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The definition of alcohol abuse is when you use alcohol regularly, or binge drink frequently, and alcohol addiction is defined by that pattern of use becoming problematic. You may feel a physical or psychological urge to drink alcohol that can be mild to severe. You may find yourself prioritizing drinking over important events, responsibilities, or even your own health. If you are craving alcohol, drinking in secret, or continuing to drink even though it is causing family problems, it might be time to seek professional help.

Muse Treatment is the top-rated alcohol detox program for residents of Los Alamitos, California. We have an excellent team that is there to provide around-the-clock support in your detox and recovery, many of whom are actually in recovery themselves, so they know about what you are going through. At Muse, we have the goal of getting to the underlying root of your addiction through behavioral therapy, counselling, activities, and leisure time, alongside treating the physical addiction. This holistic approach to detox and rehab gives our patients a much higher chance of remaining sober, long after treatment.

At Muse Treatment, we support all levels of care. Every step of your detox and rehab can be completed within the same facility, so your rehabilitation plan can follow an easy trajectory without transfers and changes in care providers. Your customized care plan at Muse will give you a much better chance at completing detox and rehab, and going on to live an independent life without the use of drugs or alcohol.  

What is Alcohol Detox Like?

The first thing that happens when you come to a Muse facility to begin detox is our intake procedures. This includes getting to know about you, your addiction, your health, and your goals and needs. We will screen for physical and mental health issues at this time to see if you will need a dual diagnosis treatment for any co-occurring issues.

When you enter the detox program at Muse, you will say in our residential detox facility, a comfortable home-like room, with 24-hour access to clinical care and professional counsellors. Alcohol withdrawal can become very serious if left untreated and requires professional care and therapy to reduce the chances of hazardous side effects.

For alcohol detox, a medically assisted treatment plan is strongly recommended. This usually takes between seven and ten days, but everybody is different.

Once detox is over and you are stabilized, we will prepare you to enter a residential program and long-term care. Detox is a short-term, biological solution, but rehab is where you will gain the skills, confidence, and healthy coping strategies to be able to remain sober long-term.


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What to Expect During Detox?

When you decide to enter rehab, the first thing you have to do is get the alcohol out of your bloodstream, so you have to stop drinking. Alcohol withdrawal can have mild to serious side effects, depending on factors like:

  •       How long you have been drinking
  •       How much alcohol you have been drinking at a time
  •       Your medical history and genetics

It is very important with alcohol detox that you are monitored by professionals. Withdrawal symptoms can change and get worse rapidly. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms may include:

  •       Headache or body aches
  •       Increased heart rate
  •       Uncontrollable sweating
  •       Tremors
  •       Insomnia or nightmares
  •       Anxiety, irritability or mood swings
  •       Confusion or brain fog

If a person has had the addiction for a long time, or has been drinking heavily or presents with other health issues during withdrawal, they may experience what is known as delirium tremens, also known as the DTs. Symptoms of DTs include

  •       Confusion and agitation
  •       High fever
  •       Auditory hallucinations (hearing things that are not there)
  •       Visual hallucinations (seeing things that are not there)
  •       Tactile hallucinations (feeling like something is crawling under your skin)
  •       Seizures

These symptoms can become life threatening if they are not treated by medical professionals.

At Muse Treatment, we have a clinical staff on-site 24 hours a day to provide care, and the knowledge that you are safe. They will monitor your health and progress through detox, and through our medically assisted treatment, they will be able to give you medications at prescription doses to help you through your detox. Depending on what your intake interview revealed, these can include medications like antidepressants, something to help you sleep, and medications to combat cravings or other symptoms.

Our medically assisted therapy reduces the risk of relapse, because alongside biological detox, we also introduce counseling and behavioral therapy early in the process to help you deal with any emotions or fears that may come along with the stopped alcohol use. This combination is what will get you through detox and into residential rehab.  

At Muse Treatment, we recommend a minimum of a 30-day stay in residential rehab after your detox is through. You will receive a treatment plan of therapy, life-skills training, activities and outings that is customized to your preferences, needs, and budget. After rehab, we offer multiple outpatient options, have an amazing alumni network you can join, and we have affiliated partners who run sober living homes. With this combination of resources available to you, Muse Treatment will be there to support you long after detox and rehab are over.

How Long is Detox?

Everybody has a different timeline for detoxing from alcohol because everybody has their own health issues, histories, and goals.

In general, symptoms of withdrawal will begin to show up around 2 to 6 hours after you take your last drink. In the first 6 to 12 hours you may feel anxiety, headaches, stomach pain, or nausea, and have trouble sleeping.

Between 12 to 48 hours after your last drink, serious withdrawal symptoms may begin to show up, and by 48 to 72 hours symptoms may peak. This is when relapse will generally happen, as it becomes too difficult to get through. You could experience fever, confusion, hallucinations, or delirium tremens  which, without medical intervention, could get dangerous. At Muse, our medically assisted detox will get you through this and out the other side in the safest, most comfortable way possible. We monitor our patients 24 hours a day, and our onsite nursing staff is led by our head nurse, a certified addictions RN.

After the 72 hour mark, you should gradually begin to feel better each day, until you are clear-headed and ready to take on the next step of your recovery: rehab.


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Why Choose Muse for Alcohol Detox?

With our excellent facilities, our integrated detox and rehabilitation programs, and our caring staff, Muse is the best choice for alcohol detox. Our 24/7 clinical care team is there to support you in our peaceful location, so you will be able to get to the root of your addiction and work towards creating a positive and productive sober future for yourself.

Our staff is trauma-informed, meaning that they are trained to recognize symptoms of trauma, and they know that not everybody immediately trusts doctors or psychiatric care. Everybody has a past, and for some people, feeling out of control, being in new surroundings, or medical environments may trigger fear or trauma responses. At Muse Treatment, we make sure that our patients are involved in the decision making around their treatment, and are treated with kindness and respect. We aim to create a collaborative environment with lots of communication. Consent is key, and we want you to feel safe and listened-to while in our care.

 After alcohol rehab, it is recommended to remain in our residential rehab program for a minimum of 30 days, where you will have access to multiple types of therapies, activities, and training to gain the skills needed to live a sober and independent life. At Muse Treatment, we can seamlessly transition you from detox to rehab as they take place in the same location, with the same team of caregivers. You won’t have to worry about transferring, doing intake procedures twice, or any other bureaucratic barriers keeping you from getting healthy and sober.

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