Meet The Muse Treatment Team!

Our staff consists of accredited and experienced experts. When you or your loved one comes to our facility you will be assigned to a team of specialists who will design a treatment program specific to your mental and physical needs. We work with a variety of medical professionals, behavioral health specialists, experts in addiction treatment and fully licensed and credentialed therapists. Your successful recovery is our priority, this is the belief of each and every one of our team members.

Lauren Hurtado
Josh Chandler
Director of Admissions
Josh Crossen
Vice President of Finance
Kasey Kemp
Vice President of HR
Mia Collica LMFT
Clinical Supervisor
Kristen Garruba
Clinical Director
Lawrence V. Tucker, M.D.
Medical Director
Jared Gaeta
Drake Coomer
Jose Flores
Salvador Montes
Camille Linares
Compliance Manager
Victor Garcia
Nathan Fransen
General Counsel
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