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When trying to overcome substance use disorder (SUD, which is a mental health disorder, it’s important to consider that drug addiction can be fatal. The longer you leave SUD untreated, the more you open yourself up to the dangers of drug overdose and potentially death. Not only is drug addiction risky due to overdose, but there are many problems that it causes in your health, work, and social life.

When you are no longer able to control your substance abuse, then our top-rated outpatient drug rehab for residents of San Juan Capistrano can help you. Our treatment programs for drug addiction provide you with a conclusive range of therapies and treatments that will help you with every aspect of your recovery and healing. Once you let us help you, then the problems that addiction has caused in your life – whether in your psychological well being, physical health, or in your social or vocational life – can be dealt with one at a time.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center is a multidisciplinary rehab for San Juan Capistrano residents. This essentially means that many of the treatment programs that you would normally have to go to another healthcare facility to deal with, such as co-occurring mental health disorders, can be effectively treated by our healthcare professionals and their many expertise. This is an important part of comprehensive treatment because there are many different causes of addiction.

Heroin Rehab

Heroin is one of the most addictive substances there is. It affects the reward centers of the brain which can rapidly lead to addiction because the same systems that make us feel good about doing positive things – reinforcing the behavior – make you feel like heroin is good for you. Once heroin starts to take a hold on you, it usually requires professional help to overcome not only the physical addiction but also the factors that caused you to abuse the drug to prevent it from happening again.

At our heroin rehab for San Juan Capistrano residents, we will help you to first take care of the physical drug reliance (withdrawal symptoms) and then help you to heal from and overcome the true causes of your addiction which may lie in your environment, development, or biology.

Our heroin rehab for residents of San Juan Capistrano starts by assisting you with drug detox. Our heroin detox program will help to make you feel comfortable as we manage your symptoms through various prescribed medications. We can track your health to make sure that you recover safely.

Behavioral therapy is a key component to addiction recovery. It helps to treat the causes of addiction and improve your motivation, coping mechanism, and deal with problematic thinking and behavior among other things. Holistic treatments such as dual diagnosis and neuro-rehabilitation can further help to treat areas of your life that will ultimately help you to improve your wellbeing and therefore your long-term recovery.

Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine abuse is often a considerable problem because of the repetitive nature of substance use. It lasts for a very short time and as such, people often take considerable amounts of cocaine in a fairly short period to sustain their high. This situation can quickly lead to high tolerance to the drug as well as increase the risk of overdose.  If you are trying to stop using cocaine, then our cocaine rehab for residents of San Juan Capistrano can help.

Muse Treatment provides an extensive range of treatments that allow us to be able to treat each person individually. A personalized treatment plan will help you to gain the maximum benefit of our accredited treatment program for cocaine addiction. You will start with a detox program. In this program, medications are given to help manage your withdrawal symptoms so that it isn’t overwhelming and so that you can make it through detox easily.

Behavioral therapy including evidence-based treatment models such as cognitive-behavioral therapy will be a key driving force in your recovery. You will learn how to cope with stressors in your life, gain improved motivation for positive change, and work through the root causes of your addiction.

Our rehab also offers co-occurring mental health disorder treatment to treat any possible mental health disorder that may be contributing to your substance abuse. Our holistic approach to cocaine addiction treatment in our rehab for San Juan Capistrano residents is one of the reasons why our rehab is the best at helping to beat addiction.

Meth Rehab

Meth addiction is a debilitating situation. As your body becomes reliant on the drug and mentally you feel like you need meth to cope, it can be very difficult to suddenly quit. You may have tried to slow down or quit before but if you are still struggling with meth abuse, then our meth rehab for residents of San Juan Capistrano can help you.

Muse Treatment and Recovery Center understands just how hard it can be to quit drugs and through our compassionate support and comprehensive treatment program, you can create a new way of being that is free from meth abuse. Our tailor-made treatment plans for meth addiction are an ideal way for San Juan Capistrano residents to overcome meth addiction.

We will be able to assist you with your meth detox and then help you to focus on healing and overcoming the causes of your addiction. In our therapeutic environment, you can heal from the problems of your past and put your substance abuse behind you as your focus on making a sustainable future.

Why Choose Muse for Drug Rehab?

Our inpatient drug rehab for San Juan Capistrano residents is completely accredited and since our treatment programs may involve FDA-approved medication, we are LegitScript monitored to make sure that our use of medication is controlled and more importantly, safe. Muse Treatment is a stress-free, home-like environment where you can feel comfortable.

Through our sober community, multidisciplinary expertise, and dedicated healthcare workers, we can help you to beat drug addiction. Call us now so that we can help you on your road to long-term recovery from addiction.

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