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If you are worried about your drinking and concerned that you might be an alcoholic, you should listen to those fears and pay close attention. That little voice in your head is telling you something important, and you should heed its call and reach out for help before your dependency on alcohol gets even worse. 

Alcohol is an insidious drug, and its legal status often sends the message that its use is no big deal. But as a Pasadena area resident with a drinking problem, you know that alcohol use is a huge deal and that continuing with your drinking will only further destroy your life, including your family and your relationships, your ability to make a living, and even your continuing freedom. 

If you are serious about getting sober and ready to turn your life around, we are here to help. All it takes is a single phone call, and we encourage you to pick up the phone today and give Muse Treatment Center a call. 

What is Alcohol Detox Like?

Alcoholics and problem drinkers face many significant challenges as they struggle for sobriety, starting with the severity of the withdrawal symptoms they will face when they put down the bottle or empty the glass. If you have ever tried to stop drinking on your own, you are all too familiar with the pain of withdrawal, and finding alcohol detox that reduces that discomfort will be key to your long-term recovery.

At Muse Treatment Center, we take a scientific approach to alcohol detox, providing our Pasadena, California area clients with the medical support they need to stay safe and comfortable while their bodies continue to heal. If you are worried about alcohol detox and what it will be like, we encourage you to pick up the phone and give us a call today.

What to Expect During Detox?

Alcoholics and those with alcohol use disorder face a number of significant challenges as they struggle to stop drinking and put their problems with alcohol in the rearview mirror. From trying to repair the damage that alcohol has done to their career and personal relationships to try to avoid the omnipresent triggers at the local bar and highway billboard, these obstacles can seem enormous, but they pale in comparison to the severity of the withdrawal symptoms they will face if they try to stop drinking on their own. 

Just about every alcoholic has tried to stop drinking on their own at some point or another. This cold-turkey approach to alcohol detox is part and parcel of the community, but it is rarely if ever effective. If you have tried and failed to get sober before, you are not alone, and those failed attempts do not mean that a lifetime of sobriety is not achievable. 

Indeed, sobriety is waiting for you just on the other side, but only if you choose a deliberate and professional approach to put your drinking behind you. If you are ready to stop drinking once and for all, we can guide you through the process, including letting you know what to expect during the actual detox process.

At Muse Treatment Center, we use a scientifically proven approach for our alcohol detox, one that relies on the latest research and one that may include the use of specialized pharmaceutical medications. These medications are designed to reduce the severity of your withdrawal symptoms, making alcohol detox safer, more comfortable, and easier to manage. If you are ready to get help with your alcohol problems, we are here to help, and all it takes is a single phone call. 

How Long is Detox?

Whether you have been drinking for just a short time or struggled with alcoholism for as long as you can remember, stopping is not a matter of willpower, and all the good intentions in the world will not help you solve your problem. If you want to stop drinking and stay sober for a lifetime, you need to tackle your alcohol detox head-on, and that means seeking professional help and guidance throughout the process. 

Once you have determined that you need professional help to get sober, you have already taken the first step. And now it is time to take the next step by enrolling in the quality alcohol detox that Muse Treatment Center is proud to offer. 

If you are concerned about the pain and discomfort of alcohol detox, you can rely on us to minimize those effects and keep you as safe and comfortable as possible. We work hard to minimize the impact of alcohol withdrawal, enhancing the effectiveness of detox while keeping you safe and comfortable. 

Overall you can expect the severity of your alcohol withdrawal symptoms to peak a few days after your last drink, and any discomfort you feel should slowly begin to fade over a week or so. Even so, you may continue to experience psychological cravings long after your body has begun to heal, and that is why it is so important to pair quality alcohol detox with ongoing care, including attending 12-step meetings in the Pasadena area. 

When you work with Muse Treatment Centers, we will connect you to those resources, so you can continue your journey to a lifetime of sobriety in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. Your journey to a better and more sober life is ready to begin, so pick up the phone and give us a call today.

Why Choose Muse for Alcohol Detox?

When you are struggling under the weight of an alcohol use disorder or worried that you might be an alcoholic, it can be hard to know where to turn. You may feel isolated and alone, worrying that no one has ever felt what you are feeling or experienced what you are currently going through. 

At Muse Treatment Centers, we would like to assure you that you are far from alone. Plenty of other Pasadena, California natives are going through the same thing, but many of them have found real help through our advanced alcohol detox program. From medical support throughout the process to strong follow-up care later on, we offer a wealth of services to help you put your drinking behind you.  Your journey to a better life begins with a single phone call.

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