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If you’re suffering from addiction, you’re experiencing a chronic condition that can only be effectively managed with abstinence. But how can you achieve abstinence when the cravings and compulsions to use are so overpowering and the triggers prompting you to use are so many? What feels overwhelming and maybe even impossible now is possible with the support and high-quality addiction treatment. Addiction recovery involves treating the physical, psychological, and behavioral aspects of addiction. A well-rounded approach to treatment that begins with medical detox paves the way to lasting sobriety and recovery from drug addiction.

Medical detox is the safe process by which someone is carefully weaned from the drug they’ve been addicted to. It isn’t a cure for addiction but it is a major facet of the recovery process because it targets the physical dependency that drives addiction. Skipping this leg of treatment isn’t possible because each aspect of the addiction must be treated. While withdrawal symptoms accompany this process, today’s leading rehabs provide clients with treatments that reduce their symptoms or even eliminate them so that clients can relax and rest while their body heals. 

Muse provides drug detox programs and other addiction treatment programs for residents of Huntington Beach, CA. We help clients overcome their physical reliance on drugs so that they’re able to focus on other aspects of their treatment. It’s never wise to attempt to detox on your own as withdrawal symptoms can become quite severe. While withdrawal can begin with mild symptoms that seem easily manageable, these symptoms can escalate rapidly and even trigger medical emergencies such as seizures or heart irregularities. Our clinicians at Muse provide medications to help prevent emergencies like these. 

Our goal is to help clients transform their lives and regain their freedom from the clutches of drug addiction. When you visit us to discuss enrollment, we can provide you with an evaluation that allows us to recommend the ideal treatment course for you. Don’t put off treatment. Detox is the first step on your road to long-term recovery.

Muse operates highly respected behavioral health and addiction treatment centers throughout the region, including Huntington Beach, CA. Detoxing from powerful drugs like heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, and prescription drugs such as Fentanyl or Adderall is the initial step on a long recovery road, but once detox is complete, you’re likely to feel physically revived and rejuvenated. Drugs sabotage both physical and mental health, but detox safely helps clients become free from the addictive substance so they can focus on the treatments that target their psychological and behavioral dependence on drugs. 

Muse relies on therapies like medical detox that have the full backing of the scientific community. Medical detox is a crucial step, but we also remind clients that it’s only the first step in their recovery journey. More treatment is needed to address the other powerful aspects of their condition. 


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What is Detox Like?

At Muse, medical detox is supervised by experienced clinicians and our support team. We’ve developed our detox program with safety and supervision in mind. When you begin your detox process, we’ll have already acquainted you with what to expect so that you won’t feel surprised or uncertain about what’s happening. We discuss the withdrawal symptoms you’re most likely to experience and encourage you to tell us as soon as symptoms kick in so that we can medicate them to reduce their severity.

We want clients to feel comfortable so that they can rest. Their bodies have been through a lot owing to the toll that drugs take on them. It’s essential that they rest so their bodies can heal as they’re slowly being weaned from the drug(s) in question. Medications and treatments that address withdrawal symptoms vary. We treat each individual based on their unique needs and symptoms. Some clients require sedatives because they suffer from insomnia or severe anxiety. Others require anti-nausea medications or antidepressants. Medications can ease the detox process, allowing clients to relax, rest, and recover from the toll that addiction has taken on them.

How Long Does Detox Take?

The detox process is tailored to each person’s needs. The average time frame for this process is about a week. However, there are several factors that can impact the time frame. For instance, a person’s individual chemistry, the drug they’re addicted to, and the length of time they’ve abused and been addicted to the drug also play a role in determining the time frame for the process. Some people may even be addicted to more than one substance, which may extend the time they need to spend detoxing. 

Muse does treat clients who complete detox in under a week. Others sometimes need longer. We are flexible and provide the support clients need to complete this process. Once complete, they can begin the next phase of their treatment program. 

Why Choose Muse for Drug Detox?

Muse is renowned for its well-rounded approach to drug addiction treatment. We’ve carefully developed our programs to ensure they can meet each client’s needs. While enrolled in our drug detox program, clients can expect our full support and supervision. Our clinicians and support teamwork to make each client feel as comfortable and cared for as possible. We have a reputation for our empathetic care in addition to our experience and expertise in the field of addiction medicine. We maintain our facilities to ensure that clients feel safe, comfortable, and welcomed. Even though there are aspects of detox that can be unpleasant, this process truly begins the healing journey and each day brings renewal and hope. 

Muse treats the mind, body, and spirit with medically sanctioned treatments that are specifically designed to help people manage their drug addictions. If you live in or near Huntington Beach, CA, you can trust our team to guide you on your recovery journey. Today’s detox rehabs differ from yesterday’s facilities because we have so many more treatments and medications at our disposal to help clients feel comfortable as their bodies slowly become free from the drug they’ve been addicted to. Contact us and let’s discuss our enrollment options today.

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