Men’s Sober Living
Los Angeles

At the Muse Los Angeles Men’s Sober Living Homes, we believe in the power of change and recovery. We believe that anyone who is willing to follow a simple daily recovery plan has the ability to change his or her life regardless of how much damage and destruction has been caused by substance abuse or other mental health disorders. This recovery plan may include; daily chores, 12-step meetings, classes at a local college, attendance at Muse Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab or many other possibilities. The men of Muse work diligently each and every day to provide a safe, supportive environment so our male residents can build a solid foundation towards achieving a life of recovery. We believe that by addressing underlying issues such as lack of structure and accountability which often trigger relapse, while simultaneously providing positive reinforcement, our male residents can grow, change and live healthy and productive lives.

We can accommodate men age 18 and older. This not only includes those suffering from substance abuse, but also those who may be diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder such as; Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Gambling Addiction, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and countless others. We have constant interaction with our residents every day support them in following through not only with their recovery plan but any guidance from their mental health clinicians as well. Setting a very high standard of care and integrity is our goal at Muse. If we determine that a client is inappropriate for sober living, we consult with family members, loved ones and mental health clinicians to ensure that the level of care for your loved one is appropriate and that we are setting him up for success and recovery. Client care is our number one priority.

Muse Los Angeles Sober Living Homes are centrally located near cultural sites and beaches in the following Los Angeles communities: Culver City, Venice Beach, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

Some of the amenities provided at Muse Mens Sober Living Los Angeles:

  • 2, 3, or 4 beds to a room.
  • Large closets with refrigerators for each resident.
  • Separate common areas that feature large flat screen
  • Televisions and kitchens
  • Backyard complete with barbeque grill and fire pit to relax after a long hard day.
  • 2 separate laundry areas.
  • Weekly house meetings.
  • Weekly random urinalysis testing.

We understand that some men in early recovery may have unresolved legal issues; therefore, we can provide progress reports to Courts, Attorneys, Probation Department, Bar Association, and State Medical Boards.


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