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For those whose lives have remained untouched by drug addiction, alcoholism and other forms of substance use disorder, it is easy to think that making it through rehab is the ultimate triumph, and that life will be smooth sailing from here on out. Your friends and family members have probably congratulated you for your perseverance, and you should be justifiably proud of how far you have come and how hard you have worked to achieve your newfound sobriety and your drug free lifestyle.

That is the widespread perception surrounding drug addiction, alcoholism, rehab and recovery, but the idea that the end of treatment is the end of the road for addiction is unfortunately not always true. The early days of your recovery will be a particularly dangerous time, and you need to take care to protect everything you have worked so hard to achieve.

At Muse Treatment we know that you are anxious to return to your life in San Diego, and we know that your friends and family members will be happy to welcome you when you arrive. But we also know that staying around a little longer could have enormous benefits for you, and for the family you are looking forward to reuniting with.

Instead of heading back home right away, we encourage you to stay with us and take advantage of our sober living program. When you enter our sober living facility, you will continue to receive our strong support, so you can maintain your sobriety for the long term and greatly reduce the chances of a devastating relapse.

You can think of sober living as a kind of bridge – one that connects your life in residential rehab with the successful life you want to lead when you head back home. That way you can protect your hard work and avoid a return to your old, and potentially deadly, ways.

Benefits of Sober Living with Muse

It is easy to view the end of rehab as the beginning of a whole new life, and in many ways it is just that. Now that you have made it through rehab you have gained real insight into the root causes of your former addiction, including the factors that helped make it possible and what it will take to maintain your drug free lifestyle for the long term.

At the same time, your newfound coping skills may not be strong enough to overcome your triggers once you move back home to San Diego, and it can be helpful to have a bridge between the structure of inpatient rehab and the freedom of life back home. 

Sober living is meant to be just that bridge, one you can walk on before you go back home. During your stay at our sober living facility, you will have a chance to earn additional freedom and privileges, all while working on a formal relapse prevention plan and building additional coping skills. The benefits of sober living are clear enough, and you can enjoy them all when you stay with us for just a little while longer.

Why Choose Muse For Sober Living San Diego

Rehab is all about taking your life back, and we know you are anxious to move back home to your family and friends. We understand your desire to return to a normal life, especially now that you are newly sober and totally drug free. But while we understand those desires, we do not think you should leave us just yet, not when our sober living facility is here to provide the further support you need.

If you are dedicated to your recovery and ready to give sober living a try, our staff is here to help. At Muse we have developed a sober living protocol that gets results, reducing relapse and giving you the additional coping skills you need. So stick around for a little while, enjoy our facility, meet with your counselors and gain the confidence you will need when you do eventually move back home.

Recovery is different for everybody, and patients at Muse Treatment are encouraged to stay in aftercare for as long as they need. With our outpatient programs, our sober living affiliate homes, and our alumni program, there is always support available wherever you are in your recovery.

Women’s Sober Living San Diego

Both men and women suffer enormously when confronted with drug addiction and alcoholism, but female drug addicts and alcoholics often face additional challenges their male counterparts do not. Female addicts and alcoholics are more likely, for instance, to be single moms, concerned for the safety and well being of their children.

Women may also have a history of domestic violence and abuse, issues that must be overcome in order to achieve the sobriety they are trying to achieve. For all of these reasons and much more, it is important that sober living address all of these gender specific issues, and Muse Addiction Treatment Center is proud to offer all of this and more.

No matter how anxious you are to return back home to San Diego, we encourage you to stick around and enjoy our sober living facility. You can think of it as a bridge, one that connects your past experience with the successful life you want to lead and know you deserve.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call Muse Treatment Center today. Our expert addiction specialists are standing by ready to speak confidentially with you. Call (800) 426-1818 today.

Men’s Sober Living San Diego

When it comes to drug addiction, alcoholism and other forms of substance use disorder, both men and women suffer enormously – not only the addicts and alcoholics themselves but their friends and extended families as well. If you have been struggling with  your own addiction, you already know that this is true, but what you may not know is that men in particular can face some unique challenges.

Men who are addicts and alcoholics may be more likely to have been arrested, and that criminal records that result can follow them to, and through rehab. Men may also have a history of domestic violence and petty theft, additional challenges that must be overcome on the road to a better and safer life.

For all of these reasons and more Muse is proud to offer gender specific forms of treatment, including sober living designed for men in mind. If you are dedicated to your recovery, we encourage you to stick around and enjoy our men’s sober living facility before you head back home to San Diego.

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