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Muse Treatment is proud to offer sober living homes for both men and women who reside in Malibu, California.  Sober living can be an excellent way for people transitioning from residential rehab treatment to being back in society to insulate themselves from drugs and alcohol in the early stages of their recovery. 

At Muse, we offer sober living homes to men and women 18 and over.  Much like during inpatient rehab, staying in a sober living home for a period of time emphasizes the fact that many people are going through the same struggles as you.  As with all of the services we provide at Muse Treatment, our sober living homes are staffed with highly-trained professionals who fully understand what you are going through and are there to support you in any way they can. 

Alcohol and drug abuse can alter the course of a person’s life severely and when you choose Muse our sober living homes are just one more way we help our clients get back on track.   If you or a loved one is struggling with drugs or alcohol, please call us today. 

One of our excellent counselors will go through all of our treatment options with you, including our sober living homes, so that you can make a smart, educated choice regarding treatment.  No one ever needs to deal with alcohol or drug abuse on their own.  We at Muse Treatment are here to help.

Benefits of Sober Living with Muse

At Muse, we understand all of the ways drug abuse and addiction can negatively affect a person’s life.  An individual’s relationships, family life, career, finances, and health can all be damaged.  One of the benefits of sober living with Muse is that we help you reset your life in many ways while staying in a safe, supportive environment. 

Staying at a sober living home helps people get back into the rhythm of life through simple activities that most of us would take for granted on a day-to-day basis.  Whether it’s doing chores or sitting down to a proper meal or laying your head down for a good night’s rest, it’s often the simple things that help our clients realize that everything is going to be ok. 

At Muse, we understand that as a person goes through alcohol or drug rehab, issues from the past and present can come to the surface.   Each of our guests at our sober living houses is assessed each week to identify problem areas and give positive feedback for goals being met.  During a person’s journey into recovery, their treatment needs may change many times.  By having weekly checkup meetings our sober living team can help make the necessary adjustments to an individual’s care. 

Why Choose Muse For Sober Living for Malibu Residents

When you choose Muse for sober living near Malibu, you or your loved one are adding another piece of the puzzle that will help you be successful in recovery.  Everyone who enters drug rehab will have a different experience.  However, in general, our goal for all of our patients is the same: set them up with the skills and knowledge that will allow them to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol over the long-term. 

Another reason to choose Muse for sober living is our dedication to making drug rehab a transitional time in each of our client’s lives.  At Muse Treatment we know that even after drug detox, inpatient drug rehab, and outpatient therapy there will be tough days in a recovering person’s life.  That’s why we are heavily involved in 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). 

Patients of ours that have support groups to lean on when they need to have better success at staying sober and avoiding relapses. 12-step meetings are often part of a person’s daily schedule at our sober living homes. 

By committing to a rehab plan and taking advantage of the structure that is the underlying foundation of our sober living homes, our patients can continue moving forward towards a healthy, happy, drug-free lifestyle.

Women's Sober Living Malibu

For people living in the Los Angeles metroplex, including Malibu, Muse has several sober living homes for women that are located near entertainment complexes, colleges, and transportation hubs in the following communities: Marina Del Rey, Culver City, Venice Beach, and Santa Monica.

A sober living homes for women, we have two or three beds in a room, which allows for companionship and making new friends, without feeling overcrowded.  We have televisions, kitchens, and a laundry area so that our guests can get into regular routines that they would in their own homes. Weekly house meetings are held for both socialization and to discuss anything that’s going on in the community.

If needed due to any present legal issues, we can provide progress reports to courts, attorneys, the Probation Department, Bar Association, and state medical boards. A sober living home is a place for people to take the next step in their evolution while staying in an environment that supports their goals.

Men's Sober Living Malibu

Our men’s sober living homes in the Malibu area have many of the same attributes as the Muse Sober Living women’s homes.  Bedrooms are shared with two to three people and kitchens and laundry rooms are available for use by our guests.  Our men’s sober living homes are centrally located near cultural sites and beaches in the following Los Angeles communities: Culver City, Venice Beach, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills. 

One of the things we encourage in our sober living homes is that our guests connect with each other and share their experiences.  The more a person feels like they are not alone in their struggle the more they will understand they can be successful, too. It is also always ok to ask for help.  There is no need to suffer in silence when our exceptional staff is there to support you in any way they can.  

If you have any questions about Muse Sober Living and how it can be integrated into any of our other programs, please call us today.  Our abuse and addiction counselors are always ready to answer any questions you may have about our processes, team members, and facilities at Muse Treatment.

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