Nicole Lenchner

Nicole is a proud agent of change and has been with the company since 2014.  She has played an imperative part in transcending the organization’s residential treatment facilities in many different aspects including admissions, clinical, and most of all quality client care. She works closely with all departments to ensure that the human condition shines within its highest potential.

Nicole believes that through the 12 step process, recovery is possible for anyone. She finds nothing more rewarding than watching a client realize their full potential with sobriety on their side, and from her experiences she has made a visible impact not only with individual clients but the evolution of substance abuse practice itself. She is dedicated to the field of chemical dependency and enjoys working with the clients hands-on, serving as a reflection of their ability to grow. Nicole reminds clients that they have great value within their lives and one of the most powerful elements she brings to the table is giving the clients the faith to finally believe in themselves.

She has an associate’s degree in AOD and is currently continuing her education, with great aspirations to gaining the most she can within her best practice approaches.

In her spare time, she enjoys hot yoga and her three dogs. Exercise, great health, and connecting with good friends shed light on Nicole’s passion for her profession, and for herself.