does Humana Insurance Cover Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

Inpatient rehab can be a short-term or long-term treatment program that takes place as you live within a safe and sober rehab center 24 hours a day. It is often recommended for those with co-occurring mental health disorders or for those with more serious addictions, as there is 24-hour medical supervision available. Inpatient treatment plans are intensive and thorough, helping patients shift their perspective, control their lives, adopt new healthy habits, and work hard toward long-lasting recovery. If your physician determines that inpatient rehab is the best level of care for your needs, some or all of your program will be paid for by Humana Insurance. It is important to note that Humana will not pay for luxury drug rehab programs. Rather, your coverage will be provided for treatment centers that utilize evidence-based care and scientifically proven methods.

Does Humana Insurance Cover Intensive Outpatient Alcohol & Drug Rehab?

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are very popular addiction treatment plans because of their flexibility. They are often a few hours per day, three to five days per week of therapy, support groups, medical check-ups, and recovery-forward programming. IOPs are provided on a schedule that allows patients to participate in part-time or full-time work or school. Medications prescribed during your IOP will most likely be covered by Humana Insurance. The treatment level paid for by your health insurance will depend on your insurance plan.

Does Humana Insurance Cover Partial Hospitalization?

Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) are also sometimes known as day programs, in which a patient will spend the full day within a treatment center, receiving the same type of programming as inpatient rehab. Many PHP patients also use a medication-assisted treatment plan (MAT), offering FDA-approved prescription medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and smooth recovery. The partial hospitalization program is an outpatient treatment plan; you return home in the evening. Your individual coverage of the medications and therapies provided will determine how much of your PHP is covered.

How Long Will Humana Insurance Cover Alcohol & Drug Rehab?

Humana has a number of deductibles to pay, depending on the length of time you will be in rehab. Some rehab programs are short-term, while others may last for 90 days or longer. Humana coverage may be offered for a maximum of 90 days, but there are “lifetime reserve days” that you can access if it is deemed necessary for you to continue to receive treatment beyond that timeline. Each person’s recovery process is unique, so it is important to ensure we are basing your treatment plan on your health and wellness needs, not on insurance. Humana is flexible, allowing you to continue receiving the care you need for as long as you need, aiding in your likelihood of achieving long-term sobriety after rehab.

Humana Insurance May Offer Treatment Coverage for the Following Addictions:

Along with alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, and meth addiction, some other addictions your Humana health insurance may cover include:  

Drug addiction

Heroin addiction

Xanax addiction 

Ativan addiction

Ambien addiction

What are the Options if Humana Insurance Does Not Cover the Cost of Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

There are some cases in which a person’s Humana Insurance plan does not cover the full extent of treatments that have been recommended in rehab. If your insurance is applied to your program and some of the cost is not covered, you still have some options. Some people have savings they can use or are able to borrow from a loved one, but not everybody has these options in their lives. Depending on the treatment center you choose, you may be able to ask about payment plan options or find a way to get the treatment you need that suits your lifestyle and your current financial needs.

There is always something that can be done, so if your insurance does not cover the full cost of your treatment at Muse, do not give up. Please call us at 800-426-1818 and we will work with you to find the best way to ensure you get the essential health care you need through a customized rehab program.

Verify Your Insurance With Us

It is easy to verify your Humana insurance coverage with us at Muse. All you need to do is call our team at 800-426-1818. Our experts on addiction are ready now to have a confidential, helpful conversation with you about the levels of care, types of treatment, and programs we offer while going over what your particular insurance plan will or will not cover. We may be able to give you a general idea about how much you may need to pay out-of-pocket for your treatment or let you know if you must first meet a deductible or pay a copay amount before your insurance plan kicks in. No matter what your individual circumstances are, there is a way that we can make this work, and we will do all we can to ensure you get the health care you need through a comprehensive addiction treatment plan. If you cannot call, you can verify your insurance by filling out our helpful form on our website, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Next Steps with Insurance Coverage for Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment with Muse Treatment

At Muse Treatment Center, we are dedicated to helping each of our clients get started on their own personal road to recovery through personalized treatment plans. With our comprehensive care that includes inpatient detox, rehab, and outpatient treatment programs, we help each patient individually, including your health needs, personal recovery goals, and budget.

We are a trustworthy rehab center, accredited by the Joint Commission and monitored by LegitScript, providing transparent holistic programming that incorporates behavioral therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy with group and family therapy, educational programs, health care, dual diagnosis, support group integration, stress reduction techniques, and much more. You will learn relapse prevention skills, heal underlying emotional pain, and get to the root of your addiction. For those who have an opioid use disorder, we offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) plans.

Whether your doctor recommends long-term inpatient care with integrated mental health treatments, or a more flexible outpatient program that allows you to continue working as you receive treatment, our team is here to help you now. Even if you are not ready to commit to addiction treatment at the moment, if you have questions about rehab or insurance coverage, please call us today at 800-426-1818. We are happy to help you work toward achieving a long-lasting recovery in a tailored and affordable plan that suits your needs.


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