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Addiction treatment at an accredited rehab is the best way to recover from drug addiction. However, it’s not always possible to take one to three months of work, your responsibilities at home, or school to be able to get the help you need to manage your addiction. Outpatient rehab can become an ideal solution in this case because you can get the professional care you need for addiction without needing to take time away from your responsibilities. 

Through our top-rated outpatient drug rehab center for residents of Irvine, you can get comprehensive treatment for drug addiction without the need to lose your independence, allowing you to still stay on top of your responsibilities. It is also an excellent way to receive transitional care after an inpatient program, helping you to adjust to your mainstream life again and still be able to get professional help with your recovery from addiction.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is an accredited rehab with treatments ranging from medical detox programs and evidence-based therapies to long-term medically-assisted treatment (MAT) and holistic treatments to help improve your life as a whole, preventing relapse. Aftercare services are available once you’ve completed your program to ensure a continuum of care.


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Drug Rehab That Allows You to Still Go to Work & School

One of the primary reasons why outpatient rehab is used to treat addiction is due to the benefits that it has. Namely, the ability to still go to school or work. Since you will only need to go to Muse Treatment when your treatments are scheduled for, you can carry on going to work or school daily and schedule treatments at times that are more convenient for you like after work or on weekends.

Of course, your progress will be monitored to ensure that relapse doesn’t occur during treatment and if the exposure to outside influences leads you to relapse, then changes will need to be made to keep on track with your recovery.

Benefits of Outpatient Drug Rehab

The benefits of outpatient drug rehab at Muse extend past just the ability to continue with work or school during your treatment program. Many benefits surround outpatient rehab that you wouldn’t get if you didn’t take advantage of our outpatient rehab for Irvine residents.

One of the factors that make outpatient rehab attractive is the cost involved. Compared to inpatient rehab, it’s more affordable because there are fewer things to worry about such as housing and food. The treatments, of course, remain the same but there are fewer additional elements of your time at rehab.

Support is a large part of recovery. Finding a sober community of like-minded people who are working together for a common goal can be inspiring and a learning experience. As a part of the Muse sober community, you will get support from others in the program during and after rehab as well as from our compassionate staff and healthcare workers. It can help you to make new friends which are often required since the friends you have may still be abusing drugs.

The support that you can get during an outpatient program also extends to your friends and family. Since you will still have your autonomy, you can get the support of your loved ones throughout your program which can prove to be very beneficial for you during the harder days.

Being in our outpatient rehab for Irvine residents means that you’ll be able to practice the skills that you learn in rehab in your day-to-day life. You can work on diffusing and avoiding trigger situations while you have the ready support of a professional addiction treatment specialist. It can help you to actively adjust your relapse prevention techniques as well as discover and deal with trigger situations that you didn’t consider before.

What to Expect During Outpatient Rehab?

Muse Treatment is an accredited rehab. The treatments that we offer for residents of Irvine are the best-known ways to treat addiction so that long-term sobriety can become a reality. When you first start your outpatient program, you will have a private discussion about the elements surrounding your drug addiction. This is for us to get a better understanding of you as a person, potential underlying causes of addiction such as co-occurring mental disorders, and to then create a personalized treatment plan that you will follow through your rehab program.

Muse Treatment has a medical detox program that can help to take care of the withdrawal symptoms that you experience when you stop using a drug. This usually takes between 5 to 7 days in which time you’ll be closely monitored to ensure a safe recovery and be given medications approved by the FDA to reduce and ease symptoms substantially.

Behavioral therapy is the cornerstone of recovery from addiction. It helps you to change the behaviors that don’t promote a healthy, happy life and nurture the behaviors and ways of thinking that do. You can also expect to receive treatment for co-occurring mental disorders at Muse so that the mental health disorder doesn’t impact your recovery and cause you to relapse.

How Long Does Outpatient for Residents of Irvine Last with Muse?

At Muse Treatment, you can take advantage of our 30-, 60-, or 90-day outpatient programs. Our 30-day drug rehab is considered to be our short-term addiction treatment solution with our 60- and 90-day outpatient rehab our long-term treatment solution.

We also provide you with a way to receive a continuum of care after rehab through our aftercare programs. These include social and educational events in our alumni program, our sober living homes, and 12-step support groups.

Why Choose Muse?

With Muse Treatment, you will have a comprehensive treatment solution for drug addiction in an outpatient setting. Everything you need in an effective treatment plan is provided for you and our range of services can be adjusted to fit any budget. We are an accredited treatment facility and are certified to provide medication to help with detox and as a long-term treatment solution through our medically-assisted treatment (MAT).

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