Deanna Vanlue

Deanna has been in the substance abuse/Mental Health field for over years. She brings a vast wealth of knowledge that she is always willing to share with our staff. She calls them teaching and training moments. Deanna believes that we all must come together, as a united team, and work as a well-oiled machine. To carry out our goal to provide the highest level of client care to our clients. Deanna cares for our clients with empathy and compassion, as she understands that our clients come in with different experiences and needs. She knows that each client should receive individualized care based on their needs. One of Deanna’s greatest joys is seeing the lights come on in someone who was so lost and broken. When Deanna has free time you can be sure to find her sitting by any body of water, with her toes in the sand relaxing with family and friends.

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