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The first year of your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is the most important time because relapse rates during this time can be as high as 60 percent. It’s not surprising considering that addiction is classified as a relapsing, chronic disease. It means that during the early stages of your recovery, every bit of additional support and guidance can make all of the difference.

Our sober living for residents of Newport Beach is an aftercare program that can be an asset in your recovery. Sober living homes are places where you can stay after your rehab program where a structured, substance-free environment can help to keep you focused on your recovery while you transition to your mainstream life. When dealing with a mental health disorder as complex as addiction, every advantage should be used.

Through our sober living environments for Newport Beach residents, you can be surrounded by people on similar recovery journeys and our staff members that extend themselves to make you feel comfortable and supported in the weeks and months that follow your rehab program. Preventing relapse and staying on top of your recovery is far easier when in our sober living homes.

Benefits of Sober Living with Muse

One of the most important benefits of sober living homes is in preventing relapse. When people finish their rehab program, it can be difficult to adjust to their normal life again. The transition from having ample support and guidance during rehab to just relying on yourself can be difficult at times, and it can be easy to fall into old patterns of behavior and neglect your relapse prevention strategies.

In our sober living environments for Newport Beach residents, you will be supported by our caring staff, be positively influenced by the shared goals among your peers, and the structured environment can make it much easier to stay on track with your recovery goals. You’ll be required to attend support group meetings and do things that support your recovery such as finding a new job and getting into healthy daily habits.

Making new sober friends can be another important benefit of sober living with Muse. You’ll be living with other people in recovery and you’ll have many things in common such as your recovery goals and potentially past experiences. Your old social circle may no longer be healthy for you because they may still be abusing drugs or alcohol, and making new friends is important for a recovering person.

Our sober living homes can also help your recovery by helping your confidence and making you feel empowered through your independence. You can start to do things for yourself again such as cook and as someone in recovery, it can be empowering to have a level of autonomy again. You can take your time and feel comfortable as you take on more responsibility.

Our sober living homes for residents of Newport Beach can help to solidify your recovery. You’ve learned the important aspects of maintaining your sobriety and during your time after rehab, you can put what you learned into practice while still being in an environment where you are supported and guidance can be given.


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Why Choose Muse for Sober Living for Residents of Newport Beach?

Muse Treatment is a top-rated treatment solution. Our rehab services are accredited by The Joint Commission and our dedication to your recovery extends to our aftercare services. The sober living homes that we can provide are an ideal stepping stone to help you to transition into your new life.

Having gone through our inpatient or outpatient rehab programs, you’ll know that Muse values a sense of family and support that can help our clients to achieve success in recovery. Through our sober living programs for Newport Beach residents, the support that you need to ensure that you can prevent relapse can be given.

In our sober living homes, all members will follow house guidelines that are created to help you to maintain and improve on your recovery. You will have access and be required to go to support group meetings during your time in the sober living environment. Chores will be set up such as cooking and cleaning and you will be rewarded for doing your chores such as getting time off chores and group outings.

As a part of our Muse family, we will help you to sustain your recovery and prevent relapse. You will be able to work on your day-to-day so that you can get comfortable following a daily rhythm that is in tune with a sober life. Let muse help you to prevent relapse and comfortable build the type of life that you can be happy with.

Women's Sober Living for Newport Beach Residents

Muse strives to help you to feel comfortable throughout all of the treatment programs and aftercare services that we provide. We want you to be able to focus on your sobriety and recovery without distractions. To help achieve this goal, we offer women’s sober living for Newport Beach residents.

Our staff members are sensitive to the various things that you might be dealing with in your recovery from an addiction such as eating disorders and anxiety disorders. Our sober living homes are clean and you will feel comfortable as a woman recovering from alcohol or drug addiction. Our women’s sober living homes are open to women over the age of 18.


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Men's Sober Living for Newport Beach Residents

Our men’s sober living for residents of Newport Beach is an ideal place for men over the age of 18 to get the support and guidance that they need during the early stages of their recovery from addiction after rehab. Being surrounded by peers that have similar experiences and goals can help to create a community that is ideal for recovery. You can put all of your energy into finding a new job, keeping the job, going to school, and getting used to a life without alcohol or drugs in an environment that is perfectly suited to these goals.

Reach out to Muse Treatment today to discover more information about our sober living homes. We can help you to maintain your sobriety and ultimately strengthen your recovery through our sober living homes for Newport Beach residents.

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