Our Treatment Process

Before seeking help, it is normal to feel isolated, disconnected, fragile, and detached. Since we know how daunting a process getting help can be, we ease clients safely and gently into the treatment process through stabilization. During the first phase, each client receives a thorough assessment to determine the proper program placement in order to provide them with community, motivation, encouragement, and mental clarity.

01 January 2015

Phase 1

Phase 1 continues with the formation of an individualized treatment plan to meet each client’s unique and specific needs. A multidisciplinary, integrated approach is employed using several treatment modalities. Some examples of such plans include; short and long-term goal setting, educational interventions, awareness building, sponsorship, and community support.

01 February 2015

Phase 2

Phase 2 is Muse’s evidence-based treatment program that encourages each client to express his or her own truth and authenticity. This phase of the program supports a major behavioral shift in which the client can experience rapid growth, often taking the form of developing healthy interpersonal relationships, achieving short-term goals, sustaining self-regulation and self- direction.

01 March 2015

Phase 3

In Phase 3, our aftercare program offers a support mechanism that fosters continued growth, and allows for both positive and negative real life experiences to occur. We use previous treatment plans as well as day to day client input to create a dynamic, constantly evolving plan for aftercare that allows each individual to remain safe, while engaging in his or her own recovery.

01 March 2015

Phase 4

In Phase 4, our clients realize their interests and goals, and identify the behaviors required to accomplish those goals. Many of our clients pursue vocational and/or educational goals while maintaining active enrollment in our Alumni and Aftercare programs. Our history of success is a testament to the program as an effective recovery paradigm.



We’re grateful they’re grateful.

Additional Treatment Options

  1. Neuro-Rehabilitation

    While most addiction treatment centers only offer generic neurofeedback, Muse uses brain mapping to determine the most effective possible way to treat our clients. Our neural rehabilitation program offers an array of diverse techniques, ranging from computerized cognitive training, to biofeedback and neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback). By engaging in these exercises, our clients develop a more neurologically integrated and developed sense of self, resulting in an increased ability to maintain sobriety and recovery.

  2. Outpatient Program

    Ranging from Intensive Day Patient to Evening Outpatient programming, we provide continued support for the client to demonstrate an understanding and commitment to recovery. Muse Intensive Outpatient Rehab Center is a community dedicated to safety, healing and recovery. Muse Outpatient Rehab is able to treat substance abuse and mental health disorders and help clients maintain long-term recovery through our three-pronged, interdisciplinary approach. Therapy, twelve-step integration, and neuro-rehabilitation, are the three key components to the Muse philosophy of treatment. This methodology enables clients to succeed in treatment and thrive in the world beyond treatment.

  3. Sober Living

    Muse Sober Living is highly recommended for clients who successfully complete residential treatment or extended care. Sober living is loosely structured and includes accountability through house meetings, required 12-step meetings, and 24-hour on-site house managers. Clients residing at our sober living homes are encouraged to use our professional center for educational and job search assistance. We believe that anyone who is willing to follow a simple daily recovery plan has the ability to change his or her life regardless of how much damage and destruction has been caused by substance abuse or other mental health disorders. Our Los Angeles Sober Living members work diligently each and every day to provide a safe, supportive environment so our residents can build a solid foundation towards achieving a life of recovery.

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