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For Fresno area residents trapped in a cycle of addiction, alcoholics and failed attempts at DIY recovery, feelings of isolation and loneliness are common, but you are not as alone as you might feel. Even if you feel that no one truly understands what you are going through, we can assure you that plenty of other men and women have been where you are right now, and that they have managed to turn their lives around and remain clean and sober for a lifetime.

No matter how long you have been using drugs and alcohol, we can provide you with the resources you need to follow in their footsteps. Our caring counselors understand what it takes to overcome a drug addiction or drinking problem, and they are experts at uncovering, and addressing, the root causes of dependency.

If you are ready to get started we are ready to help, and all it takes to get started is a single phone call. When you pick up the phone and make that call we will go to work, developing a treatment protocol that is effective, safe and tailored to your needs. Finding the right drug and alcohol rehab is not a simple process, but we promise to do everything in our power to help you heal.

Why Choose Muse?

At Muse Treatment we know that ours is not the only drug and alcohol rehab center available to residents of Fresno and the surrounding area, but we truly feel that our approach, and our expertise, sets us apart. The Muse difference begins with the quality and dedication of our medical team, doctor and nurses who are not only board certified but also possess additional training in the growing field of addiction science. It continues with the care our counselors give their clients, delving deep to uncover the root causes of their addictions and giving them the tools they need to persevere and overcome.

If you are ready to experience the Muse difference for yourself or help an addicted loved one recover, we encourage you to give us a call today. Your path to a better life for yourself or someone you love begins with that first phone call, so pick up the phone and reach out to us today. We know that there is a difference in alcohol and drug rehab, and it is our job to help you heal and give you a new lease on the rest of your life.


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Alcohol Detox Program

The fact that alcohol is both largely legal and widely accepted in society has led many people to underestimate its dangers. Many people still seem to think that drinking, even to excess, is not a big deal, and that those who do drink too much, can stop whenever they want. 

This belief that all it takes to stop drinking is a bit of willpower is all too common, but it is totally untrue. Just like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine, alcohol is a physically addictive drug, and that means the road to sobriety will likely run through the detox clinic.

Alcohol detox is a vital part of getting sober, and it is an important first step. Before you can move on with your recovery, you need to cleanse your body of the toxins it has been ingesting. Despite its reputation as a relatively benign substance, alcohol is actually one of the most dangerous drugs on the planet, and getting sober will take more than mere willpower.

At Muse Treatment we have developed a safer, more comfortable and gentler form of detox, so you will have one less thing to worry about. Just give us a call and take the first step on your personal path to sobriety.

Drug Detox Program

There are many steps on the road to a lasting recovery, but cleansing your body is a critical first step. Until your body begins to heal, it will not be possible to continue with your rehab progress, and that is what detox is all about. If you want your drug rehab to be successful, and if you want to head back home to Fresno with confidence, you will first need to prepare your body, and our top quality drug detox protocols can help you do just that.

Drug detox gives your body the time and space it needs to cleanse itself, so you can prepare for the remaining steps on your road to a lifetime of recovery. At Muse Treatment we work hard to make your detox journey as safe, comfortable and supported as possible, giving you and your loved ones one less thing to worry about.

At Muse Addiction Treatment Center, we know that the thought of drug detox can be daunting, and that you may be approaching the subject with some hesitancy and trepidation. We understand those fears, but we would also like to reassure you that we will always put your safety and your comfort first, so you can focus on getting better in the most effective manner possible. If you are ready to begin your path to a better life, we are here to help, so pick up the phone and give the caring and compassionate staff at Muse Addiction Treatment Center a call today.

Alcohol Rehab for Residents of Fresno

Struggles with alcohol are all too common, and the factors that predispose Fresno area residents to alcoholism are many. From the lingering effects of abuse and trauma to the sudden loss of a family member to simply partying a bit too much, there are many paths into alcohol abuse, but finding the right treatment can often seem elusive.

If you are tired of your drinking and ready to get sober, we are here to help. At Muse we offer a number of unique approaches to treating alcohol use disorder, from gentler forms of detox to strong support, aftercare and alumni programs to keep you accountable long after you have gone back home. At Muse Treatment we know that achieving and maintaining sobriety is a lifelong endeavor, and our goal is to help you be successful, not only in alcohol rehab but in life as well.

Whether you are seeking help for yourself or someone you care about, finding the best alcohol rehab center is a vital first step. You need a treatment center you can trust, but you also need an alcohol rehab center with the expertise, the experience and the strong desire to help you or your loved one get sober and stay that way. 

If you are ready to get help for yourself or someone you care about, we urge you to give the staff at Muse Treatment a call. We are experts at treating all kinds of alcohol use disorder, and we can design a rehab program just for you. At Muse Treatment we are proud of the tailored and individualized approach we take to every person we work with, and we are anxious to share our unique approach with you.

Drug Rehab for Residents of Fresno

It is easy to feel like you are all alone when you find yourself struggling with drug addiction. You may assume that no one, not even the friends and family members who keep urging you to seek treatment, can really understand what you have been going through, or that you will never be able to find the compassionate care you need to get, and stay, on the road to recovery.

At Muse Treatment many of our biggest success stories have been where you are, but they have persevered and gone on to live healthier, happier and more successful lives. Like you, those graduates of our state of the art treatment programs have worried about their circumstances and despaired, but they kept going and now they are happy in their new lives.

We know you have a lot of questions about drug rehab, from what the process is like and how long it lasts to what will happen afterwards and what skills you will need to stay clean once you return back home to your friends and family in Fresno. We are here to answer all of those inquiries, giving you the answers you need and helping you make an intelligent and informed decision.

If you are ready to get started and want to learn more about what we have to offer, we invite you to pick up the phone and give the caring counselors at Muse a call. From our fully staffed medical team to our capable counselors to the teachers in our after care programs, everyone we work with is dedicated to the sobriety and well being of our clients, and we are anxious to help you take the first step on the road to recovery.

We may not be able to walk the path to a better life for you, but we can walk it with you, staying by your side as your body heals in detox, giving you the skills you need throughout your stay in rehab and helping you understand what comes next with our sober living programs. The path to a better life may seem long from where you are now, but the most important thing is to get started, and you can take that first step today just by picking up the phone and giving us a call.


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How Much Does Rehab Cost?

It is probably not a surprise that drug addiction, alcoholism and other forms of substance use disorder can really take the toll on your finances. From the cost of the substances themselves to the risk of arrest and imprisonment to disruptions in your schooling and employment, everything is aligned to create monetary problems in your life and the lives of the people you love the most.

Given the financial uncertainty drug addicts and alcoholics already face, it is also not a surprise that so many people who suffer from substance use disorder fail to seek help not because they do not want to get better but because they are worried about the cost.

At Muse we hear these concerns every day, but we also know that many of those fears are totally unfounded. If you have been putting off getting the help you need because you worry about the cost, we encourage you to put those fears aside and pick up the phone instead.

When you talk to one of our caring counselors we can help you find an affordable way to get the treatment you need, one that utilizes the health insurance coverage you already have, one that creates a sound and low cost way to a better life and one that preserves your safety, your dignity and your well being. Whether you have private health insurance, a publicly provided policy or coverage through your school or employer, chances are we can get your stay in rehab covered, so you can stop worrying about money and start thinking about what you will do to overcome your drug or alcohol dependency.

At Muse Addiction Treatment Center we do not think money should stand in the way of your recovery, and we are dedicated to finding a way to make the treatment you need as affordable as it is effective. So pick up the phone, give us a call today and take the first step on the road to a better and a safer life.

How Long is Detox?

When you find yourself addicted to alcohol or drugs, it can seem like no one truly understands you, and that no one really knows what you might be facing as you embark on the road to recovery. You may also fear the detox that stands in the way of getting better, worrying that you will not be able to withstand the withdrawal symptoms once they have begun.

One of the most important things to understand is that many drugs, including such seemingly benign ones like alcohol, create a strong physical hold on their users, and breaking that hold is what detox is all about. As your body begins to heal, withdrawal symptoms will begin to crop up, creating an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation if you try to get clean without professional help.

If you have ever tried to stop drinking or using drugs on your own, you already have a taste of what this kind of detox is like, but the DIY approach is not the only option. At Muse Addiction Treatment Center we utilize a medical approach that is designed to keep you safe and comfortable while your body begins to heal, greatly reducing the pain and discomfort of withdrawal while keeping you safe and supported. If you are ready to get started and ready to face detox head on, we encourage you to pick up the phone and take the first step today.

How Long is Rehab?

One of the most common questions we hear from Fresno residents is how long their stay in rehab will last, and like so many things concerning addiction and recovery there is no one answer to this inquiry. The fact is everyone who abuses drugs and alcohol is an individual, with their own story to tell and their own journey into dependency and substance use disorder.

The individuality of drug addiction and alcoholism requires an equally individualized approach to detox, rehab and recovery. In order to be effective, rehab efforts must be carefully tailored to the individual, and that is exactly what we do at Muse.

At Muse we work hard to tailor your rehab protocol to your individual needs, and that means what you experience could be different than what someone else goes through. Depending on the depth and breadth of your addiction, for instance, your stay at our rehab facility could be as short as 30 days, as long as 90 days or somewhere in between.

In the end the length of your stay in rehab is not as important as the effectiveness of your treatment. In the end what you want is a program that will last, and at Muse that is our primary consideration. To put it another way, we only succeed when you succeed, so pick up the phone and get started today.

30-Day Rehab (Short-Term Rehab)

Fresno area residents face many challenges as they embark on the road to recovery, and checking into a rehab facility can be a scary thing to do, especially if you are worried about your school work, your career and the family you are leaving behind.

At Muse Addiction Treatment Center, we understand all of those concerns, and that is why we have created a short term rehab option that is designed to get you in, get you the help and support you need and get you back home as quickly as possible. If you are a candidate for our short term rehab program, you could be in and out of our facility in as little as 30 days, and when you head back home you will do so with a newfound sense of confidence, armed with the coping skills you will need to stay drug and alcohol free for the rest of your life.

If you are ready to get started we are here to help so pick up the phone and give the staff at Muse Addiction Treatment Center a call. We are dedicated to your recovery, and we have the tools needed to help you live a better, safer and more successful life.

Long-Term Rehab (60-90 Days)

In many cases a short term stay in rehab may be all that is needed to put you on the road to recovery and keep you there for life, but that is not always the case. Depending on the severity and longevity of your alcoholism or drug problem, you may need to spend some additional time with us to break the chains of your addiction and put it behind you once and for all.

At Muse Addiction Treatment Center, we know that everyone is different, and that there is no such thing as a typical drug addict or alcoholic. That is why we have designed a number of treatment options, including longer term rehab that lasts for 60 or 90 days. If you think this type of rehab may be right for you, we invite you to pick up the phone and give us a call today. When you make the call our caring counselors will get to work, helping to design a treatment protocol that is affordable, effective and above all tailored to your individual needs and the well being of your family.


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Couples Rehab

Even after all this time many people still think that drug addiction and alcoholism are choices, and that giving up dependency is a simple matter of willpower and wanting to get better. There is still a widespread belief that drug addiction and alcoholism are individual illnesses, and that family members and friends are only impacted in relatively minor ways.

If you or someone in your life has been struggling with addiction, alcoholism or other forms of substance use disorder, you know only too well that these misconceptions are not true. And while even distant relatives can be impacted by your addiction and alcoholism, no one is affected quite as profoundly, or nearly as severely, as the person you love the most.

When it comes to fighting drug addiction, alcoholism and other forms of substance use disorder, providing support to the impacted spouse or romantic partner could mean the difference between success and failure. The support the spouse or partner receives could make all the difference in the world, and that fact is at the heart of our couples rehab program.

At Muse we have been at the forefront of the couples rehab movement, working hard to develop treatment protocols that get results and healing not only bodies and minds but marriages and relationships as well. If you or your spouse are ready to turn your lives around and start rebuilding the damaged trust in  your relationship, we encourage you to pick up the phone and give us a call today. When you do, we will go to work, designing a program that is affordable, effective and above all tailored to your specific needs.

Pet-Friendly Rehab

When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, it is easy to think that only the humans in the family suffer, but that is not the truth. If there are four legged members in the family, you can be sure they are feeling the weight of addiction and alcoholism in their own ways as well.

They may not be able to vocalize their concerns, but your cats, dogs and other pets surely sense that something is wrong, and they want the humans who care for them to get healthy and stay healthy. Unfortunately, however, many pet parents who are also alcoholics and drug addicts may put off going into treatment out of fears of what will happen to the animals they love.

These concerns about the well being of pets are all too common, but you should not let them stand in the way of getting the help you need. At Muse we are proud to offer pet friendly rehab to our animal loving clients, and when you check in we will take good care of your pets, catering to their every need while you begin to heal.

If you would like to learn more about pet friendly rehab and what it has to offer, we encourage you to give the staff at Muse a call today. When you make the call we will explain the pet rehab concept and help you prepare for your rehab journey. We will provide all the information you need, from what you need to bring to where to find us to what to expect when you, and your pet, walk through our doors for the first time.

Does My Insurance Have Coverage for Rehab?

It is no secret that addiction, alcoholism, substance use disorder and financial problems often go hand in hand. Financial instability, job losses and monetary woes are all too common in this population, and if you have struggled with these issues you have probably experienced these issues firsthand.

Given the financial uncertainty drug addicts and alcoholics in the Fresno area are facing, it is also not surprising that so many of them put off going into treatment because they fear they will not be able to afford the cost. Some of those addicts and alcoholics may abandon rehab efforts altogether, while others may turn to the DIY approach, putting their health and safety at risk as they try to get clean and sober on their own.

Before you resort to those extreme measures, we encourage you to pick up the phone and give the staff at Muse a call. There is a very good chance that the health insurance you are already paying for will pay you back, and that the coverage you already have will also cover your stay in rehab.

At Muse we are experts at helping our clients find the drug and alcohol rehab they need in the most affordable and accessible manner possible. Before you give up on your dreams of a better life we urge you to pick up the phone and give our insurance experts a call.

Sober Friendly Attractions near Fresno

With a population of over half a million people, the city of Fresno is a large and popular place to be. It is also a great place to pursue your recovery and reinforce the lessons you have learned during your stay in rehab.

When you are ready to leave our rehab center behind and put your drug addiction or alcoholism in the rear view mirror, you will want something to look forward to as well, and you are sure to find it right here in your own backyard. The city of Fresno is a great place to explore, especially now that you will be able to experience it through newly sober eyes. Here are some of the great places you will want to check out as you reemerge and rediscover the many things the city has to offer.

Fresno Chaffee Zoo

If you are a nature lover and dedicated to the preservation of wild spaces and wildlife, you will want to check out the amazing Fresno Chaffee Zoo. This thoroughly modern zoological park is home to some of the most beautiful animals in the world, and you can get up and close to them while learning about their wild habitats and what is being done to preserve those wild places. 

Forestiere Underground Gardens

If you are looking for something a bit more unusual, we invite you to explore the beauty of life underground. The amazing Forestiere Underground Gardens is a truly magical place, and you will be intrigued from the minute you arrive until the finally head home. 

Fresno Art Museum

It may not be New York City or Paris, but the city of Fresno can hold its own where art is concerned. If you love art in all its forms and all its ages, you can get your fill when you visit the Fresno Art Museum. Be sure to come early to explore the permanent galleries and special exhibitions, and you will want to come back again and again with your friends. 

Yosemite National Park

If you are looking for a fun road trip that will take you to another world without taking you far from home, just set your sights, and your GPS, on Yosemite National Park. This spectacular and sprawling park is the perfect destination for a road trip, and when you arrive you can go hiking, do some fishing or just kick back and enjoy the beauty of nature in all her glory. 

No matter where your Fresno area adventure begins, it is sure to take you far. Staying active is important to maintaining your recovery, so you can count yourself lucky that you live in such a vibrant and happening place. The city of Fresno has a great deal to offer, so get out and start exploring today.

Fresno Neighborhoods We Serve

  • Fig Garden Loop
  • Downtown
  • Tower District
  • Bullard
  • Woodward Park
  • Mclane
  • Fresno High
  • Hoover


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