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Inpatient rehab provides people with a safe place for recovering from alcohol or drug addiction. They feature supportive staff and supervision to help clients keep their recovery journey on track. The problem for many people is that when they return to their everyday lives, they may not feel quite ready to cope with their triggers effectively using the strategies they learned in rehab. A few weeks of coping well may take an abrupt turn when a stressful event occurs. Relapse remains a serious threat for clients once they leave rehab, especially in the early months of their recovery.

Many clients benefit by spending time at a sober living facility or community instead of returning home after their rehab stay. Sober living programs help people transition from formal treatment back to their lives. Many people who live in these sober communities continue to attend treatment sessions on a less frequent basis or enroll in 12-step programs. With therapy or aftercare and time living in a sober living facility, clients can build a strong foundation for rebuilding their lives once they do return to them. 

Muse offers a wide range of addiction treatment programs including sober living facilities for residents of Huntington Beach, CA. Living in a sober living facility isn’t itself a cure for addiction, but it helps people manage their addiction effectively. They can become more stable and more skilled at managing their triggers without having to deal with their home environment and its temptations or stresses. Research has shown that the more time people spend getting formal support for their addiction, the less likely they are to relapse.

Muse has a reputation throughout Southern California for its quality addiction treatment programs and facilities. Our clinicians, therapists, and support staff are highly trained and specialize in addiction medicine. We’ve designed our sober living facilities with clients’ comfort in mind. We know that living in a sober living community affords clients many benefits. Weekly meetings, mild supervision, camaraderie with other individuals recovering from addiction, and a safe drug and alcohol-free environment can provide people with an additional level of support and complement their continued therapy or aftercare. Clients choose Muse because we are known for our empathy and well-rounded treatment offerings. 


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Benefits of Sober Living with Muse

Living in a Muse sober living facility offers people recovering from addiction many benefits. First, clients can rely on our support team for help when they need it. Recovery always involves ups and downs because no life is immune from stress. Our team provides guidance and support to help clients maintain and build on their recovery progress. Living in our sober living communities helps clients establish a healthful structure and routine. Practicing this daily routine helps them to build new healthy habits that they can carry back to their lives once they transition to their Huntington Beach homes. 

During their time with us, many sober living residents develop close meaningful friendships with other people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Clients understand the struggles each of them faces and often provide one another with support. Part of recovery often involves relinquishing unhealthy relationships, so it’s a decided benefit to socialize with people who support the recovery experience. Each benefit contributes to clients’ lives and their growing independence from harmful addictive substances. 

Why Choose Muse for Sober Living for Residents of Huntington Beach, CA

If you live in Huntington Beach and don’t feel stable enough to return to your home after completing addiction treatment, consider residing for a period of time at a Muse sober living community. Many clients’ come from homes that brim with triggers to abuse drugs or alcohol. Triggers can pave the way to relapse, a serious setback for recovery. Clients often come from homes where other household members use / abuse drugs or alcohol. They may have unhealthy or toxic relationships with members of their household. They may not feel ready to cope with the challenges and stresses of living on their own. This is normal. Many clients require support as they transition back to their normal lives. 

Clients can spend time at our facility and practice the coping strategies they learned in rehab to manage their addiction and its triggers. The time they spend with us allows them to grow in their stability and personal growth. For clients who need more support, our sober living facilities provide them with a positive living experience that bolsters their recovery success. 

Women’s Sober Living for Huntington Beach, CA Residents

Women and men often face unique circumstances as they recover. Muse features women’s sober living facilities that provide a safe place for women over 18 to recover. Our sober living program features weekly meetings where residents can discuss coping strategies and issues that are especially relevant to women. Stresses like childcare, relationship problems (particularly serious issues like domestic violence), and work are some of the issues that are important for women to discuss as they develop new goals and work to change their lifestyle. Residents of our communities share chores and enjoy a sense of camaraderie as they work together to regain their freedom from addiction.

Men’s Sober Living for Huntington Beach, CA Residents

Like women, men, too, face challenges that are often unique to their recovery experience. Our supportive sober living programs for men help recovering individuals manage their addiction by practicing the coping strategies learned in rehab. We feature weekly meetings, periodic urine testing, and sober-friendly activities designed to help men transform their lifestyle and health for the better. 

If you are living with a drug or alcohol addiction in Huntington Beach, now is the best time to seek help. Don’t put off treatment that can safeguard your health and future. Addiction is a chronic disease, but treatment and time at a sober living facility can help you manage this condition successfully. Visit Muse online or at our Los Angeles location to learn more about our sober living program and other treatment programs designed to help people end their reliance on drugs or alcohol. 

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