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Today, high-quality rehabs rely on many different types of therapies and treatments to help clients manage their addiction to drugs. Some people respond to conventional therapies best while others respond better to alternative treatments or even treatments that involve medications. Medically assisted treatment (MAT) in Rancho Cucamonga is a type of addiction therapy that some rehabs feature to help clients cope with powerful cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Clinicians can prescribe it during medical detox or later. Some people rely on MAT for months. 

In the past, using drugs to help combat a drug addiction was regarded as a somewhat unorthodox practice, but today, it has become standard treatment for many medically-based rehab programs throughout the country. Research suggests that MAT is associated with a reduction in relapse rates. Some drugs like heroin form a powerful grasp on people’s minds and bodies. Medications like suboxone can help people gradually reduce their reliance on heroin, achieving recovery in stages. 

If you are addicted to illicit drugs and live in Rancho Cucamonga, you should visit Muse Treatment in Los Angeles to learn more about its MAT programs. Muse is a ‘permissive rehab.’ This means that drugs, when prescribed by clinicians, are allowed. If you’re struggling with recovery, MAT might be the ideal option for you. MAT alone is not enough to help individuals manage their addiction, but it is a helpful complement to other forms of therapy. Don’t wait to explore your treatment options. The sooner you get help managing your addiction, the sooner you can regain your freedom from drug addiction. 

Muse features MAT addiction treatment programs for people addicted to powerful illicit drugs like heroin. Overcoming drug dependency can be extremely challenging–and uncomfortable. Medications like buprenorphine can ease these difficulties so that people can more comfortably progress through detox and the various initial stages of their recovery. Some forms of MAT like methadone are relied upon at various rehabs, but methadone can be habit-forming and cause addiction as well. In fact, each year more than 5,000 people lose their lives to methadone overdose. 

Muse features MAT options that are less dangerous but still effective. For addictions that involve heroin, for instance, suboxone and Subutex can be used to help individuals during their recovery process. These medications are less habit-forming than a drug like methadone. Many clients find them to be extremely helpful as they reduce the uncomfortable symptoms that clients experience as they work to manage their addiction. 

What is MAT?

MAT is an important therapy used today at many leading addiction rehab centers around the country, including Muse. Medications like suboxone target the brain’s reward centers without causing the individual to experience a high. Their brain and body’s receptors are ‘satisfied’ with the medication and the result is that the person experiences no or greatly reduced cravings for the addictive substance or withdrawal symptoms.

Other drugs used during MAT may target pain or even mental disorders like anxiety. Because these are powerful drugs, they must be monitored and prescribed by a doctor. At Muse, we honor physician prescriptions and help ensure that clients take their medications as prescribed. MAT allows people to experience freedom from withdrawal symptoms so that they can focus on their treatments. 


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What to Expect During MAT?

At Muse, we carefully evaluate each client’s mental and physical health in order to recommend the ideal course of treatment for them. We find that individualizing treatment as much as possible offers clients the best chance for recovery. If your physician prescribes this therapy or you are a candidate for it, we will support you throughout the process. 

When you begin treatment with a drug like Suboxone, Subutex, or anti-anxiety drugs, you may experience some side effects. Each drug is associated with particular side effects, but generally speaking, you might expect to feel some dizziness, nausea, irritability, or sleep disturbances. Usually, however, side effects will dissipate. It may be difficult for clients to differentiate side effects from the symptoms of withdrawal. Typically, though, people will begin to feel more like themselves rather quickly. At Muse, we monitor clients undergoing MAT to ensure that they are comfortable and that their recovery is progressing as expected. 

Because treatment does not conclude with a medication regimen, clients can expect to engage in other forms of therapy that help them effectively manage their addiction. MAT only eases the withdrawal and detox process; it doesn’t help clients identify the triggers that led them to abuse drugs or help them develop strategies to manage their triggers. However, it does enhance their comfort level and stability so that they’re better able to focus on their other forms of treatment. 

Why Choose Muse for Medically Assisted Treatment for Addiction?

Muse has a reputation for treatment excellence. Our rehab and sober living communities are known for their supportive environment and caring staff members. Our clinicians and therapists provide empathetic care for each client. Our MAT program is designed to support clients as they undergo other treatments for their addiction. Together, these treatments can help clients achieve their recovery goals. 

Some clients rely on MAT for a short period of time. Others may find that MAT is helpful in the long term. Our team can help you determine what the best treatments are for your needs. When you visit Muse, we can begin our evaluation process and answer all your questions about our enrollment process. 

Muse offers a wide range of treatment programs, including medically assisted treatment in various forms. If you’re recovering from drug addiction like heroin or experiencing anxiety and other symptoms of withdrawal, visit us for an evaluation. We can begin MAT therapy upon a physician’s recommendation. We will also recommend the ideal course of treatment for you. Individual and group counseling, for example, are medically sanctioned therapies that support the recovery process. Contact us or visit Muse and let’s discuss your treatment options today. Don’t put off rehab treatment. It could help you safeguard your life and future. 

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