Top-Rated Drug Detox Program for Residents of Garden Grove

Top Rated Drug Detox Program for Residents of Garden Grove

Often, the hardest part of recovery from drug addiction is overcoming physical addiction. Those who struggle with drug addiction may suffer from extremely uncomfortable, painful, and at times dangerous withdrawal symptoms and cravings which lead to a relapse early on. If you have unsuccessfully attempted to stop drug or alcohol abuse, a top-rated drug detox program at Muse Treatment center near Garden Grove may be the answer you are looking for.

Patients at Muse are able to go through the withdrawal process with ease using our medical detox program. Through the use of FDA approved medications and holistic therapies, withdrawal symptoms may be reduced or even eliminated.  Our medical team that is made up of board certified physicians, nurses, counselors, and psychiatrists will oversee your medical detox and be available around the clock to ensure your safety.

We offer drug detox in a comfortable, non-hospital setting. Patients will reside in semi-private rooms with modern fixtures and furnishings alongside others who are on a similar journey as you. Choosing Muse’s drug detox program over attempting it on your own, is not only the safer choice, it also provides added support. Our staff and clinicians are available around the clock to help you through this difficult phase and reduce feelings of fear and loneliness. You will also be giving yourself and loved ones peace of mind. Entering a medical detox program also offers the opportunity for seamless transition into our comprehensive drug rehab program where you can heal the root cause and the effects of addiction for long-term recovery.


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What is Detox Like?

Drug detox is the first step in the recovery process and focuses on the physical aspects of addiction. Both illicit drugs like cocaine, meth, and heroin and prescription medications like opioid painkillers, can lead to withdrawal symptoms and cravings when stopping use. Withdrawals can range from mild to severe depending on several factors including your age, sex, weight, overall health, substance(s) used, severity of drug use, and length of drug use. All drugs have their own set of withdrawal symptoms which are usually opposite to their effects when used. Some examples of withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mood Swings
  • Cravings
  • Tremors and shakiness
  • Muscle and joint aches and pains
  • Fever and chills
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • High blood pressure
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Dehydration
  • Visual, tactile, and auditory hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Paranoia
  • Suicidal thoughts or tendencies
  • Seizures  

Instead of going through these painful withdrawals, medical drug detox will reduce and even eliminate them through the use of prescription medications and around the clock support. Medical detox begins with a thorough evaluation of your physical and mental health. Our clinicians at Muse Treatment will use this information to create a personalized treatment plan based on what they are expecting you may experience. Inpatient medical detox will require you to stay at our luxury treatment facility full time so a team of doctors and nurses will monitor your vitals around the clock to ensure detox is going as planned and administer medications as withdrawals arise.

Patients will live alongside others who are on a similar journey as them which reduces loneliness and provides the opportunity for mutual support. You will receive nutritious, freshly prepared meals which help the body detox naturally. Inpatient drug detox offers a controlled and monitored environment which eliminates the chance of giving into cravings easily and provides around the clock support from our clinicians to help you through this difficult phase.

Medications which may be administered include anticonvulsants, benzodiazepines to reduce the risk of seizures and calm the nervous system, medications that ease cravings, beta-blockers to keep heart rate and blood pressure at healthy levels, and antipsychotic medications to treat hallucinations and depression. Once you begin to feel better, you can expect to participate in individual and group therapy sessions to treat the underlying causes of addiction.

Drug detox is only the first step in the recovery process and only addresses the physical aspects of addiction. For successful long-term recovery, comprehensive treatment programs are needed to treat the root cause of addiction and help patients learn the right skills and tools necessary to manage their recovery independently. Patients are able to easily transition into one of our drug rehab programs which include residential inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization program (PHP), intensive outpatient program (IOP), and outpatient treatment. Aftercare and alumni programs at Muse will help patients maintain active recovery efforts.

How Long Does Detox Take?

Every person’s experience with drug detox will differ, including how long it takes for the body to detox fully. Factors such as length of addiction, severity of drug use, age, sex, weight, and overall health can affect the length of detox. On average, Dean talks from substances such as cocaine, math, heroin, and prescription opioids can last between three and seven days. Individuals who have struggled with severe or long term addiction, could take around 10 days to fully detox. Certain substances, such as long acting opioids (Methadone) can take up to two weeks to completely leave the body.

Withdrawal symptoms can arise within hours of your last dose and peak at around day two or three, after which you will begin to feel better. Occasionally, some people may experience mild, lingering withdrawal symptoms known as post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) which can include symptoms such as depression, anxiety and fatigue and can be treated with psychotherapy and medication assisted treatment.

Why Choose Muse for Drug Detox?

Choosing Muse for drug detox will ensure you complete the withdrawal process in its entirety and be more comfortable. Our multidisciplinary team of clinicians are available around the clock to monitor your safety and administer FDA approved medications to ease any withdrawal severity. As a Joint Commission accredited drug detox and rehab facility, you can trust you will be receiving the highest level in care. We also offer a full continuum of care which allows for easy transition into our 30-, 60-, or 90- day rehab programs which will provide the behavioral health therapies, skills, and tools necessary to manage your addiction successfully for a lifetime.

If you or a loved one are ready to stop illicit or drug abuse, our addiction specialists are standing by to take your call and get you started on the road to recovery. Call us today at (800) 426-1818.



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