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There are many forms of treatment for drug addiction, but nearly all treatment must begin with medical detox. Addiction includes physical, psychological, and even behavioral dependencies. Detox addresses the physical dependence. It is the process by which an individual is carefully weaned from the substance of addiction. While it does not address the other aspects of addiction, which include those triggers that are typically associated with relapse, it is a crucial part of the recovery journey. Until a person undergoes a form of detox, they are unlikely to be able to focus on their other therapies. 

It’s true that detox can be uncomfortable, but treatments have come a long way in the last several decades. Today, clinicians have many means at their disposal to reduce and even eliminate the discomfort associated with many types of withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, it’s never a good idea to undergo detox on your own. Withdrawal symptoms may start out mild, but they can quickly escalate, becoming more severe. In some cases, severe withdrawal symptoms that are left untreated can even trigger medical emergencies.

Muse Treatment features drug detox programs designed to meet clients’ support needs. We provide treatments and therapies that can help clients relax and feel as comfortable as possible as they undergo this essential part of their recovery process. Our clinicians and support staff are experienced and specialize in addiction medicine and therapy. When you enroll in our detox programs, you can expect empathetic care that’s tailored to your needs. 

Muse Treatment is a renowned behavioral health center that specializes in substance abuse and addiction treatment. We’ve helped thousands of clients in and near Rancho Cucamonga overcome their dependence on alcohol and illicit/prescription drugs in order to achieve long-term recovery. Addiction is a chronic condition that affects both physical and mental health. Without treatment, it is likely to progress, its symptoms worsening over time. Because the risk for overdose is always present, it’s never a wise idea to put off drug addiction treatment. 

When you visit Muse Treatment, we’ll discuss your condition and provide you with a comprehensive evaluation. Drug addiction can take a toll on mental and physical health. Our clinicians need to understand the state of your health before beginning the detox process. Some clients may need more medical interventions because of related health conditions than someone else. Our assessment process allows us to recommend the ideal course of treatment and detox plan for you. It’s just another way we individualize therapy at Muse. 

What is Detox Like?

Clinically supervised or medical detox is a safe and effective process for overcoming physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. Many people suffering from addiction have experienced withdrawal symptoms and are aware of how unpleasant they can be. In fact, the idea of voluntarily undergoing these symptoms is one of the reasons why people put off entering rehab.

At Muse Treatment, however, we understand clients’ apprehensions. We can assure you that we will do everything we can to help you feel safe and comfortable during this process. And–the process is temporary! Once complete, clients will have taken a major step along their personal recovery journey. While undergoing detox in our facility, clients are monitored and provided with helpful treatments. Many clients prefer to rest as much as possible, allowing their bodies to begin to heal from the toll that drug abuse has taken on them. 

Once detox is complete, clients will transition to treatment programs that suit their individual needs. It’s vital to begin therapy that targets the mental aspects of addiction or relapse is likely. Sometimes people will experience some lingering symptoms of withdrawals such as cravings or headaches, but even these tend to diminish with time. We can also recommend treatments and therapies to reduce any lingering symptoms. 


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How Long Does Detox Take?

The detox process varies from person to person. Generally, this process takes about a week, but it may be less for some individuals and could extend to a couple of weeks for others. There are various factors that affect the time frame for detox. The type of drug a person is addicted to can impact the duration of detox. Also, the amount of time the person has been addicted to the substance and their own unique chemistry will necessarily affect the time frame too. 

Usually, withdrawal symptoms peak somewhere between 24 and 72 hours after the person has last used the addictive substance in question. Then, they gradually begin to feel better as their body becomes ‘clean’ of the drug. It’s important to remember that even after detox, the person still has an addiction. Detox is not a cure. It’s the first step on the long road to lasting recovery. Detox does not address the mental and behavioral aspects of addiction. Treatments for those dependencies may last anywhere from 30 to even 90 days. And many individuals will want to rely on continuing aftercare for support as needed. 

Why Choose Muse for Drug Detox?

Muse Treatment is the leading behavioral health center for people struggling with drug addiction in Rancho Cucamonga. We combine therapy, neural repair, and 12-step programming to help clients learn how to manage their addiction. Detox is a vital step. It’s crucial for people to break their physical reliance on the drug in question or they will continue to crave it and experience withdrawal symptoms when they don’t get it. It’s impossible to focus on any subsequent treatments until a person has been through detox and is no longer physically at the mercy of the drug they’re addicted to. 

If you live in or near Rancho Cucamonga and are ready to regain your freedom from drug addiction, contact or visit us to learn about our enrollment process. We can begin medical detox as soon as you’ve completed our evaluation. Don’t put off this potentially life-saving treatment. The sooner you visit us, the sooner you can safeguard your health and well-being. 

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