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Have you been using drugs but when you try to quit, you are unable to do so? Do you notice health or social problems in your life due to drug use but it’s still too difficult to stop the cycle of abuse? You may have an addiction to drugs such as RX drugs, heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamine. To stop the problems related to substance abuse from multiplying, professional treatment for drug addiction can be the key to your recovery success.

Our top-rated drug rehab for residents of Newport Beach gives you the best way possible to overcome drug addiction. Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is a fully accredited rehab center and we offer a comprehensive range of treatment programs for drug addiction. We can assist you or someone you care about with every element of effective recovery; from dealing with detox comfortably to evidence-based behavioral therapies and holistic treatments.

At our drug rehab for Newport Beach residents, you will be treated through a treatment plan that’s made specifically for you because it helps to promote the effectiveness of treatment. We will help you to make short- and long-term goals that you can achieve that will each take you a step closer to overcoming drug addiction for good. Muse Treatment and Recovery Center’s drug rehab for Newport Beach residents is the best choice when it comes to the most effective rehabs in California.

Heroin Rehab

One of the drugs that can be particularly difficult to quit is heroin. Heroin is an opiate which means that it interacts with opioid receptors in the brain which control your feelings of pleasure and rewards. It is a highly addictive substance and repeated use of heroin can quickly cause your brain chemistry to change and your body adjusts and becomes reliant on the substance. Once this change occurs, then stopping alone isn’t just as simple as deciding.

At our drug rehab for Newport Beach residents, we can make the early process of recovery much easier through our drug detox program. Instead of facing the full weight of your withdrawal symptoms, we can help you by providing effective medications to treat your withdrawal symptoms. Our drug detox program will change a difficult experience into a comfortable one, making it far easier to break the physical hold that heroin has.

Once the detox process is completed then you will further your recovery by taking part in the holistic treatments and behavioral therapies that will help you to improve your wellbeing and build the foundation for long-term sobriety. The skills that you’ll learn will help you to prevent relapse and by helping you to heal from past difficulties, the road to your long-term recovery will open up before you.


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Cocaine Rehab

If you have been using cocaine but your use of the drug has started to affect your mental and physical wellbeing, caused problems in your social life, or led to problems related to your work, then Muse can help you to overcome your reliance on the drug. Cocaine is among the physically addictive drugs that many people struggle to stop using because of how it can alter your brain’s function.

Our cocaine rehab for Newport Beach residents conforms to the best-known principles of effective treatment. The cocaine addiction treatment plan that you’ll be involved with will be one that is ideal for your individual needs because we understand that each person is different when it comes to recovery.

Your treatment at our cocaine rehab will likely start with our medical detox program. This drug detox program that we offer to residents of Newport Beach helps to manage your withdrawal symptoms so that they don’t overwhelm you and so that you can safely and easily break the physical addiction to cocaine.

The core elements of your cocaine addiction treatment revolve around treating the causes of your addiction. Your biological, developmental, and environmental causes will be explored and treatment provided where necessary so that a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment can be achieved. The goal isn’t just to help you quit cocaine use but it’s to help you to quit drugs for good so that cocaine no longer has any bearing on your life.

Meth Rehab

Methamphetamine is a drug that has dire consequences if you repeatedly abuse it. The longer the use of meth carries on, the more likely you are to be affected by the long-term meth abuse effects such as dental problems, depression, anxiety, psychosis, sores on your skin, and multiple organ damage and potential failure. Many of these long-term meth abuse effects can be reversed if you were to stop and Muse can make your goal of stopping a reality.

Our meth rehab for Newport Beach residents makes quitting meth much easier and with a much better chance of long-term sobriety than if you were to try and stop alone. The usually intense withdrawal symptoms, especially cravings, can be managed through our drug detox program so that you can comfortably break your physical addiction.

Addressing and treating the causes of your addiction through our evidence-based behavioral therapies is the best way to achieve lasting recovery. Therapies such as trauma-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and interpersonal therapy help you to make the profound positive changes in your life that will ultimately help to sustain your recovery.

Our holistic treatments at our meth rehab for Newport Beach residents further help by improving your overall wellbeing and treating areas that may be contributing to your addiction such as co-occurring mental disorders.


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Why Choose Muse for Drug Rehab?

Muse Treatment is one of the best drug rehabs for Newport Beach residents. We offer affordable treatment plans that can take you from day one of your recovery to your sustained recovery over the long term. Our drug addiction treatment programs are accredited by the non-profit known as the Joint Commission. Furthermore, the use of medications in our drug detox program and medically-assisted treatment (MAT) is effective and safe because we are monitored by LegitScript.

Give Muse Treatment a call today to allow us to help you or someone you care about to achieve lasting recovery from drug addiction. Our caring support and effective treatment plans will help you to create a sustainable, drug-free life.

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