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At Muse, We are dedicated to providing a place where clients can rediscover themselves. We heal your body, mind, and spirit.

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Muse Detox and Inpatient Treatment Center is a safe haven for recovery from substance abuse and other mental health disorders.



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Muse utilizes an integrated approach to healing the brain. While most facilities focus on one general area, we emphasize a holistic, whole-brain approach in our drug rehab, alcohol treatment and dual diagnosis programs…

What We Offer

Drug & Alcohol Detox

Each client at Muse Los Angeles receives a medical and psychiatric assessment upon admission…Learn More

Inpatient Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Muse Inpatient Treatment Center is a safe haven for recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders…Learn More

Outpatient Rehab

Our Intensive Outpatient Program is dedicated to healing, recovery and helping clients maintain long-term sobriety…Learn More

Sober Living

A safe, supportive transitional living environment where residents can build a solid foundation toward a successful life in recovery…Learn More

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For years you justified and explained away your drinking, claiming that it was no big deal. You changed the subject whenever a well-meaning friend or family member brought it up, and you denied that your drinking had descended into alcoholism. You claimed you could stop drinking any time you wanted, and you rationalized your alcohol use because the substance was totally legal, and you were not breaking the law by using it.

At the same time, you knew deep down that something was very wrong, and you knew that you should seek help to overcome your budding alcoholism and reclaim your lost sobriety. And now you are ready to seek that help, but you do not know where to turn.

At Muse Treatment Center, we understand what you are going through, and we want to assure you that you do not have to go through it alone. We may not be able to walk the road to sobriety for you, but we can walk it with you, and all it takes is a single phone call. So pick up that phone today, give Muse Treatment Center a call and let us help you take the vital first step to a happier, brighter, and more successful tomorrow. Life is better on the other side of your alcohol dependency, and we can help you get there.

What Is Alcohol Rehab Like?

When you find yourself in the throes of an alcohol dependency, it can be hard to envision life on the other side. After all, many alcoholics have been drinking for as long as they can remember, so long in fact that imagining a life without alcohol can be very difficult.

We know where you are coming from, but we also know where you are going. If you are willing to put in the hard work and persevere in your recovery, you can regain your lost sobriety and build a better life, one that is free of alcohol use and filled with happy and sober memories.
Whether you have been drinking all your life or just for a short time, outpatient alcohol rehab is a vital first step on that road to sobriety.

There are many approaches to alcohol rehab, and Muse Treatment Center uses a holistic approach that focuses on the whole person, not just on their drinking.

By treating the effects and the root causes of alcoholism, we can give Orange County, California residents the care and support they need. Whether it is our highly effective detox methods, our ongoing care, and support or our professional counseling sessions, everything we do is geared toward helping our clients stop drinking, not only during their course of rehab but for the rest of their lives.

What to Expect During Rehab?

The decision to go into rehab for your alcoholism is commendable, but not know what to expect can be scary. That is why the staff at Muse Treatment Center wants you to be fully informed, so you will know what to expect as you begin your journey to sobriety.

When you walk through the doors of our alcohol rehab center for the first time, you will be welcomed by our professional team of men and women who have your best interests at heart and are dedicated to helping you achieve the sobriety you deserve. Through a combination of counseling sessions, community meetings, and ongoing support, we will uncover the roots of your alcoholism, help you develop the coping skills you will need to maintain your sobriety, and give you the tools you will need to live a happier and more successful life.

How Long Is Alcohol Rehab?

At Muse Treatment Center, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to alcohol rehab. We know that every alcoholic is different, with their own unique story to tell. Some people turned to alcohol to escape a life of childhood abuse, while others began drinking to excess following a spouse or child’s untimely death. Others use alcohol to self-medicate an undiagnosed mental health challenge, while others descend so slowly into alcoholism that they do not realize what is happening until it is too late.

Every journey to alcoholism is unique, and so is every path to sobriety. At Muse Treatment Center, we believe in a holistic, or whole person, approach to achieving sobriety, and that is what you will find when you walk through our doors for the first time.

Because no two alcoholics are the same, we offer several different alcohol rehab options, including 30, 60, and 90-day stays. No matter which option you choose, we will work hard to make your sobriety journey safe, comfortable, and affordable. We accept many different insurance types, so chances are good your stay with us will be fully paid for. So why wait one day longer? Just pick up the phone today and give Muse Treatment Center a call.

Why Choose Muse for Alcohol Rehab

At Muse Treatment Center, we are fully aware that we are not the only local facility offering alcohol rehab services. We know that there is plenty of competition in this space, but we feel that the high level of competitiveness has only made us stronger.

We are proud to offer alcohol rehab services that a highly effective, medically monitored, and built around the safety, privacy, and dignity of our Orange County, California area clients. If you are serious about getting help with your drinking problem, we are here to provide the tools you need to regain your sobriety and maintain it for a lifetime.

From the medical team employed by Muse Treatment Center to the nutritional support we offer to our clients to the ongoing care and community we create, everything we do is geared to the success of the men and women we serve. We know that it can feel lonely when you are trapped in a spiral of alcoholism and failed attempts at recovery, but we also know that there is a better, safer, and more successful life waiting on the other side. So take that first step today – help is just a phone call away.

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