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It is a perfectly valid question to ask. What can Muse offer that another sober living, inpatient program, or intensive outpatient program cannot match? What makes Muse different from the plethora of treatment organizations in the same state? Specifically speaking, why should you choose Muse?

While treatment is a difficult decision, we try to make the experience as stress-free as possible. Muse is different from other treatment programs because of our high level of care, our affordability, and our dedication to recovery. Our buildings are carved out of security; our walls soaked with spiritual healing. Muse is different because we employ a customizable approach to treatment. After all, not everybody can recover from substance abuse and mental health disorders the same way. Each and every individual is different and unique, so too is Muse’s approach to treatment. As the result of our integrated approach with many different modalities, you or your loved one will easily find a component that resonates and has a lasting, life changing impact on the journey of recovery.


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Each of our various addiction treatment programs has a specific purpose in our clients’ lives. Our neural recovery program for example, has been created and customized to help individuals recover lost aspects of emotional and cognitive regulation. Through the use of neurofeedback and advanced cognitive training, we are able to help individuals regain the highest levels of functioning at their respective peak potentials.

Most importantly, our staff is understanding, compassionate and supportive on every step of the journey. Sometimes, getting sober isn’t the hardest part -staying sober is. For this reason, we offer 24/7 relapse prevention advocates, stress reduction skills, and the opportunity to incorporate any aspect of our program for as long as the client wants or needs. We understand that long-term treatment is most effective, which is why we offer a variety of services for different stages of recovery. Whether you need a structured, intensive program or a safe and supportive community to come home to after work, we are here for you.

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It is a perfectly valid question to ask. What can Muse offer that another…Read More

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