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Muse Medication Assisted Treatment Programs in Los Angeles, California are designed to ease the detox and recovery processes when rehabilitating from addiction. From opioid treatment and anxiety medications to pain management and ADHD, there are a host of effective, medically prescribed pharmaceutical drugs that can be utilized during and beyond recovery to help keep our clients living a life free from substance abuse.

Medication Assisted Treatment for opioid addiction utilizes buprenorphine based medications including:

  • Suboxone
  • Subutex

Buprenorphine is a valuable medication used in the treatment of withdrawal symptoms associated with opioids, such as prescription painkillers and heroin. These symptoms, which can include headaches, nausea, muscle aches, and excessive sweating, can be significantly alleviated through the use of opioid treatment drugs like Suboxone. In our medication-assisted treatment program, which combines the careful administration of buprenorphine with traditional rehabilitation therapy methods, individuals can expect a smoother and more comfortable detox process. The pain and discomfort typically associated with opiate detox can be a significant trigger for relapse. By incorporating drugs like Suboxone into our medication-assisted treatment, we provide individuals with a higher likelihood of achieving long-lasting recovery. If you or a loved one is seeking help with alcohol detox in Los Angeles, we offer comprehensive support and care to facilitate a safe and successful recovery journey.

Medication Assisted Treatment for anxiety utilizes benzodiazepine based medications including:

  • Xanax
  • Valium
  • Ativan
  • Klonopin / Clonazepam
  • Dalmane (sedative used to treat insomnia)

Medication assisted treatment for anxiety is designed for individuals suffering from anxiety disorders or panic attacks, and it allows for more effective therapy, as well as improved rest and stress levels. Relieving anxiety through the carefully monitored use of anti anxiety medications is a proven method in strengthening the effectiveness of rehab treatment for eligible individuals.  Short term use of anti anxiety medications, while under careful clinical supervision, can be extremely effective in treating addiction during the rehab process.  It is important to note that many anti anxiety drugs carry an inherent risk of addiction and so it is vital that they be used in a clinical setting while being carefully overseen by addiction treatment professionals.


Permissive Rehabilitation at Muse:

Muse is a permissive rehab in Los Angeles, California that welcomes individuals looking to maintain their physician prescribed medication(s) use while attending rehab for addiction to illicit substances.  We understand that individuals suffering from ADD/ADHD, narcolepsy, and eating disorders may require pharmaceutical stimulant based medications during and after the addiction recovery process.  Prescribed stimulant based medications that are permitted for eligible attendees may include:

  • Vyvanse
  • Ritalin
  • Strattera
  • Adderall
  • Concerta

As a permissive LA addiction treatment provider, Muse understands that prescribed medications may be essential in maintaining healthy levels of focus and well-being during treatment, for certain individuals.  If you have questions about the use of any specific prescribed medications while attending treatment for addiction, please feel free to contact us using the form below or give us a call at 800-426-1818 to learn about our drug rehab near Beverly Hills.

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