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Learning how to successfully manage an addiction to alcohol or drugs takes time. While formal treatment can provide the key to recovery, the risk for relapse is serious. In fact, some forms of substance addiction are associated with a relapse risk of more than 90%. Methamphetamine is one such drug that has a high relapse rate. On average, more than 50% of people addicted to drugs or alcohol will relapse at least once. This isn’t indicative of treatment failure; on the contrary, it suggests that more treatment and recovery support is needed.

Sober living communities offer ongoing support for people who are recovering from an addiction. While these communities may involve peer group meetings and recreational opportunities for people who are in recovery, they do not typically replace formal treatment. Instead, they complement addiction therapy by providing people with a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment where they can focus on becoming more stable and better able to manage their triggers.

If you live in Rancho Cucamonga, Muse Treatment features a wide range of addiction treatment plans and sober living facilities for both men and women in the area. These communities provide clients with the opportunity to practice the coping strategies they learned in therapy in a supportive environment. Many people choose to spend time living in a sober living facility before transitioning back to their everyday lives with their temptations and stresses. 

Formal treatment programs may last 30, 60, or even 90 days, but many clients attend treatment on an outpatient basis. Unfortunately, life back home may be fraught with triggers to use drugs or alcohol. Many clients from Rancho Cucamonga prefer to reside, instead, at a sober living community like a supportive Muse facility where they can focus on their recovery plans without facing the temptations of their former life. 

Certainly, each client will be forced to contend with their triggers and temptations at some point, but it’s best to achieve a level of psychological stability and recovery progress before facing them. Sober living communities are ideal places to live during the initial months of addiction treatment. Their support can help clients ward off relapse, which remains a constant threat in the early weeks and months of recovery. 

Benefits of Sober Living with Muse

Muse has a reputation for its high-quality addiction treatment programs. We treat the mind, body, and spirit. Our sober living programs share this focus. While living at our facility, people recovering from addiction will enjoy the companionship of other people who are also working to transform their lives for the better too. Each resident shares in chores and is mandated to attend weekly group sessions. This type of structure helps residents build a framework for more healthful living. A healthy structure can help clients build a foundation for a stronger recovery. 

Another positive attribute of our sober living communities is their safety. Clients are removed from the high-risk settings that may have come from where drug and alcohol use were rampant. It’s important to stay away from these temptations, particularly during the early months of recovery when the risk of relapse is so high. 

During our group meetings, our sober living residents discuss many topics related to post-addiction living. We talk about how to more effectively manage stress, which is frequently a trigger to use drugs or alcohol. We may discuss family issues, goal setting, holistic measures that support recovery, and so forth. These discussions as well as our perpetual support can help clients grow in their ability to effectively manage their addiction. 

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call Muse Treatment Center today. Our expert addiction specialists are standing by ready to speak confidentially with you. Call (800) 426-1818 today.

Why Choose Muse for Sober Living for Rancho Cucamonga Residents

Muse has helped thousands of clients achieve lasting sobriety with its treatment programs. Its sober living facilities help clients maintain their recovery goals in addition to formal treatment. Our facilities are staffed by caring individuals who understand the challenges that clients face. We provide an exceptional level of support to help each person put their treatment strategies to work. With productive activities, healthful companionship, and our ongoing support, clients do progress and move forward on their recovery journey. 

Our goal is to help clients transition back to their mainstream lives with their responsibilities and obligations–with their temptations. We take a real-world approach to recovery. We want to arm clients with the skills they need to maintain their sobriety in their complex lives. Sober living is a safe place to develop those skills. After spending time living with us, clients become better at managing their addiction and fending off the triggers of relapse. When they finally do transition back to their Rancho Cucamonga lives, they are better prepared to deal with the challenges of everyday life.

Women's Sober Living for Santa Clarita Residents

Muse features nearby sober living facilities for women residents of Rancho Cucamonga. Women aged 18 and older are welcome to reside at our sober living campus and take part in our support programs. Women have many challenges that are unique to them. Muse’s sober living programs provide specialized support for women that focus. Many of our clients not only suffer from addiction, but may also be struggling with a mental disorder too, and that can complicate the recovery process. Spending time in sober living programs provides an additional layer of support that many women can benefit from. 

Men’s Sober Living Rancho Cucamonga

Like women, men also face unique challenges in their recovery journey. Muse’s sober living programs for men focus on these challenges and provide both addiction recovery and mental illness support for men from Rancho Cucamonga. Our sober living facilities are renowned for their comfortable and healthful environments where clients can focus on their recovery without temptations from their former lives. 

If you live in Rancho Cucamonga and are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, choose Muse Treatment in Los Angeles for our supportive sober living opportunities. Our programs involve weekly meetings and a supportive environment. Be sure to get to know all of our addiction treatment programs so you, too, can prevent relapse and achieve your recovery goals.

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