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Millions of Americans use prescription drugs for nonmedical reasons. Taking drugs that are not yours or using them not as prescribed can lead to addiction, physical dependence, and other health and legal problems.

Muse Treatment is a peaceful and comfortable place to detox and rehabilitate from RX drugs, away from life’s everyday stresses. It is the top-rated prescription drug rehab for people in Mar Vista, California. Our comprehensive, integrated care combines mental health, substance abuse, and primary care services. An individual, tailored treatment plan is provided for each client’s care, where we focus on your unique goals, budget, and needs.

What is RX Rehab Like?

When you first arrive at Muse Treatment facility, we will conduct an in-depth interview with you, and screen for mental and physical health issues to determine if we need to do a dual diagnosis treatment. We want to ensure all co-occurring issues are treated together, to get to the roots of addiction.

The next step is detox. Generally, we recommend a medically assisted treatment (MAT), where alongside behavioral therapy and counselling, you are given medications as needed to treat withdrawal symptoms. Depending on which drug you are detoxing from, as well as factors like length of use and physical health, some withdrawal symptoms can become severe without medical intervention. With MAT, you will be given prescription doses of medications to help you through it, without creating a new addiction.

After detox, you will transition within the same facility to an inpatient rehab program. We have a community-oriented residence, where you will stay in a home-like room in a full-size bed, not a hospital bed. Therapies offered include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • One-On-One Therapy (AKA Psychotherapy or Talk Therapy)

We have game nights and movie nights, exercise facilities, nutritional counselling, vocational training, and life skills classes. Pets are allowed, and we offer couples rehabilitation programs. We have structured daily living, with empathetic and highly trained staff available 24/7 for emotional and physical support.

It is beneficial to stay in residential treatment for a minimum of 30 days, as you will be in a serene environment, surrounded with a like-minded community in a new environment, away from the day-to-day stressors, triggers, and temptations of life. You can focus on your therapy and treatments, leading to a long-term, sustained recovery. A longer stay in rehab will reduce the chances of relapse.


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What to Expect During RX Rehab?

Most substances that create a chemical dependence require a detox before beginning the steps to create a lasting recovery. At Muse, we offer safe and effective drug detox programs that are tailored to each person’s individual addiction, body, metabolism, and unique circumstances. We offer medical detox, where you will be monitored by clinical staff and given medications to ensure you are not experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. Once detox is done, we give 24-hour medical and emotional support while you transition to your customized inpatient rehabilitation program.

Rehab is where you take the time to learn about yourself, work on your sobriety, and gain the tools and skills to live a self-directed, independent life without the use of drugs or alcohol. You will have counselling, not only to deal with addiction, but health, life skills, and even vocational training for those who have never had a long-term job or need extra help in that area. The facility is community oriented, and you will be surrounded by peers who are in a similar situation to you.

At Muse Treatment you will have access to a variety of therapy options to help you while you work on recovery. Everybody is different and will respond better to some options than others. We have family therapy and couples therapy, one-on-one psychotherapy, experiential therapy, and more. Each program is customized to you and your individual situation.

After you finish your time in residential treatment, you will transition to one of our outpatient programs, which can be coupled with a sober living home if needed. We have a thriving community of alumni who hold gatherings, outings, and barbecues, fostering a continued life-long sober friend and support group.

These amenities and therapies are all designed to help lower your risk of relapse. Once you join us, you will never be alone. Muse staff and community are here for you.

How Long Does Rx Rehab Mar Vista Last?

As everybody is unique, with different needs and goals, there are many different types of rehabs. At Muse, you will typically stay for 30, 60, or 90 days in residential inpatient treatment, and then move on into one of our outpatient programs, with alumni support and sober living homes available. The focus is on your recovery, and we can move at your comfort level. You are encouraged to remain in treatment until you feel ready to move on.

The longer the stay in a residential program, the lower the risk of relapse.

Top Abused Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug abuse is when a prescription medication is used in a way that was not intended by the doctor who prescribed it. Some people become addicted to prescribed medications, like painkillers after surgery. Combining prescription or other drugs together, or using them with alcohol is especially dangerous, even fatal.

Some of the most commonly abused prescription drugs are:

  • Amphetamines – stimulants, including Adderall, Dextroamphetamine, and Mydayis, prescribed for ADHD. Amphetamines are abused to boost energy and alertness and get high. High doses can cause a dangerous rise in body temperature, paranoia, aggressiveness, hallucinations, irregular heartbeat, seizures, stroke, and even cardiac arrest.
  • Barbiturates – central nervous system depressants prescribed to help with anxiety, sleep problems, and some seizures, like phenobarbital, pentobarbital, and secobarbital. High doses can cause trouble breathing, especially if mixed with alcohol. Withdrawal from barbiturates can be life-threatening if not medically supervised. 
  • Benzodiazepines – central nervous system depressants, or sedatives, prescribed for anxiety, panic attacks and sleep problems, like Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin, or Valium. They slow down brain and nervous system activity. These can easily lead to physical dependence, even when used as prescribed, and stopping abruptly can be dangerous. Abuse can cause confusion, dizziness, impaired coordination and memory, and low blood pressure. Combining with alcohol increases the risk of respiratory depression, and even death.
  • Codeine and Morphine – addictive opioid painkillers that dull pain but can cause a euphoric high in large doses. They can have dangerous side effects like dizziness, sedation, false feelings of well-being, abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation, and drowsiness. In large doses they can cause seizures, low blood pressure, and difficulty breathing.
  • Dextromethorphan (DXM) – a common ingredient in cough and cold medicines that can cause hallucinations in high doses. Abuse of DXM can also cause vomiting, paranoia, rapid heart rate and even brain damage.
  • Hydrocodone – a very addictive opioid pain medicine, known as Vicodin when combined with acetaminophen, this is one of the most abused prescription drugs. Opioids cause drowsiness, constipation, nausea, confusion, low blood pressure, unconsciousness, coma, and even death. In combination with alcohol, it is excessively dangerous.
  • Methylphenidate – a stimulant in ADHD drugs like Ritalin and Methylin. These drugs can cause dangerously high or low blood pressure, digestive issues, decreased appetite, and irregular heartbeat.
  • Oxycodone – a highly addictive, slow-release opioid painkiller found in drugs like Oxycontin, Percocet, Percodan, and Roxicodone. When crushed and snorted, or injected, there is a huge risk of overdose because the timed-release formulation is destroyed, and huge amounts of narcotic are released.
  • Pseudoephedrine – a decongestant found in non-prescription cold medicines; it is an ingredient found in meth.
  • Sleep Medicines – drugs like Ambien, Lunesta, and Sonata should not be used for longer than recommended by a doctor or you may become dependent on them to be able to sleep.

All these drugs activate the brain’s reward centers in some way, causing physical dependence and addiction. Physical dependence, also known as tolerance, is when you begin to need higher doses of the drug to get the same effect, or experience withdrawal symptoms when stopping use. Addiction is when you compulsively use and seek the drug, whether or not physical dependence is present, even when the drug causes problems in your life.

Why Choose Muse for RX Rehab?

At Muse, we focus on the root of addiction, with a full 1-on-1 continuum of care, including dual diagnosis. We believe individualized care is important, and that each person seeking treatment is unique in needs and goals.

All care is administered by trained, experienced professionals. Our staff creates a non-judgmental environment where healing can happen, using trauma-informed care. We recognize that behavioral health and addiction issues can represent a person’s pain and suffering, and we know that each person is unique and capable of change. We use this knowledge to treat the underlying causes of addiction, which allows for lasting transformation to happen.

At Muse, our large recovery community will continue to be there to support you for the rest of your life.



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Benefits of Sober Living With Muse

The benefits of sober living with Muse Treatment include:

  • A new, sober community with the possibility of making lasting sober friendships
  • Continued access to counselors, therapy, and meetings
  • The ability to use newly learned recovery skills in real-life situations while fully supported by our expert staff
  • References to sober living homes near you, that fit your unique needs
  • Some locations offer a virtual intensive outpatient program, where therapy and meetings can take place online via a telehealth platform
  • On top of therapy and counselling, we offer practical programs like life skills and vocational training, to help you in all facets of living an independent, sober life
  • Access to a large, thriving alumni community, for peer support and social activities

Our outpatient treatment programs are designed to give you the support you need, with the flexibility needed to return to your everyday life and responsibilities. At Muse Treatment, we encourage you to remain in care for as long as you need. With access to sober living homes, and our strong alumni community, you will never be alone in your recovery.

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