Drug Addiction

Clients that enter our drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs are guided by skilled addiction professionals that provide a thorough clinical diagnosis, assessing the best course of treatment to ensure each component of the client’s struggle is addressed within their unique, personalized treatment plan. Drug rehabilitation program members work closely with their licensed therapist to ensure continued stabilization from detox, while participating in psycho-educational services. At Muse, we understand that no journey to recovery is alike and depending on the severity of the addiction, a wide range of coping and processing approaches are needed to help every individual that enters our drug rehab program.

Dual Diagnosis

Mental illness often accompanies addiction, and Muse’s dual diagnosis treatment programs are specifically designed for those suffering from co-occuring disorders. We have found that substance abuse is frequently used as a coping mechanism to treat undiagnosed and underlying mental health disorders. We take a multidimensional approach by utilizing evidence-based practices, as well as complementary holistic methods, to help individuals recover with integrity, dignity and respect. Muse employs an integrated treatment approach with intricate and complex screening assessments in order to properly identify the specific needs of each of our dual diagnosis treatment program members.

Mental Health

At Muse, mental health and addiction recovery go hand in hand.  Mental health wellness is an integrated part of any addiction recovery program, and at Muse, we tackle all aspects of any disorder as it relates to each individual case. Mental health issues can range from mild to severe anxiety, depression and sleep disorders, and are often a normal and common part of recovery.  During the recovery process, particularly during the detoxification and post-acute withdrawal, mental health disorders of all types become activated and, at times, exacerbated. Give yourself the best chance at recovery and let the skilled professionals at Muse get you on the path toward true mental health wellness.

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