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After becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol, the use of the substance becomes a focal point of your life. A relationship where substance abuse takes place can compound the focus on substance use as both people become more reliant on the substance. If you are in a relationship where both you and your partner are abusing drugs or alcohol and do so together on a regular basis, stopping poses additional problems.

With just one person in the relationship stopping, continuing the relationship can make it very difficult to maintain one’s recovery. It would be all too easy to repeat the problems of the past as old substance-abusing habits return because the person in the relationship who didn’t stop still abuses drugs or alcohol.


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Most addiction rehab programs don’t account for substance-abusing couples. They may just provide individual treatment when there are more layers of complexity brought on by the situation. Our couples rehab for residents of Bakersfield, however, offers a treatment program to help overcome the situation. Instead of being treated as just an individual, you and your partner can receive joint treatment together, addressing the individual causes of addiction and the shared situation of being in a relationship.

Couples who abuse drugs or alcohol often face unique problems that aren’t present in a normal addiction case. For example, there may be enabling behavior, co-dependence, and problems in the relationship that have been caused by the abuse of drugs or alcohol. To overcome these unique issues that couples face with addiction, our couples rehab for Bakersfield residents treats both the couple and the individual, giving a more rounded approach to treatment.

Providing addiction treatment that accounts for the unique needs of the individual is a crucial part of effective drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Muse Treatment and Recovery Center allows you to not only receive professional treatment to help your relationship and in overcoming addiction, but there are many benefits of being with your loved one during the recovery process.

Benefits of Couples Rehab

The most important benefit of our couples rehab for residents of Bakersfield is, of course, that you and your partner will have access to some of the most effective treatments for addiction. These evidence-based therapies and holistic treatment programs will be the driving force behind the fundamental changes that will bring about a substance-free lifestyle that can be sustained long into your future.

As a couple in our rehab program, you will be in a position where you and your partner can easily support each other through the process of recovery. Support is one of the cornerstones to success in recovery and with the combined support from our sober community, our caring healthcare workers, your peers in the program, and your partner, you will feel motivated and supported emotionally so that you can recover from the problems of addiction. You and your partner will have a deep understanding of what each of you is going through and the added support that you receive from them can be significant in your recovery process.

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Joint therapy with your partner will provide a neutral platform to explore the issues that may be present in your relationship that will impede recovery. This therapy will help to strengthen your relationship and bond with your partner as you work through issues and improve your communication skills, learn how to be assertive without being insensitive, and rebuild trust in your relationship. It can help to improve your appreciation of your partner and help to form a deeper understanding. These are skills that will be crucial in the months that follow rehab.

Research suggests that couples consider rehab as a last resort but in truth, it should be one of the first things that you turn to when you and your partner aren’t able to stop abusing alcohol or drugs. When a couple goes to rehab together, they tend to more easily complete the full program and this helps to improve the effectiveness of treatment. Therefore, going to rehab as a couple will make treatment more effective overall, improving sobriety goals.

Why Choose Muse for Spousal or Partner Rehab?

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center’s couples rehab program for Bakersfield residents is the best choice for addiction treatment for you and your partner. We adhere to the principles of effective treatment explained by the National Institute on Drug Abuse such as providing comprehensive, whole-patient treatment programs that include behavioral therapy, co-occurring mental health disorder treatment, and medically-assisted treatment programs among others.

While you and your spouse or partner will be treated together, you will also each have a personalized treatment program. This is a key component of treatment success because the treatments that aim to help heal the underlying causes of addiction are varied and using a method that is best suited to individual requirements is important.

We offer drug and alcohol detox programs so that the overwhelming withdrawal symptoms that take place during detox can be managed, making you more comfortable through the process and making sure that it doesn’t spiral out of control and cause medical concerns.

At Muse Treatment, we will welcome you and your partner as a part of our sober family. Our aim is to ensure that all of our clients feel relaxed and have created an ideal therapeutic and stress-free environment where profound positive change can take place.

Our addiction treatment center is accredited by The Joint Commission and our use of medications in detox and in our long-term medically-assisted treatment program is monitored by LegitScript. With Muse as your partner in recovery, you and your loved one can break free from the trappings of addiction.

Transform your and your partner’s life in our couples rehab for Bakersfield residents. With our professional assistance, the cycle of substance abuse can be interrupted so that long-term change can be established and a substance-free lifestyle achieved.

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