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Across the United States, abuse of prescription medications has become a problem over the last few decades.  In many states, the issue has reached epidemic proportions, with local municipalities and even school districts taking action and developing programs to combat the problem. 

Drug rehabilitation organizations like Muse Treatment have also needed to expand the processes and protocols they offer their patients so that abuse and addiction to prescription medications can be specifically addressed.  Always adapting to what is happening in society is just one way Muse Treatment is a top-rated prescription drug rehab for Malibu, California residents. 

Through our inpatient and outpatient programs, detox, rehab, and aftercare services, Muse Treatment can provide the necessary care for you or your loved one. Making a major change in life like putting drug abuse or addiction behind you can take a lot of work and there’s no need to do it alone.  Call us today to hear about all of the drug rehab options we have for residents of the Malibu area. 

What is RX Rehab Like?

Rx medications can become problematic for people in a number of ways.  Opioid pain medications are the most commonly abused prescription drug category, however other medicines such as anxiety solutions are also sometimes used incorrectly by individuals. 

First, it is very important for people to self-monitor if they have been prescribed medication by their physician.  If a drug you are prescribed begins to have less of an effect, contact your doctor immediately.  This can be a sign of addiction when a person becomes tolerant to a drug even when taken as ordered. 

Second, you should never take someone else’s prescription medication even for what seems like a legitimate reason.  In the category of pain medications, there are dozens of drugs that doctors choose based on the specific needs of individual patients and their medical history.  Third, due to the euphoric effect of drugs in the pain management category, these medications are also often taken strictly for recreational purposes.

RX rehab professionals have to address all of these scenarios in different ways when working with clients.  People in all three categories may require drug detox as a first step.  Depending on the length of time a person has been abusing a particular substance, our Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) protocol might be the best course of treatment for them. 

A combination of inpatient and outpatient drug rehab therapy can be useful for many patients.  As with many forms of abuse or addiction, the exact treatment a person will need is determined by their unique set of circumstances.  That’s why at Muse Treatment we offer a 100% customized approach to each of our patient’s care.  

What to Expect During RX Rehab?

During RX rehab, a client may go through several phases of treatment all aimed at helping them begin recovery and remain drug-free over the long-term.  In many cases, patients require a period of inpatient drug detox treatment where they are carefully weaned off of the substance or substances of abuse. This takes place in a safe, secure environment where their comfort is made a priority.  Making a client comfortable seems like a simple notion but it is of great importance in preventing relapses during this early stage of recovery.

Once a patient no longer has the substance in their system, RX rehab can begin.  At Muse Treatment, this can occur in either an inpatient or outpatient setting.  If a person chooses residential drug rehab, they can transition directly from detox into therapy sessions at our Los Angeles Inpatient Rehab Center. 

Here our patients have a lot of options when it comes to the treatment they receive.  One-on-one and group therapy sessions are both available.  Additionally, many therapeutic modalities are utilized beyond the standard individual cognitive-behavioral therapy.  Experts agree that patients who receive a combination of therapies during their treatment tend to have longer-lasting success during recovery. 

Whether or not a person has taken advantage of residential RX rehab treatment at Muse, we also offer outpatient care for our clients.  Outpatient drug rehab can be a great way to continue to get regular support from individual or group therapy sessions on a schedule that fits a person’s lifestyle and responsibilities.  In each case, Muse takes a team approach to treatment and each of our patients will work with professionals who are highly trained in their individual fields. At Muse, we all share the goal of wanting to help each of our patients start a new chapter in their life. 

How Long Does RX Rehab Last?

How long a person remains in regular rehab therapy is very much determined by them and their experience with substance abuse.  There are some typical time frames for our clients to consider when beginning treatment.  For example, drug detox typically takes four to 10 days.  Residential RX rehab can take from 28 days up to a few months.  Outpatient drug rehab therapy can last for many months or even more than a year.  How long a person needs to stay in RX rehab is much less important than the progress they make.

Top Abused Prescription Drugs

Individuals abuse prescription medications for a variety of reasons.  Pain, anxiety, depression, and just to get high.  Opioids are one of the most commonly abused substances and there is a long list of prescription drugs in the category.  These include Codeine, Morphine, Fentanyl,  Oxycodone, Hydrocodone Bitartrate Hydromorphone, Oxymorphone, Meperidine, and Propoxyphene. Depressants in the Benzodiazepine category are also often abused.  These include prescription medications like Ativan, Halcion, Librium, Valium, Xanax, and Klonopin.  These, nor any other prescription medications, should be used without a doctor’s orders. 

Why Choose Muse for RX Rehab?

When you choose Muse for RX rehab, you are tapping into a team of experts who have an incredible amount of experience working with people who are trying to make a change in their lives.  Rehab is a time of transition and our caring staff will help you through every phase of starting the next chapter in your life. 

Give us a call and speak to one of our top-notch professionals.  We’re committed to helping you get where you want to go in life with the negative effects of drug abuse behind you.

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