Top-Rated Residential Drug Rehab Program for Residents of Houston

The addictive properties in drugs such as RX drugs, methamphetamine, cocaine including crack cocaine, and heroin can quickly turn your life upside down. As drug use becomes the focal point of your life, brought on by the changes that your brain goes through, many areas of life may begin to suffer and become progressively worse over time. You may lose your job, have poor school performance, have relationship troubles, financial problems, and your health will begin to deteriorate.

However, professional treatment services can help to change your outcome by giving you an evidence-based way to overcome the mental health disorder known as substance use disorder (SUD). Our top-rated residential drug rehab program for residents of Houston will help you or someone you care about to end the cycle of substance abuse and step into a life that is free from the grips of SUD.

Our drug rehab for Houston residents is a rehab that is located in Los Angeles. If you have things in your life that make it difficult for you to quit drug use, such as a poor home environment or peer pressure from those around you, then an out-of-state rehab such as Muse’s drug rehab is the ideal solution. You won’t be impeded in your efforts to recover from your drug addiction because you’ll be surrounded by supportive staff members in a program that guides you through the steps of drug addiction recovery.


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What Is Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab, which is also known as residential rehab, is a type of rehab setting where instead of just coming into rehab for treatment, you’ll live at the rehab while you undergo your 30- to 90-day program. You’ll stay in either an attached residential facility or at the main rehab center in allocated rooms. Rooms can be shared or they may be private rooms depending on what you’d prefer.

Our inpatient rehab for Houston residents is essentially the most intensive form of treatment there is. It’s not more difficult to get through than an outpatient program but since you’ll be spending every day at the rehab until your program is done, it’s considered a more intensive form of treatment that has a higher chance of resulting in a lasting recovery. All of the distractions and influences in your life are removed which means that you can solely focus on your wellbeing and recovery.

What is Inpatient Drug Rehab Like?

Our inpatient drug rehab is not like a cold clinic but rather a place where you’ll feel welcomed and cared for. Our family-like setting helps to promote the atmosphere of healing and support which is a great benefit to someone in recovery from drugs. Our residential rehab is a relaxing place where you won’t feel stressed or pressured. We are there to guide you through your recovery at your pace.

You will wake up each morning in your room at a set time. You’ll get ready for the day ahead and then head to breakfast where you’ll be served a meal that is delicious and nutritious. Since your treatment plan will be tailor-made for you, your day will follow your treatment schedule. You may take part in individual behavioral therapy or in group therapy with your peers in the program. There will be time allocated where you can relax in the social room between therapy and treatment and toward the end of the day.

You’ll finish the day with a delicious dinner and some free time before heading to bed to get a good night’s rest for the next day. The environment that we’ve created at our residential drug rehab for Houston residents is ideal for recovery and healing. Along with the caring and support you’ll receive, achieving recovery from drug addiction will become more solidified with each passing day.

What to Expect During Residential Rehab?

At Muse Treatment, you can expect to start your residential rehab program with an intake process. This process is essentially where you’ll speak to your caseworker about the elements of your addiction that are relevant such as the drug you used, how long you’ve been using, and other aspects that are important for your recovery. You will set goals with your caseworker for you to follow that are achievable during your time in our rehab program.

Drug detox will be an important first program to undergo. Our drug detox program for Houston residents will assist with the withdrawal symptoms that happen when drug use is stopped. With your comfort and safety as a priority through the process, you’ll have a far easier time detoxing from drugs.

Behavioral therapy such as cognitive-behavioral therapy is carried out by our healthcare professionals. This helps you to build a solid foundation for future sustained recovery by allowing you to heal and create positive behavior. Holistic treatments then further help to build on your recovery foundation by treating the underlying causes of your addiction such as co-occurring mental health disorders.

How Long Does Inpatient Rehab for Residents of Houston Last?

Our inpatient drug rehab programs can last 30-, 60-, or 90-days. Depending on your needs, our affordable treatment programs can last as long as you need to be able to sustain your recovery. You can also use our outpatient rehab services after your inpatient program and follow that with aftercare programs to sustain your recovery and provide you with enough support after your rehab program.

Why Choose Muse for Residential Drug Rehab?

Drug addiction recovery should be carried out by professionals because you are taking part in therapies and treatments that will ultimately have a large impact on your life. Muse is accredited by the non-profit organization The Joint Commission. The level of care that we are able to provide is of the highest standard and guaranteed by our accreditation. Our staff members are dedicated to helping you to become drug-free and create a happy life that you can sustain.

Contact us today so that your residential drug rehab program for Houston residents can begin. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be free from the troubles that addiction has.

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